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Transport During COVID-19

It goes without saying that everyone lives through some ridiculous times immediately .! Suddenly, even the sole things we’d do day-to-day are either impossible , or could just leave you feeling slightly anxious – one such thing is making your journey to transport, school or the supermarket a day via the use of conveyance .
Right now, some conveyance might feel somewhat risky – that’s because, in some ways, it is. We’ve all seen the pictures and videos of packed buses, busy tube lines, bustling tube stations… if you’re trying to limit your contact with others during the Coronavirus pandemic, conveyance certainly isn’t the because of go.
At Tikla cars, we’re committed to getting you from A to B within the safest way that we’ll. Which suggests taking some extra measures during this particularly strange era.

Extra clean transport

Extra cleaning, the use of masks, passengers being unable to request a seat in the front of the cab, the use of partitions separating the front and back seats of the cab, and social distancing between staff and passengers are all measures that we have in place or may implement in response to changing advice.
Other means of transportation have, of course, set in motion policies to keep travellers as safe as possible, but they are much more difficult to implement and maintain.

Here are just a few of reasons why using taxis is safer than using other modes of conveyance within the age of COVID-19.

More Thorough Cleaning

Bus and train drivers often have a busy schedule to remain to. Meaning that – in some cases – important added cleaning measures may fall by the wayside or simply not be finished. To a high enough degree to cover all passengers from COVID-19 radiation.
Add to this the actual fact that much of the cleaning can only be done. Before the start or after the highest of the journey, and it’s clear that your local path won’t be kept quite. As clean as you think that a bus could be cleaned top to bottom before the beginning of a journey. But by the instant you board, the seats, the bells, the bannisters, then on may are touched by many of us .
At Cambridge city taxis we’re taking extra care to form sure that our cabs are always kept safe. Clean and sanitary you won’t be exposed. To germs passed on by many of us once you ride with us. As we’re cleaning thoroughly and regularly .


While there are currently legal guidelines in place that every one conveyance users should wear a mask when travelling. Almost everyone will have experienced a situation during which they found themselves. On conveyance with another passenger who isn’t complying.
This could be right right down to a few of varied things . Of course, those with certain medical conditions don’t need to wear a mask. But there also can be bus drivers who don’t feel able to enforce this, or passengers When the train driver isn’t watching, they take their masks.
At London city airport car rental, keeping our cabs COVID-safe means ensuring that the use of masks is standard and consistent. we might wish to stay our drivers and passengers safe and well, and ensuring the use of face masks when travelling with us is just one of the varied ways during which we are working to undertake to to the present .

Whether you live just outside the closest transportation station and operate, research, or shop right next to your destination station, you’ll have to deal with any additional traffic or wait with other passengers.

Extra COVID-Safe Measures

We’re closely monitoring the Coronavirus situation and are quickly moving in-line with the govt. With thousands of other businesses around the country to form sure. That extra COVID-safe measures are put in place whenever needed and as soon as possible.
Measures that we’ve in place or may put into place in-line with the changing advice are extra cleaning. The use of masks, passengers being unable to require a seat within the front of the cab. The use of partitions separating the front and back seats of the cab and social distancing between staff and passengers.
While other modes of conveyance have, of course, put certain measures into place. To remain passengers as safe as possible, these are much more difficult to both enforce and maintenance .

Less Exposure To The Public

During the pandemic, it’s best to limit your contact with anyone from outside of your household whenever you’ll . Using modes of transport like trains and buses simply doesn’t leave this to happen as effectively because it should.
When transport on a train or bus, you’ll be coming into contact. With many strangers at anybody time, leading to increased risk of exposure to COVID-19. Again, this also applies to touching the same surfaces as these passengers. On the varied vehicles and Coronavirus has been proven. To survive on some surfaces for up to twenty-eight days if not thoroughly sanitized.
Taking a Cab to Gatwick Hire limits your contact with others to our driver, who is positioned at a secure social distance and observing important preventative measures to stop the spread of Coronavirus. Limit your contact with others during this manner , and you drastically limit your potential exposure to COVID-19.

No Unnecessary Extra Travel

Unless you reside right outside your nearest conveyance station and work. Study or shop right next to your destination station. You’re bound to got to combat some extra travel or wait with other passengers during your journey.
When you travel with Tikla cars transport, we’ll take you to exactly where you’d wish to travel . No waiting during a bustling railroad station. No standing at a crowded stop and no making your way through highly-populated town centers. To urge to where you’d wish to be – we’ll pick you up and drop you off. At your required destination as quickly as we’ll and as safely as we’ll .
Don’t take any unnecessary risks or leave yourself feeling anxious through the use of other conveyance – ride with us and knowledge just how safe travelling locally are often , even in these strangest of times.

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