Top Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Logistics Service

Creating a product, marketing it, and getting customers is only the first part of creating a successful product business. If you want to see success and provide excellent customer service, you need to get your products to your customers quickly and safely. Unfortunately, that isn’t always easy to do.

That’s why many companies rely on third-party logistics companies to handle the heavy lifting. They also need distribution center by Disneyland for the convenient handling of goods. It’s why the market is expected to reach a value of $12.97 billion by 2027. The question is, how can you find the best company to handle the job?

If you’re on the hunt for a logistics service, you need to know what to look for in a provider. Below are the best questions to ask a logistics company to see if they’re the right fit for the job.

How Long Have You Been in Business?

You can’t build the resources and contact list you need for a logistics business overnight. There are a lot of little details and resources you need to run an efficient operation.

If an operation is new, it may not have all those resources lined up. While they may handle small orders in a limited area, it may not be easy for them to scale as your company grows and provide the service you need.

The same isn’t true for a logistics provider that has been in business for a while. They’ve had time to build a network to serve their clients and won’t have problems scaling with you as your business grows.

Do You Offer Additional Services

A logistics agency can provide much more than a shipping service. A lot goes into the supply chain process, and you’ll have the responsibility to handle some of that work.

However, some logistics companies will offer services that help their customers in other areas of the supply chain. You can get help optimizing your internal process, access tools to automate processes and gain access to a network that can offer you other business services.

If all you want is a shipping partner, this won’t matter to you. However, don’t shop for a logistics partner without looking at everything they offer to see if any additional services are beneficial for your company.

What Problems Do You Anticipate?

Even if a logistics company provides excellent service, that doesn’t mean they won’t face challenges handling your shipping needs. Every business has unique requirements, and your provider may need to make a few tweaks to their process to accommodate your needs.

A reliable supplier needs to anticipate these problems before starting your work. Make sure you ask them what a logistic company’s current capacity is and what changes they’ll need to make to deal with these issues.

They can offer things like cross docks and advanced tracking tags to keep everything running smoothly.

Do You Have Any Accreditations?

Having excellent customer feedback says a lot about how a company operates. However, that doesn’t always tell the whole story. Someone may give the impression that they do great work but not have experience or credentials to back it up.

Many accreditation programs in the logistics industry help a provider prove what they know. A license or certification from an organization that offers business accreditation will say a lot about the expertise of the organizations you’re considering.

You can also learn more about companies by speaking with their certification provider. It can help you cut down on research time when you can find a lot of information about a logistics company in one place.

Where Can You Ship?

You probably don’t have many shipping requirements if you’re just starting your company. You only need to sell locally, so a small logistics partner is all you need.

However, things get more complicated as you grow and need to ship your products to customers in other locations. Even in the same country, there are different shipping considerations to make based on where you live.

Whether you want to expand your shipping capabilities to your whole country or expand internationally, your logistics partner needs to have that capability. Ask your potential logistics partner how large their shipping network is to ensure they can move your products wherever they need to go.

Do You Have Software Integrations

Running an efficient operation today is hard to do without software. It helps improve productivity and stops mistakes from happening.

Your logistics partner needs to be able to connect to your software channels to get what they need to do their jobs effectively. If you have your own eCommerce store, your provider needs to be able to grab orders and handle fulfillment.

Logistic companies can also tap into big-box stores to get orders. Companies need to follow another set of requirements to make those connections, so ensure your logistics partner can make those connections.

Can You Provide References

You can only learn so much about a logistics company by speaking with the company representatives. They won’t tell you all the downfalls of working with them. After all, their goal is to get your business.

You can learn more about a company by speaking with current and past customers. Ask your potential partner for references who are okay with talking about their experience.

Talking to other customers will help you get more details about working with someone. You’ll learn all the ups and downs, which means you can better determine if a provider is right for your company.

Start Your Search for a Logistics Service Today

With shipping being one of the most vital parts of a product business, you can’t afford to work with a logistics service that doesn’t do the job right. Make sure you understand what it takes to be a good logistics agency. Once you do, you’ll know how to narrow down your choices to find a partner who can help you serve your customers.

Of course, you’ll need more than a reliable logistics provider if you want to service your customers adequately. Check out the blog to learn more about optimizing your company for success.

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