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Tracing Back is Looking Ahead: 4 Big Reasons Why Your Business Needs Reverse DNS Lookup

Did you know that you can track where your traffic comes from using a reverse DNS lookup (rDNS)? Reverse lookups are one of the biggest tools for marketers to reach out. But its uses for business go beyond making money.

But what is reverse DNS lookup? It’s the process of figuring out a domain name when you have an IP address, and it does so by using IP address tracking.

And, as you’d expect, a DNS lookup is the opposite; finding out an IP address when you have the domain name or a reverse IP lookup.

So let’s take a look at four big reasons why your business needs reverse DNS lookup.

1. Content Marketing

First off, do you know who your audience is? If not, then we’ve got some news: You need to start paying attention. Nowadays, more than ever before, consumers are looking for content marketing solutions.

Reverse DNS allows you to find out which domains lead to different sites. It helps you better target people with whom you want to engage, and that’s because you can tailor your offering to their online data.

And, suppose you don’t do the majority of your business online. It’s still a great way to find a relationship between your local customers and online.

2. Customer Support

Do you think it would help if you knew who was visiting your site? Or who was contacting your customer service team? Consider implementing a reverse DNS solution into your customer support system.

Be sure to know which domains lead to contact forms, chat rooms, email addresses, or social media. That can help you get a clearer picture of who your customers are and what their issues might be.

3. Website and Email Security

Suppose you don’t care about who knows your website’s domain name. Then it would be best if you considered implementing a reverse DNS solution.

Having one increases security by keeping up-to-date records of who owns each subdomain. In turn, your website becomes seen as trustworthy, and these records allow users to filter out any suspicious activity as a result.

For example, suppose someone registers a new company online and sends spam emails. The chances are, those emails will come back to the owner of that domain, and an rDNS lookup makes this much easier.

4. Analytics

Analytics are great tools to measure success, and they also allow us to see how visitors interact with our sites. Yet, analytics won’t tell us everything.

For instance, they don’t reveal anything about who visits our sites or what kind of devices they use. A reverse DNS solution using IP address tracking gives all kinds of information about the users.

Reverse DNS Lookup Is Essential for Businesses

Now you’ve seen all the major benefits of reverse DNS lookup. So you can look into implementing it into your business.

Whether it’s making your website available for lookup or you’re conducting DNS lookups yourself. A reverse DNS lookup is a great way to boost your business profile online.

Keep looking up more IT advice that saves you from having to dig around elsewhere!

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