Virtual Career Fair – Best Tips For Job Seekers

Being a part of a career fair is a brilliant opportunity for job seekers to connect with pivot industries. Leaving a lasting impression on hiring managers and discussing the most relevant job opportunities, is what a job fair composite. However, waiting in queues to speak with the employer, navigating the way, surfing for parking space, and a lot more has always been a part of traditional job fairs.

As social distancing protocols are still lurking in many regions, it has resulted in making conventional career fairs sidelined. Gathering a large number of attendees at a single place is barely impossible in challenging times like these. But, all thanks to the advanced technological innovations that paved the way and enabled employers and job seekers to still connect virtually. Here, Virtual career fairs made their mark.

What Are Virtual Career Fairs?

Virtual career fairs work the same way as traditional career fairs but are held online on a virtual career fair and virtual event platform. It enables busy job seekers to partake in the fair right from the comfort of their home, thus minimizing the time, effort & travel. Virtual career fairs are becoming increasingly popular with their greater outreach and safe & secure module. It enables busy job seekers to connect with the most potential employers to have discussions on the most relevant open positions and employment opportunities. Just like the traditional ones, job seekers can visit the virtual booth of the potential employer. They can have real-time interactions via live audio/video functionality with representatives within the virtual career fair.

Whether you are stuck with family obligations or work commitments, virtual career fairs enable you to talk discreetly with employers. Virtual career fairs have made it easy and convenient for job seekers to connect with employers from all over the world from the comfort of their own space. By leveraging the power of virtual career fairs, you can simply get in touch with top-notch industry recruiters. But, the idea might sound intimidating for people who have never been a part of such an event. Don’t worry, we have shared a crisp guide to prepare for a virtual career fair and leave a great impression on recruiters. Here are a few tips you need to know for attending a virtual career fair, let’s get started!

Tips For Jobseekers To Make The Most Out Of A Virtual Career Fair

Following the tips for preparing for a virtual career fair will make you succeed. It will give you an edge and make you land your next dream job successfully. Here are some tips to follow before, during, and after a virtual career fair to make the most out of it.

1. Before The Virtual Career Fair Starts

Preparing for a virtual career fair ahead of time is the first step towards success. Walking in for an interview in a virtual career fair with zero preparation is a big NO! There are certain things that you need to plan to make yourself stand out.

  • Register for a career fair beforehand

Registering for a virtual career fair ahead of time prevents you from last-minute mishaps. Additionally, it enables you to have a quick glance at the employers who are participating in a career fair. It will help you to get a gist of what the fair holds. Have a glance at the full list of employers who are partaking in the event from the virtual fair landing page and seek information about the employers you are interested in. Make it a point to sign up early for a session with the employer you are interested in, to grab your spot.

  • Research employers and employment opportunities that suit

Once, you have registered yourself for a virtual career fair and had a glimpse of employers participating in the fair, Go beyond. Check out the company websites of the employers that best match your interest for other relevant information. You can even search for other media articles and news regarding a particular organisation. Have a thorough understanding of the company before having a one-on-one session with the employer. It will help you with the anticipation of questions to ask during a live session.

  • Prepare a tailored resume

Your resume is a key asset that best depicts your career graph and portrays how fit you are for a particular role. Developing a tailored and up-to-date resume is a crucial step if you are attending a virtual career fair. It is the first thing that you will share with an employer. Ensure that your resume is focused on the job you are seeking. However, it results in making you the most potential candidate for a job opening. Moreover, it becomes even better if you customise your resume as per each employer you are interested in by utilising the most relevant keywords. If a virtual career fair platform enables you to upload a resume, you can try your hands on that too. Thus, making it accessible for many employers.

  • Prepare an elevator pitch for yourself

Practice a clear and concise elevator pitch for yourself. There are certain questions like Introduce yourself? Why are you interested in a particular company? Talk about the work experience you hold? What made you think you are a perfect fit for a job? and so on. Prepare a short overview of your career goals, background, educational background, and work experiences before attending a virtual career fair. Brainstorming on these questions beforehand makes you prepare to answer the employers without any hesitation. Thus, resulting in leaving an impressive impression.

  • Make sure your technical equipment is up-to-date

Testing your technology before a virtual career fair is mandatory. Do a dry run a few days before and even on the same day of a fair to ensure a seamless event. Check your wi-fi connection, microphone and even camera devices, if in case the employer wants to have a face-to-face interview.

2. On The Actual Day Of Virtual Career Fair

On the day of the virtual career fair one needs to keep certain things in consideration to achieve success on the day.

  • Dress professionally for the day to impress

Attending a virtual career fair makes many job seekers think they are attending an event virtually. Thus, the need to dress up professionally gets escalated. But, what if an employer would like to have a face-to-face session? “The first impression is the last impression” keep the phrase in the mind. Make the most out of the brilliant opportunity and dress up in professional attire for a virtual career fair. However, if you look presentable you will leave a good impression on the employer.

  • Find a distraction-free environment to attend a virtual career fair

To attend a virtual career fair, look for a quiet spot with natural lighting. Plan your sitting place ahead of time. Select a place that is quiet with a plain background in behind. It results in keeping the recruiter focused on you. Moreover, try to limit unnecessary distractions for everyone and to ensure a seamless event without any hassle. Ensure the place you selected is neat and tidy, it even contributes to leave a great impression.

3. During Virtual Career Fair

Being professional and following certain tips while having a virtual session with recruiters, leaves a great first impression. Thus enabling recruiters to have trust and confidence in you.

  • Be on time

Arrive at the exact time of the session or even a little early. It will leave a great impression on the recruiter. Thus giving them the confidence to have trust in you. Showing up on time is always appreciated!

  • Keep your tone professional

Being professional is not only limited to dressing up but also while having text chats with them. Try to keep your tone professional and humble while interacting with employers over text chats. Try to write full sentences and abbreviations, avoid the usage of slags, use correct grammar and watch out for spelling mistakes. However, following certain tips will help you create a great impression and articulate excellent written and communication skills.

  • Listen proactively while maintaining eye contact

Listen actively to what the recruiter has to say. Additionally, if you are having a video session maintain eye contact and keep smiling amid conversations just like a physical fair.

  • Demonstrate a strong and confident body language

If you are attending a virtual career fair and the recruiter asks you to have a video conference, demonstrate a confident personality. Just like a physical fair, you represent yourself as an enthusiastic individual that is full of energy and competence. Speak clearly without slurring and keep your hand gestures to minimal to avoid distraction.

  • Ask questions and contact information

Be prepared with a list of questions you wish to ask the representative of a particular company. Do not hesitate to ask your queries to the employer. Having questions ready in hand will save a lot of time thus making the recruiter answer them instantly. Before leaving the session, ask the employer for the contact information if you can not find it uploaded on a virtual career fair platform.

4. Once, Virtual Career Fair Ends

After the fair, make it a point to follow up with the connections you made at a virtual career fair. It will help in preventing your efforts from going in haste.

  • Send a thank-you note over email

Once, the virtual career fair ends, reach out to your connections with a thank you note expressing your gratitude. Thank them for their time and effort. If you have not sent them a resume, you can send them too with an extensive work portfolio that best depicts your work. Additionally, connecting with a recruiter over LinkedIn in today’s era is a win-win situation!

Virtual career fairs offer enormous perks. If you have not yet planned to be a part of one, try it out. In the above-mentioned article, we have amalgamated the best tips and tricks for job seekers to make the maximum out of it and achieve success.

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