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Track Location of Android Device with Cell Phone Tracker

A lot of people wonder if there’s anything like a cell phone tracker. And, if it does exist, they often wonder if it’s free or if they need to pay for it. The fantastic news is, there are dozens and dozens of phone tracking programs, and most of them come at no price.


Almost every parent wishes to keep tabs on exactly what their kids do on their phones. Parents wish to track their children phone without letting them know You can’t ever understand exactly what the world wide web is feeding your kids, and if you are not careful, you may only realize when it is too late. On the flip side, you don’t want to come off as nosy but want to give them freedom and space.


If your kid’s phone gives you sleepless nights, then perhaps it’s best to download a cell phone tracker program that will provide you with the information without needing to keep checking in their phones. Without wasting a lot of time, below are a few of the best programs which will help you monitor any mobile phone, moreover, at no price.

TheWiSpy Location Tracking – Mobile Tracker

This is the best and accurate cell phone tracker created with a beautiful layout for Android devices. It gives a real live site. Plus, if the target is lost or stolen, this app will allow you to find its place, so long as the phone is on the Internet. It comes at zero cost, but you may have to upgrade to premium to get all functions. After installing the program on your child’s phone, you can then install everything on your phone.

Google Maps

Is there anything Google Maps can’t do? This free phone tracker allows the user to find places whenever you are either riding or driving. You can make use of the various features in the program. Furthermore, it’s free of charge. There are far more features on Google Maps, which let you monitor different phones at precisely the same time.

Where’s My Droid

This app comes in the house of Alienman Technologies LLC, and it is available only on Android. You may use it to monitor phones at no price. Plus, the app makes it relatively easy to locate those mobiles. All you need to do would be to take a picture with all the target camera and find it.


This app uses the net to monitor unique mobiles, and it is available for the two Android and iOS apparatus. Glimpse lets you know the place history of the target device. Additionally, you may use their online monitoring activity dashboard to determine where the phone is. As long as you place in the ID, then the remaining portion of the info will be displayed to you in a flash.

Phone Tracker for iPhones

This free Phone tracker is coded by CLL (Cell Phone Option) to monitor unique mobiles, and it boasts over 3 million users worldwide. It’s only compatible with iPhone users, and it’ll require fewer system resources since it is small in size. You could also download it as the goal of iPhone users at no additional price.

Bottom Line

In case you’ve been searching for a list of top GPS tracking apps, please choose one of the best apps from our listing. The majority of these apps have unique features, a user-friendly dashboard, and precise enough to give you the results you are looking for. Hopefully, if you are a parent, then your prayers have been answered.

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