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useful tips of tooth hypersensitivity

Have you experienced such a situation?

Eating cold or hot food,sometimes even when it comes to air-conditioning or cold water,The teeth will feel a little sore!The pain is short and sharp,making it uncomfortable.You may always thought it was tooth decay which may actually be your teeth are hypersensitivity.

 1/ What is tooth hypersensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity is also known as “inverted tooth”,which is called dentine hypersensitivity in medicine.The recession of the gums causes the exposed dentin,and the irritation of heat,cold, sweet and sour is immediately transmitted to the dental nerve,causing toothache.

One out of every four adults suffers from tooth hypersensitivity. For example,if you feel tooth pain when eating hot or cold foods or eating hot or cold drinks,it proves that you have already had tooth hypersensitivity.

 2/What causes tooth hypersensitivity?

1. Cracked teeth

Tooth cracks are small,not easily noticeable tiny cracks that occur on the surface of the braces. Cracked teeth are caused by internal causes of the tooth structure and excessive chewing force. There are no symptoms at the initial stage of a cracked tooth.With the increase of the crack and the invasion of the dental nerve,it will cause tooth soreness and biting pain.Spontaneous pain will only occur when the dental nerve has a feeling and finally the tooth will be missing.

Tooth cracks process

2. Dental caries

If you have caries,and you experience soreness when you brush your teeth,rinse your mouth, drink boiled water,or swallow ingredients,it means that the caries have already developed to a moderate depth.When the caries and caries develop to the deep part of the tooth nerve,the hypersensitivity will be very obvious. Pain even occurs under the heat and cold stimulation.

Dental caries in progress

3. Tooth wedge-shaped defect

The brushing method misunderstands mechanical damage to the neck of the tooth,and then breaks,exposing the dentin,and suffering from irritation especially the sensitive symptoms that occur when the temperature difference between hot and cold changes.

Tooth wedge shaped defect

4. Periodontitis

When periodontitis progresses to the middle and late stages,the alveolar bone is absorbed, causing the gums to shrink and the root surface of the tooth is exposed.The root surface of the tooth that loses its protection is very prone to sensitive symptoms under the irritation of hot and cold temperatures.Several teeth or a full mouth feel The neck of the teeth is sore,and the teeth feel significantly weak when biting.

Periodontitis in progress

3/How to treat tooth hypersensitivity?

For different tooth hypersensitivity, doctors will use different treatment methods.

General tooth hypersensitivity can be treated with desensitization, three or four times up and down,the sensitive and uncomfortable teeth can be significantly reduced.

Tooth fillings and porcelain zirconium teeth are all reasonable treatments for tooth sensitivity,and different treatment measures are implemented according to different sensitive reasons.When treating hypersensitivity teeth,it is necessary to choose professional and authoritative designated medical institutions and physicians,so that the tooth hypersensitivity treatment effect can be guaranteed.

4/ How to prevent tooth sensitivity?

Eat less hard objects,hard objects will cause slight cracks or chipping of teeth.

Food residues and sour fruit drinks are easy to etch teeth.You can rinse your mouth with warm water or light salt water after meals.

Choose suitable soft bristles to brush your teeth correctly.Unsuitable bristles and cleaning methods cannot effectively reduce the adhesion of dental plaque,which will cause dripping damage to the surface of the teeth.

People with bruxism have their teeth milled day and night and become aging.You can wear a bite plate in the outpatient clinic of a hospital to alleviate teeth grinding.

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