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Understanding Hoarding Advertising Importance Along The Benefits, Formats, And Return On Investment

Outdoor advertising, also known as out-of-home (OOH) advertising, is a reference to any form of media that is in the real physical world that is used for educational and commercial reasons to influence behaviour to increase awareness and serve the general public.

OOH campaigns employ larger-than-life-sized visual displays and with call-to-action and striking images to grab the attention of viewers while they travel on their daily activities.

One of the more successful kinds that advertising can be or hoarding panel advertising is an crucial element in any attempt to reach out to the public. So, furthermore, today’s data science platforms provide advertisers with advanced tools for determining OOH effectiveness.

Common Types Of Outdoor Advertising

It is a common misconception of Foamex printing signage is the typical billboards on freeways. However, OOH has a broad range of formats that companies can utilise to enhance their capacity to reach the target audience when combined with other channels of media.

Traditional Formats For Out-Of-Home

Examples of these are:

Bulletins: These are the largest format of hoarding board positioning, so, which provides the highest exposure for messages from brands. They are situated along major thoroughfares and freeways and are able to reach traffic while they travel through the market.

Posters are typically located along secondary roads and local roads.

Foamex posters are the most compact of billboards. However, the junior posters provide retailers a chance to show their brand’s frequency near retail stores where they can draw attention near the sales point. So, the junior board posters are quite popular in those areas of the market in which the coverage of bulletins and posters is restricted.

Wallscapes are among the most powerful kinds of Foamex board blend seamlessly with the rest of the city, and create an increased awareness level in areas with a high volume of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Digital Out-of-Home Formats

Digital OOH (DOOH) is fast growing into one of the fastest growing formats in the OOH market. However, DOOH is fast becoming the most popular choice for many advertisers since it gives them greater creative flexibility and faster time-to-market for installation and production. So our clients also benefit with the possibility of targeting certain audiences at the right times and days and create relevant messages in response to triggers and events or events.

A few of the types of digital OOH advertising may include:

1. Digital Bulletins:

The majority of inventory is situated along major thoroughfares and freeways which are accessible to traffic when they travel through the market. So, Digital Bulletins are massive digital screens that shine in areas that are heavily used and can be used to broadcast dynamic messages from brands.

2. Digital Place-Based ads:

In close proximity to or in shopping areas and restaurants, as well as gas stations as well as other retail establishments or these smaller-scale digital advertisements catch the attention of shoppers while they are going about their daily lives.

3. Digital Street Furniture

Attached to bus shelters, digital street furniture has a significant impact on pedestrians and traffic on a hyper-local scale.

4. Street Furniture Forms

The eye-level street furniture ads offer brands the chance to interact with their customers in a more intimate manner.

So, there are a variety of outdoor furniture on the market:

  •         Newsracks and Newsstands
  •         Urban Panels
  •         Transit Media
  •         Transit Media Formats

Transit 5mm Foamex formats are utilised to improve frequency and reach on the market or because it is able to reach areas that traditional OOH often isn’t able to.

Examples of transit-based ads include:

  •         Taxi Tops
  •         Truckside Displays
  •         Mobile Billboards

Place-Based Advertising

Placed-Based ads are also an excellent way to connect with buyers at the point-of-sale.

This approach to just-in-time delivery can yield an excellent ROI for retailers. Place-based ads are continuously changing. This dynamic format may be a variety of shapes, and fit into the environments where people are likely to be.

The Importance Of Outdoor Advertising For Brands

This is extremely effective. OOH has proved and continues to demonstrate that it is an essential channel in the mix of marketing media. With advances in technology, demographic/psychographic targeting and measurement, Foamex continues to evolve and offer brands an unending creative landscape to reach the masses in real-time.

With More Customers Spending Time Online, How Does Outdoor Advertising Fit In?

Although it’s easy to imagine that OOH isn’t relevant in the current media landscape, that sees the average consumer with their attention absorbed by the screen of their smartphone; however, the evidence points towards the contrary.

The Benefits of Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising can offer a number of advantages for businesses:

Brand Exposure

This strategy is effective when reaching out to current or new customers.


OOH advertising is affordable and extremely adaptable. In the case of a user who goes off a webpage that contains advertisements, they could never again see the ads. 


Brands can completely modify their OOH media according to specific demographics, geographic targets and many other aspects. The benefits are vast that allow brands to reach out directly to prospective and existing customers.

Alex Smith

Alex is the Marketing Head at Foamex Printing Company based in the UK. His value-driven ideas and innovative approach in the printing industry lead him towards success. Alex also has a keen interest in writing informative blogs for various leading blog sites.

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