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Vaseline (and 11 Other Surprising Tips) to Extend the Life of Your Perfume

If your perfume has faded by midday or you go through scents too quickly, Hairtrade’s expert advice can help you preserve your scent all day – without having to spray an entire bottle on yourself. We love to smell good all day, says Joanne Dodds, one of the company’s beauty experts, but it’s possible that your perfume may disappear the moment you put it on. It all boils down to knowing when and how to use fragrance, as well as how to keep it fresh and maintain its quality. If you know how to get the most out of your perfume, you won’t waste as much of it.

Extend the Life of Your Perfume
Read on to learn how to make quick and easy smell changes to boost the strength of your perfume from day to night.

How to Strengthen and Extend the Life of Your Perfume

How can I make my perfume stay longer and be more powerful? one of the most often asked questions Here are a few suggestions that could be helpful:


I suppose the question should be, should I wear a more powerful perfume? I know you adore your preferred smell, but it doesn’t imply everyone else does as well. Make sure you’re not overdoing it; others should just smell a bit of your perfume when you’re near them, not be completely engulfed in it. It’s also a major no-no if you embrace them and they can taste and smell it on their clothes hours afterwards.

Do not spray your perfume abundantly on your clothing; instead, apply it to your skin and hair. You want your perfume to become distinctively yours by blending with your natural body chemistry. Another warning about over-spraying: your nose develops acclimated to your scent, so you smell it less than others. After a given amount of time, your brain adjusts to the odours around it (this is known as olfactory adaptation), so while you won’t smell it, others will.

Last longer:

I provide a variety of lighter smells, and one of the most often questions I get is, “How can I make my perfume last longer?”

Building layers of aroma directly on your skin, particularly warm, somewhat moist skin fresh out of the shower, is the finest technique. Warm water expands your pores, allowing your scent to penetrate your skin.

If you shower the night before and need to apply perfume in the morning, remember that scent molecules attach to the oils on your skin when applied. If you have dry skin, the perfume molecules will have a harder time grabbing onto your skin, therefore moisturise your skin to get a longer-lasting scent. Use a solid perfume or lotion first, then “layer on” your scent so it has a better surface to adhere to.

The wrist, behind the ears, inner elbows, and the base of the neck are the greatest places to apply scent to the skin. Because the skin heats up here, here is where the scent will have the maximum projection.

Apply your perfume sparingly and avoid rubbing it in (unless it’s a perfume oil, in which case you may dab it in) — it’s best to let it unfold organically as it heats up on your skin. Carry a smaller size bottle with you if you need to reapply later in the day – especially if you’re heading out for the evening – to refresh the top notes.

Many individuals overlook the importance of hair fragrance. Spritz scent straight on your hair or onto your brush, then comb it through. The aroma of hair lingers for a long time. Directly applying fragrance to your hair produces delectable, mystery wafts that are sure to garner you comments.

Vaseline (and 11 Other Surprising Tips) to Extend the Life of Your Perfume

Apply Petroleum Jelly to the Pulse Points.

The aroma will last longer thanks to the petroleum jelly ointment. Wrists, neck, inside elbows, behind knees, and ankles and calves are all good places to start.

Brush your hair with a spray bottle

Don’t apply perfume directly to your hair since the alcohol in it might dry it out. Instead, softly spritz your brushes with it or invest in a hair perfume developed exclusively for your locks.

It is not to be stored in the bathroom.

Humidity and wetness will degrade the perfume and make it smell weaker, so keep it in your bedroom instead.

It is not to be stored in the bathroom.


Before spritzing, use an unscented lotion. The aroma will last longer on oily skin.

Use it at the Appropriate Time

The aroma will be locked in by damp skin, but it will rub off if you get dressed right away. Allow a few minutes for the scent to dry.

Use it at the Appropriate Time

Wrists should not be rubbed together.

The top notes of the perfume may fade faster due to friction, and your perfume will not stay as long.

Make the most of every last drop

Don’t squander those last few, vexing droplets. Instead, blend them into an unscented body lotion to extend the life of your favourite perfume.

Make the most of every last drop

Understand the Different Perfume Types

Body spray, eau de cologne, and eau de toilette products have a lower concentration of fragrance oils and a more faint aroma. Eau de parfum and extrait de parfum have the strongest aromas and linger the longest.

Cotton Buds are useful to keep on hand.

Carrying your perfume bottle about might be cumbersome, and you may misplace it. Instead, have some cotton buds soaked in your scent on your person for touch-ups throughout the day.

Your Scent Shouldn’t Be Shaken

Perfume is made to be immobile. Shaking the bottle just allows air into the bottle, lowering its quality.

Please keep the box.

Perfume should be stored away from direct sunlight since it damages the oil and degrades the aroma. Keep your perfumes in the attractive boxes they arrived in if you wish to keep them on display.


So, you want to produce cologne? Then try this recipe! Preparing a DIY Eau de Perfume is comparable to choosing the right oils.

So, for this, I chose a masculine-smelling essential oil mix.

Most alcohol-based fragrances are manufactured the same way, which is my favourite feature about how to make perfume. You’re good to go after you learn the method. Designing your perfume takes the longest.

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