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Use These Digital Marketing Statistics to Improve Your Online Strategy

Now more than ever, businesses must have a proper online strategy to thrive since consumers have started to shift their attention to the online marketplace. It can be intimidating to keep up with the ever-changing trends of the digital world.

Digital marketing is the process of leads through the internet. Some common digital marketing tactics include website traffic, social media, and email campaigns.

It takes some effort to get where you want to be. This leads us to the importance of digital marketing statistics. We’ll teach you how to create a marketing strategy and propel your business to the heights you want it to reach.

Consumers Buy From Brands They Recognize

When it comes to online shopping, 55% of consumers said they would only buy from a brand that they recognize. This means that if you want to improve your online sales, you need to focus on building brand recognition.

There are many ways to do this, including the use of social media, creating informative content, and advertising.  Using these digital marketing tools can reach more consumers and build brand recognition.

Social Media is Key

A strong social media presence is critical for any business in the digital age. Customers and clients use social media platforms to connect with brands. As a business, you need to be where your customers are.

92% of marketers agree that social media is important for their business. 80% of marketers say that social media has increased their exposure.

79% of consumers say they are more likely to trust user-generated content. Being active isn’t enough—you need to be strategic about your social media presence. Post content that is interesting, informative, and relevant to your audience.

SEO is More Important Than Ever

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing.  98% of consumers begin their journey with a search engine. 60% of internet users research products online before they buy.

This can help you to improve your visibility online to attract more visitors to your website.  SEO can help you to achieve desired digital marketing results. Read more on how long does SEO take to go into effect.

The Power of Email Marketing

As the use of email continues to grow, email marketing becomes more powerful. This is the most popular activity online.

The average office worker receives 121 emails per day. 90% of consumers say they would like to receive promotional emails. 61% of consumers say they are more likely to buy from a company that emails them.

Next to SEO, email marketing is the second most effective digital marketing tactic.

Unleash the Power of Digital Marketing Statistics

Digital marketing statistics are an essential part of digital marketing campaigns. By using the right statistics, you can fine-tune your approach to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your efforts.

Digital marketing connects consumers with businesses worldwide. But, switching your business to the digital age requires a lot of research. You need to learn about your audience, their interests, and where they go for information.

Marketing is evolving, and it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. Use these digital marketing results as a guide to improve your online strategy.

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