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Varieties of Hair Straighteners

Hair Straighteners

Every woman wants to look good forever, but the problem is the level of pollution getting raise day today in the world. That’s why their hair gets rough and double strands. So the simple solution is available hair as well as the market. There are so many varieties of hair straighteners available.

Usually, the hairstyles change with the tool as a hair iron or hair by heat Tong. There are two species in general used to straighten hair irons and curling irons used for curly hair. Smoothers can also be used with iron, but not compared with flat iron clothes.

History of a Hair Straightener

Let’s talk about the history of straightening irons methods. Change the system for hair removal of hydrogen bonds, curly hair, and rightly.

However, after the broken links, the hair is unable to complete the form. The hair iron was invented by Ian Gold intestinal harsh chemicals in lotions applied to hair and scalp.

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However, these things often lead to burn on the scalp and hair damage. E. Simon Monroe patented a hair iron in 1906, metal teeth that are combed hair, while in 1909 Isaac K. Sheri patented a hair iron comprising two plates, which is heated and pressed together.

Years later, Harrell invented heated metal block implements care ingredients such as hot combs. The hot metal plate slid into the hair, causing less damage and dryness with the techniques used previously.

Later, presented by ceramic and electrical straighteners, people are allowed to adjust the configuration and size of plate heat. Another method of straightening hair smoothing system is the Japanese thermal technology system.

It acts as a kind of anti-perm available at many salons but is very expensive and must be repeated at regular intervals.

Here are the modern hair straighteners’ brands. The cheapest straighteners do not have ceramic heating elements. Some may show that, although in reality have only a painted layer on the plates, to give the appearance of a ceramic plate and more expensive.

The low-cost models do more damage to the hair and are less effective. Plates of superior quality as those used in actual classrooms are covered with ceramic plates and ceramic heaters to heat in less than 7 seconds.

A large number of products are used for drying hair, which is simply irresistible. Straightening may cause split ends and thinning hair. It can also damage healthy hair and hair after prolonged use.

Straighteners should be uses on dry hair. This type of special plate called Wet Dry irons. Straighteners are not difficult to find and can be found in many stores. Some work well but often can damage the hair.

Some do not damage the hair but are expensive. Straighteners are normally for hairdressers.


The varieties of hair straighteners are the more chances to you. In fact, most women purchase the straightener after looking at a lot of varieties of hair straighteners. In this article, I have already explained most of the things and hope you also like it. If you have any issues or want to say something about this article so feel free to comment on us.

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