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Want to buy a used stroller? Here’s how to choose the right one

The birth of a baby is an extremely important moment for any woman, and the preparations for its birth begin long before the happy event. In addition to the information you start gathering from all possible sources – doctors, friends, relatives, magazines, blogs – about what pregnancy will mean for your body, you need to make a list of all the things you will need after you you will hold the baby in your arms for the first time. The main essentials in your home when you have a baby are the crib, diapers, and stroller with which, every day, you will take your little one for a walk to get acquainted with everything that is new to him.

The most affordable option is to choose to buy a used stroller, and the main reason for doing so is that you save money, which you can later use to buy more of the many things you will need for your child. your.

But when you are looking for a used stroller, finding a suitable one can be a little more difficult, because you have to pay attention to a few additional details compared to the situation in which you would buy a new stroller. Here’s what you should do if you are going to buy a used stroller so that you can choose the right one.

Check that the seat belt and brakes are working 

The safety of your child is the most important, and all the objects that you will use in the interaction with him must not endanger him in any way. No matter how you reach the seller of the used stroller, do not complete the purchase before checking that it has a seat belt and brakes and that they work perfectly.

At first, the baby will not create problems trying to jump out of the stroller, but later he will be attracted to everything around him or he will try to reach you and will tend to get out of the stroller. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to make sure that the seat belt has no defects.

As for the brakes, they are very important to stabilize the stroller when going out for a walk with the little one. Especially if you travel with public transport, such as the bus, in which the stroller can slide very easily, you must convince yourself, by testing, that the brakes of the product you want to buy are in perfect condition.

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Check that the backrest and footrest fold 

Folding the backrest and footrest is important for the moment when your baby will be more than 6 months old because then he will be able to support his own weight and sit in a sitting or almost upright position in the stroller. If you choose one that cannot fold, you will either need to buy another stroller when the baby grows up, or you will keep the original one, but you will prevent the child from sitting in the comfortable position he is in. he wants and you will not do him any good.

Also make sure that the footrest is functional so that when the baby learns to sit, he cannot slip out of the stroller. Every mother wants everything that is best for her child, and safety is one of the most important aspects.

Pay attention to the quality and condition of the wheels

You certainly don’t want your baby to wake up from road bumps or curbs while you take your usual afternoon walk. This can be avoided if you find a stroller with large wheels and suspension, because their handling is smooth, allowing the baby to sleep peacefully, without being disturbed.

Also important is the material from which the wheels are made. It is best to find a stroller with silicone or rubber wheels that is durable over time and does not deflate. Since this is a used stroller, you should be aware that the wheels will definitely show signs of wear, but they should not affect the proper functioning of the product or the safety of the baby. Most likely, you will use the stroller daily, so you need its wheels to ensure the long walks you will take.

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If you buy a used stroller online, make sure that its description corresponds to reality

The most affordable way to find a used stroller for your child is to search for it online. Here you will find the products for sale accompanied by photos and a description. Sometimes it can happen that a used product, including a trolley, also has defects in terms of design or operation. At other times, however, the only disadvantage of the object may be that it has been used before, and the way it looks and works may be optimal.

If you have set up a meeting with a seller that you found online to buy a used stroller, make sure, before you buy it, that its condition corresponds to the description you read on the site. the product you saw. If certain defects of the trolley were mentioned in this, check if they were presented according to reality, but also if there are other problems with the product.

Even if you choose to buy a used stroller, this does not mean that you have to compromise the safety of your child by choosing a product that is difficult to use or that does not meet your needs. Search until you find what you want and don’t forget to check how it works before you go home with it.

When choosing a baby carrier for the little one, it is necessary that it is equipped with adjustable equipment so that the child is in the correct position. A baby can be carried in a baby carrier until it reaches a weight of 10 kilograms.

No matter how you choose to carry your child when you take him for a walk, it is vital to make sure that the seat belts are securely fastened so that the little one is protected.

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