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UI vs UX: What You Must Know?

The terms UI and UX have become so well known that we have no trouble recognizing them. Do they refer to the same thing? In no way. Perhaps both of these terms are interchangeable, but they are different from one another. This becomes clear when you go through their definitions. A clear understanding of UI/UX design requires the differentiation between these two terms. We will find out all the answers so that you have a better understanding.

What is UI or User Interface design?

User Interface design is the process of designing the interfaces of software and other devices. The primary focus of UI design is styling and interactivity. It is the main objective of UI design to make the interface easy to use for the user. UI design includes all the visual elements we see on the device that provide a way for users to interact with it.


What are the roles of a UI designer?

The UI designers must work on designs prepared by the UX designers. Therefore, let’s see what a UI designer’s responsibilities are. Check out the points below to understand the role of a UI designer.

  • Working with UX designers: UI designers need to collaborate with UX designers. They have to work with the designs that the UX designers prepare. Hence, a UI designer must collaborate with a UX designer to achieve the best results.
  • Understand the users: UI designers have to consider how humans interact with the system. This requires them to understand the users and the product.
  • Designing: The UI designers have to design the touch points and the screens. During the creation of the interface, the designers need to maintain consistency so that the interface is easy to use.
  • To prototype: UI designers are also responsible for testing what they have designed. Using this method, the designer can easily find out if the system has any flaws.

What is UX or User experience design?

An effective user experience is all about providing the user with the most relevant experience while interacting with the system or device. This includes all the elements that help interact with the users and determine how they feel when they are communicating. Designers of UX aim to create easy and relevant experiences for their users.

What are the roles of a UX designer?

The role of a UX designer is to create products and devices that are easy to use. Let’s take a look at the main roles played by a UX designer. Below are some points to consider.

  • Understanding and observing: In order to develop an effective interface, designers must comprehend the problems they are attempting to resolve. This requires comprehensive market research.
  • Forming user personas: When designing a product, it is important for the designers to understand the goals, emotions, and behaviors of their target customers. UX designers also have the responsibility of understanding user personas.
  • Prototyping: Once the product is ready, the UX designers closely monitor how users interact with it. With the help of the UI designers, the flaws can be resolved.

UI vs. UX design: What are the differences?

Now that you’ve grasped the concept of UI and UX design, you can better understand the differences between them. Now, let us review the major differences between UX and UI designs.

  • Every single factor that affects a user’s journey toward resolving a problem falls under UX design. UI design is primarily concerned with the way that a product will look and function.
  • The UI designs of a product assist the users in communicating with the interface of the product through a variety of visual elements. A UX design project mainly involves research work and putting together a plan. Apart from that, it also involves planning and preparing content, as well as prototyping.
  • The UX designers of a company are responsible for enhancing the quality of interaction with the users. A UI designer’s primary task is to enhance the visual elements of the product’s interface.
  • UX designers ensure that users are given a relevant experience. In other words, it isn’t always about the product’s interface. UI design, on the other hand, is concerned with the screen and designing the visual elements.
  • The process of creating UI and UX involves creative thinking. However, UX design primarily involves developing concepts. Why? UX designers have to conduct research and form user personas to design the interface. On the other hand, UI design focuses more on the elements that are tangible. UI designers must take into account what UX designers have planned. In spite of their close collaboration, they have to face different challenges during the designing process.
  • UI designers must know their users’ emotions and behaviors very well. After all, they are responsible for designing every aspect of the interface. On the other hand, UX designers need to take care of the entire process of designing the interface. To fix design flaws, the UX designers need to work with the UI designers after testing.

Do the UI and UX designers still work together?

When UI and UX designers do not collaborate, it is impossible to create an excellent product. It’s impossible to pinpoint which designer plays the most significant role in the entire process of designing. They both contribute greatly to the success of the design process. It would be nearly impossible to realize the vision of the UX designers without the help of UI designers. Therefore, the creation of a product requires UI designers as well as UX designers in equal measure. In this way, UI and UX designers operate as one team despite playing different roles in the process.


Hope you have found the above-mentioned information helpful in understanding the differences between UI and UX design. An excellent UI/UX design is unquestionably desirable for building your brand’s reputation. Therefore, you will need to hire experts who are knowledgeable about UI/UX design. To get assistance from experts you must look for companies that offer UI/UX design services in India. Proper UI/UX design strategies can guarantee success for your business. Hence, it’s always a good idea to seek help from a professional.

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