Tyres Puncture Repair : Do You Need to Repair or Replace a Flat Tyre

Undoubtedly, there is nothing more unpleasant for car drivers than to find a flat punctured tyre, especially when they are just about to drive off for an important meeting, holiday or even when driving on a motorway. But nowadays, we all should feel lucky as we do not have to face the circumstances that people had to face in the 1950s for puncture repair. From then onwards, tyres technologists have evolved numerous options by which even entry-level standard car tyres guarantee some level f resistance and let alone run-flats or tubeless.

Different Types of Tyre Puncture

1.    Foreign Boddy Punctures

Such punctures usually occur due to the introduction of some debris or dust particles into the tread, leading to pressure loss during varying speeds.

2.    Incorrect Pressure

Contrary to prevalent ideas of tyres in Ireland, underinflation is much riskier than overinflation. That is mainly because driving with underinflated and punctured tyres may inflict heavy damage on the internal structure of tyres. That may later increase the rolling resistance, thus increasing the risk of puncture and making it hard to diagnose.

However, both these tyres of punctures need immediate repair. So, people often search for the best 24 hours puncture repair near me services in both these cases.

24 Hour pucture repair near me

How Should I Deal with My Tyre Puncture Problems?

Although this is not an article regarding wheel replacement, we are giving you the most helpful information regarding tyres repairing and replacing.

Often, it seems pretty tempting and appealing to pull over your tyres as soon as you feel the foremost vibrations in the steering wheel while driving, or mainly the steering wheel becomes hard enough to control easily.

However, you might not know that it will be much better and safer to accelerate your car slightly to regain traction right before you pull over. Usually, driving on a flat punctured tyre will ruin your drive in no time. It can be hazardous, so please be very careful and get the most reliable nearby 24-hour puncture repair near me services as soon as possible.

Causes of punctures and how to avoid them

Low air pressure

There are various reasons why you get a puncture on your car during the summer. One of the most common causes is low air pressure. Low air pressure in the tire makes the tire more elastic and the tire sides more exposed to damage. For example, if you drive in a curve with low air pressure, the tyres can be pressed against the rim edge and cause a puncture.

Modern cars are equipped with TPMS systems. It is an indicator and warning system that notifies you when the air pressure goes below the recommended pressure in one of your tires. If your car does not have an air pressure warning system, you should check the tire pressure every three weeks or once a month.

It is important that you have the right air pressure and the recommendation for air pressure for your car can be found in the car’s instruction manual. We recommend that you can advantageously have 0.2 bar above the recommended air pressure. In this way, the tire becomes more durable and you get better rolling resistance and reduce fuel consumption.

Keep in mind that if you have the car loaded with a lot of packing or several people, you may need to have higher air pressure.

puncture repair near me

Objects on the roads

In addition to road works, there may be other types of objects and obstacles on the roads that pose a risk of punctures. When working on the road, it is common for sharp stones, gravel and the like to penetrate the tire, especially if you are driving at high speeds. This also applies to roads where there is no road work and there may also be objects, glass or animals on the roads that are hard or sharp. You should also watch out for potholes and stay on the road so you do not drive off the roadside because some roadside edges are sharp and high.

Objects on the roads are more difficult to avoid than low air pressure in the tires. What we can recommend to minimize the risk is to drive according to speed recommendations, especially during road works, as well as to keep an eye on and proper distance to cars in front and behind. This way you have better control over the situation and can act if you see something that could be a puncture risk.


How To Ensure That My Punctured Tyres and Properly Repaired?

Unless you are wholly equipped with a tubeless tyre puncture repair kit, and you really know how to use it, a visit to the nearby best tyres laois puncture repair centre might seem the best option.

Some tyre companies might try to serve your car with the best without any second thoughts by charging you insane amounts of money. So, always be cautious and aware.

Therefore, a few essential things to keep in mind while looking for the best tyre puncture repair near me service include the following:

  1. The damage caused by any object or rough roads to the tyres must be assessed at the initial stages and should be under control.
  2. Make sure the inner liner seal of your tyres is fully airtight and puncture repair.
  3. The path through which any random object gets into the tyre is rightly filled.

Thus, in order to estimate the extent of damage, it is crucial to take the tyres off the wheels to prevent further damage. Undoubtedly, the kind of damage that looks repairable from the exterior may reveal non-repairable to some extent when viewed from inside.

Merely using a plug may not be enough for your tyre puncture repairs because that doesn’t fully guarantee that air will not keep leaking off the damaged tyre. In addition, using a path may also not be enough individually as air moisture may still get some way to reach the inner steel belts and make them rust, causing further damage.

Once punctured, the inner liner of your tyres should be readily buffed, cleaned, patched, coated, or cemented after taking any 24 hours’ puncture repair near me services. All these will assure that the ability of tyres to retain air pressure has been restored.

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