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Vacation Bible School Themes You Should Use This Year

Summer is around the corner, and the kids in your church are eager for a fun and exciting Vacation Bible School. VBS is a great way to engage the children in your community and bring in campers to learn about and experience God’s grace. What an opportunity!

As you start your planning, you need to choose an engaging VBS theme that creates space for learning and understanding God’s Word. Read on to learn the best Vacation Bible School themes for 2022 and how to choose the best one for your church.

Best Themes for 2022

Start the discussion with your team identifying your top church camp themes to kick off your planning. Here are three great options to consider for 2022.

Spark Studios

Take imagination and creativity to the next level with Lifeway’s Spark Studios VBS. Your campers will learn about God’s creativity and how it extends beyond the book of Genesis in the creation story.

This gospel-centered theme brings an exciting experience to learning how God is transforming and redeeming His creation into the original design. Children will get to tap into their creativity through art, music, or missions to learn to use their gifts to glorify God.

Make Waves

Make a splash with this Bible camp theme! In this Make Waves VBS through Orange, your campers will learn what it looks like to impact and change the world around them by applying the gospel to everyday life.

This hands-on curriculum includes times of worship, connection through small groups, missions, games, and activities. Jump into the water and teach kids to make waves of impact this summer.


Head off on an Australian adventure with the Zoomerang VBS by Answers in Genesis.

This inclusive summer camp theme gives kids the chance to uncover truths about God in His Word, have fun through adventurous challenges and activities, and apply their knowledge through crafts and science experiments.

Zoomerang will be the best adventure kids go on all summer.

Get Equipped

How do you choose the best Bible school ideas for your ministry? Start with identifying which theme jumps out at you as the most exciting, engaging, and biblically sound.

There are many great VBS themes. You’ll need to narrow your decision down to the themes that are the most tangible for your space, budget, volunteers, and resources.

Once you’ve decided, it’s time to get equipped. Start by getting the word out through your church website, emails to your congregation, and getting a banner outside your church building.

Properly placed Vacation Bible School banners can build interest and draw in children in your community to your church.

Next, start ordering or creating the resources you need to pull off your summer camp. Choosing a VBS package gets you the essential aspects of your VBS with curriculum, swag, decoration, and more.

Vacation Bible School Themes to Fill Your Summer Programming

Are you eager to start planning? Vacation Bible School themes take your church summer camp to the next level and are powerful tools for community outreach. Choose your theme and unlock a creative and engaging experience for children in your church and community.

If you found this article helpful for your summer planning, visit the lifestyle category and read other tips and resources.

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