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Vaping Facts Everyone Should Know

Recently the world is progressing towards better alternatives and one of the biggest changes observed in smoking habits is the use of Vape. While vapes were a far cry up till two decades ago now almost who loves to get a little taste of tobacco has vapes in their homes. Vapes are cool and more sophisticated.

They don’t crate ash or smell as bad as vape but that being said vapes are not much different from vapes. If you know someone who isn’t able to overcome their smoking addiction you might want to make this change gradually and shift them towards vapes first but vaping is not a habit to continue either.

To get the best vapes that are a little less harmful for your health you must try only the reliable vaping companies. You can also use the WakeandVape coupon to purchase high quality e-liquids that are good to overcome  addiction. But to clear the air that vaping can be a healthier option as opposed to  here are some vaping facts for you:

Vaping is not Totally Safe

Although vaping is clearly less harmful than cigarettes there is no reason you should stick to that and not think about leaving it too. Vape should simply just a bridge between you smoking cigarettes and not smoking anything at all.

All the E-liquids have heated nicotine that is extracted from tobacco (main component of smoke), as well as all the other chemicals that you inhale while vaping. Although traditional cigarettes have up to 7000 chemicals out of which majority are harmful there is no proof that vaping contains ingredients that are no lesser harmful for your health.

Vaping Can Damage your Organs

Nicotine is the major culprit when it comes to smoking. Not only nicotine is very addictive and always leaves craving for more it is also highly toxic. Many people feel a sense of peace and rush after smoking and this is because of the nicotine cigarette which increases your heart rate. E-cigarettes are Equally Addictive or Even More

Both the cigarettes electronic ones and traditional ones have nicotine  in them and as previously mentioned, nicotine is highly addictive. Like it or not if you are having e-cigarette then it means you are still addicted to nicotine and in some cases even more cigarette.

They don’t help you Quit

This could be the most heartbreaking fact for some people who have switched to e-cigarettes thinking that it will help them overcome the smoking addition. But the truth couldn’t be farther from that. While you may consider e-cigarettes as a way to overcome smoking.This in turn has brought many young people towards vaping who want to smoke but don’t want to damage their organs (only if they knew).

Vaping is Getting More Common

While cigarettes are seen as a bad habit clearly there are far less suspicions rising when it comes to vapes and e-liquids. Part of the reason? People are not aware of the fact that vaping I equally harmful and not a healthier or better substitute of cigarettes.


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