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Types of steel beams and why do you use Steel Beams in House Construction?

Steel is an excellent choice for construction for several reasons. Since steel can be used for a wide variety of purposes in construction, it is now commonly used for everything from the framework to the floor joists to the roofing. Some key reasons why structural steel is so trusted are https://www.fixltd.co.uk/steel-beam-installation/.

In most cases, homeowners should expect to spend between $1,293 and $4,715 (including labour costs) to install https://www.fixltd.co.uk/steel-beam-installation-edinburgh/ in their homes. Beam and post costs are scaled according to their size and span. Your project estimate will increase if you need to replace a load-bearing wall.

Types of Steel Beams


For structural support, steel I-beams are the gold standard. Supported by two parallel components and a third perpendicular one, they form a structural unit often set horizontally to carry weight. I-beams come in several different forms and go by several other names. There is a maximum allowed span of 20 feet for regular I-beams.


Sometimes referred to as “W-beams,” H-beams are another name for the same type of structural member. They look like an upside-down capital letter “H” since they have no top or bottom flange to taper them. H-beams are typically much broader and heavier than I-beams. H-beams, which are more robust, can support loads up to 330 feet in length.


The S-beam, a junior beam, gets its name because its upper and lower flanges are tapered to provide more support while maintaining a lower overall mass. This mixture is best used for less massive structures where the wall’s structural stability is not as crucial. Standard lengths for S-beams range from 30 to 100 feet.

Why do you use Steel Beams in House Construction?

Productive and inventive

Steel construction is quick and easy to do in any weather. Prefabricated parts reduce the need for time-consuming assembly at the site. Depending on the project’s scope, an entire frame can be erected in days rather than weeks, cutting down construction time by 20% to 40%. The reduced weight of structural steel compared to other framing materials as concrete allows for a smaller, more straightforward base. 

Fewer columns and space

Steel pieces are a stylish and economical option for spanning great distances. Steel homes have a longer lifespan because of their flexibility, which allows for improvements to be made over time. Many customers now require column grid spacing of over 15 metres, which allows for creating the vast, open plan, column-free interior areas made possible by extended steel spans. Clear spans of over 50 meters are made possible by rolling beams in buildings with only one story. 

Modular and easily accessed

The modern-day use of a structure can shift drastically and quickly. Tenant-requested improvements that dramatically increase floor loads are possible. Different needs and purposes for the space may necessitate the relocation of walls. Access to the modification of existing electrical wiring, computer networking cables, and communication systems is simplified by steel framing and floor systems. You can modify houses made of steel beams to accommodate future needs. Beams and girders can be quickly strengthened and augmented with the new framework or even shifted to support different loads.

Aesthetics and creative license in design

Steel allows for greater experimentation with color, texture, and form among architects. This material will enable architects more freedom to experiment with new ideas and create novel solutions due to its robustness, beauty, precision, and flexibility. Because of steel’s high strength-to-weight ratio, you may use it to create long spans that allow for wide open areas to exist between supporting columns or walls. Unlike other materials, it can be bent to a certain radius, creating segmented curves or free-form combinations for facades, arches, and domes. 

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