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Try the new Magnum Hen duck call

For many years, JJ Lares has been a top choice among duck hunters. The Magnum Hen is quickly becoming one of their favorite options as it produces such an authentic sound that mimics what they’re looking for when hunting waterfowl! This call can be used to reveal tuleys or attract more ducks into shooting range with some help from other calls on hand–but not before calling out “DUCK!” It also includes something special: sounds made by nature herself – the female mallard alongside its mating song which will make it all worthwhile if you ask us…

About Kittles Outdoors

Kittle’s Outdoor & Sport has been in operation since 1999. It is a family-owned company that continues to operate out of Uptown Colusa, California with customers coming from all around the state for hunting or fishing trips at their location near Delevan wildlife refuge where you can find live bait provided by Kottke’s just in case your desired prey doesn’t come easily!

About J.J. Lares

One of the most popular duck calls in Chico, JJ Lares has been making them for over three decades. They’re simple to operate and produce an incredible range of noises with their wide color selection but black is what people always come back to because it’s so easy on your eyes!

The JJ Lares Magnum Hen is a new product that has quickly become one of their best-selling calls. It’s not just because it produces an excellent hen mallard call, but also enhances and boosts sound from other hybrid duck hunting essentials like the original Hybrid Call. Look no further than Kittles Outdoor for top-quality brands such as this when you need to buy more ducks!

About the Magnum

The Magnum JJ Lares calls are a favorite among Kittle’s clients and hunters throughout the country. The high-pitched squawk may be used to entice ducks, especially during mating season when restrictions on duck hunting are in effect – we have something called “The Magnum Hen” for this! It makes users feel great while working; it has been well-received by regular customers as well those who drop in to see what new products we offer at times like these because they’re always excited about trying out our different items with possible success if nothing else than just general interest. Magnum JJ lares calls are one popular brand name you’ll love!


Do you want a new call that will make ducks quack like hens and rocks toms? Then head on over to Kittles Outdoor where we sell the JJ Lares duck calls. I’ve got something special just for waterfowl enthusiasts!

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