Tutorial to Merge Office 365 Accounts With an Easy to Use Tool

Cloud is considered as the future, it is easily accessible from everywhere and also saves cost. Organizations are switching to cloud storage solutions as they could fulfill their storage needs without building and maintaining complex infrastructure. Office 365 is one such solution for big organizations as well as personal users. This also produces the demand to merge Office 365 accounts.

The popularity of Office 365 has been increasing exponentially since its introduction. It has become the most popular platform for businesses to fulfill their productivity needs. Microsoft Office 365 provides a host of cloud based solutions to make communication and collaboration between team members in an organization easier. 

The process of merging two Office 365 accounts is a complicated procedure. For prevention of data loss and security of the accounts, it has to be carefully planned and executed. There is no straightforward way provided by Microsoft to facilitate merging of two Office 365 accounts. Although, there are several workarounds to complete the merging of accounts. In this article we will discuss one such process. 

There can be several reasons to merge Office 365 accounts. It can be due to the company undergoing a merger, an acquisition or a rebranding. In all of the above mentioned cases, the company could decide to merge two different Office 365 accounts.

Prepare for the Merging Process

Firstly, there are some initial steps that are mandatory for the user to perform prior to the merging process. Before starting the process of merging, the user needs to make sure that the following tasks are completed to avoid any complexities in the process.

  • To merge Office 365 email accounts, the user needs the access to admin accounts for both the destination and the source accounts.
  • The user needs to make sure there are enough licenses to accommodate all of the user data in both Office 365 accounts. The primary mailbox has 50GB storage available by default, if any of the user mailboxes have more than 50GB data, there will be a need to assign additional licenses.
  • Generate a CSV file that contains a list of user mailboxes for the purpose of user mapping.
  • To facilitate the transfer of the most recent data possible, the least value of TTL(Time To Live) has to be noted.(The default value of Time To Live is 86400 seconds, but for the process of merging it will be set as low as possible i.e. 3600 seconds).
  • To stop the inflow of emails, the MX (Mail Exchanger) Record value of the source account.
  • To merge Office 365 accounts, the user needs to erase all objects from the primary mail domain of the source tenant before starting the process.
  • There is a need to train the end users for using Office 365 after the merging process is complete.

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Using the Tool to Merge Office 365 Accounts

Not every business organization has the same requirements when it comes to the process of migration. Although, this tool is versatile enough to fulfill the requirements of most of the organizations. This tool can be used for a personal task as well as an organizational level merging task.

Steps to start the merging process

1.Download and install the Migrator Wizard Office 365 Migration Tool.

2.In the case mentioned in this article, we will select both the source and destination as Office365 because we have to merge Office 365 email accounts.

3.Users can create additional Users and Groups in the destination account in the “Resource and Workload” section. There are items mentioned in this section that can be selected like Emails, Contacts, Calendars and Document.

4.Using the date filter, you can provide a date range for the selection of items of a particular date range.

Now click “Next”.

5. On this page, enter the Admin Email ID and Application Id for the source account and click “Validate” to validate all the required permissions.

After completing the validation process, click on the “Next” button.

Now, repeat the same steps for the ”Destination” tab.

6. There are methods that the user can select for adding user accounts from the source. This tab mentions two methods – “Fetch Users” and “Import Users”.

Download template: Using this, users can download a template CSV file to manually input source accounts        and corresponding destination accounts to merge Office 365 email accounts.

7. In the next tab, by clicking “Validate” the validation of permissions can be done.

8. Start the process by selecting “Start Migration” once the permissions are validated, .

“Stop Migration” button is provided if the user wants to stop the process in between.

The tool provides a detailed report and a summary report once the process is completed.

If some items did not migrate or some data was modified after the process started, there are also options to Re-run Migration.

Advantages of Using This Tool for Merging

There are some advanced tools present that provide an easier route to merging two Office 365 accounts. We have discussed about one such tool. This tool provides a way to merge Office 365 accounts without data loss. It allows bulk migration of mailboxes from source mailbox to the destination mailbox.

Some features of the tool are:

    • It can move all the Emails, Documents, tasks and Contacts.
    • The tool also facilitates bulk migration of accounts using the Admin Id and password.
    • Users can opt for Concurrent migration.
    • This tool is unable to store Admin credentials or any user information.
    • It provides the facility of using CSV files for source and destination user mapping.
    • This tool can also facilitate Shared and In-place mailbox migration.
    • It can use the date range filter for selective data migration to the merged account.
    • Provides the option to Re-Run migration after the merging is complete:
        • Retry Failed Items: Re-starts the migration for the failed items.
        • Re-Run Full migration: Perform the migration again.
        • Delta Migration: Transfers the data that changed during the migration process.


This article provides the easiest and safest way to merge Office 365 accounts. Merging two Office 365 accounts can be a humongous task, especially in the case of an acquisition or a merger between two companies. Using the above mentioned tool, the companies can avoid any adversities that could cause the process to fail. We can merge Office 365 email accounts in bulk using this tool. 

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