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Top Industries Investing in Mobile App Development in 2022

Mobile app development has, over the years, revolutionized several industries to ensure automation and personalization.

With every passing day, businesses across industries are heavily inclining toward mobile app integration to expand service horizons and market penetration.

Subsequently, mobile app development services are revolutionizing the world massively.

Today we are going to discuss about some of the leading industries that are inclining towards app development.

So, let’s get started.

8 Industries Heavily Investing in App Development Services

Below are some of the leading industries collaborating with app development.

1. Game Industry

How big is the game industry?
Video games are a billion-dollar business and have been for many years. In 2020, the revenue from the worldwide PC gaming market was estimated at almost 37 billion U.S. dollars, while the mobile gaming market generated an estimated income of over 77 billion U.S. dollars.

The game industry is one of the lucrative industries that is heavily investing in mobile app development.

Gamers are always looking for new innovations in their favorite games.

And mobile app-based games are emerging as a new technical advancement.

There are several games that have bagged a significant market via PC and console-based gaming, now are moving towards app-based gaming apps.

If you are a gaming entrepreneur, collaborating with an experienced game development company can help you make a significant mark in the industry.

2. Healthcare

The Healthcare industry is one of the areas that has gained global importance and concern due to situations like Covid-19, Cancer, and other chronic diseases.

Subsequently, healthcare app development has emerged as a lucrative idea.

This is helping entrepreneurs and industry leaders to change the dynamics of healthcare.

It is becoming easier for healthcare institutes to;

  • Connect with patients
  • Provide quality healthcare services
  • Bridge the existent healthcare gaps
  • Reduce mortality and morbidity rate, and more.

3. Fitness and Wellbeing

Another healthcare-related industry heavily investing in app development is fitness and wellbeing.

People are continuously looking for easy fitness solutions that can;

  • Provide easy fitness solution
  • Help track bodily conditions
  • Provide daily insights on exercise and meal regime
  • Help maintain a healthy lifestyle

And fitness app development is providing all these solutions effectively.

It has definitely helped people to maintain a healthy lifestyle and attain fitness from the comfort of their homes.

4. Automation

Automation is another profitable app development industry.

There are several automotive software companies heavily investing in a mobile app-based solution for several reasons.

These reasons mainly include;

  • Automation
  • Agility and speed
  • Security
  • Fast-paced solution for a wider audience
  • And personalization

Subsequently, automotive app development is emerging as another profitable industry.

Entrepreneurs interested in automotive are inclining toward mobile app-based solutions and systems to;

  • Automate their business
  • Implement newer and advanced business models
  • Introduce user-friendly solutions

If you are also interested in automotive solutions, opting for app-based solutions can be a great idea.

5. Real Estate

Real estate is a highly saturated and cluttered industry that requires a quick and customized solution.

With mobile app development, this has become achievable for the real estate industry.

Mobile apps for the real estate industry are providing solutions for;

  • Better communication between both parties
  • Virtual viewing and dealing with properties
  • Improved buying and selling of properties
  • Secure and synchronized means to raise and resolve issues and more.

Countries like USA, UK, and Dubai are heavily inclining toward app-based real estate solutions.

This is because the real estate industry holds a significant market value.

6. eCommerce Industry

the eCommerce industry has been one of the leading internet-based industries.

A majority of retail businesses prefer opting for eCommerce platforms to excel in their performances and expand market reach.

One significant tangent in eCommerce has been mCommerce (Mobile Commerce).

mCommerce has opened new doors of opportunity for businesses.

people now prefer mobile apps and browsers to;

  • View products and services
  • Conduct transactions
  • Give reviews
  • Connect with businesses
  • Access websites and product lists

And as the mobile browser has become a preferred platform over PC browsers, they become a primary target device for businesses.

Subsequently, app-based eCommerce is growing massively.

This is making eCommerce another profitable industry collaborating with mobile app development.

7. Food Delivery

The food delivery industry has grown massively over time.

A significant growth period has been during the covid times when people mostly stayed at home.

With a majority of restaurants shifting towards takeaway and delivery services, app-based Food delivery solutions became a thing.

And now there is no going back.

This industry continues to grow at an accelerated speed.

And businesses are now adding new and advanced services as upgraded features.

For instance, some noteworthy features of a food delivery app include;

  • Restaurant suggestions on personal preferring
  • Communicating with the rider
  • Discounts and incentive programs
  • Estimated delivery time, and more.

All these features are enhancing the scope and performance of food delivery apps.

Subsequently, it is enabling a new service line in the on-demand app development services.

8. Logistics

The supply chain is a popular industry that requires quick and robust automation.

Henceforth, app development is providing a much-needed solution to this industry.

Industry leaders are significantly moving towards app-based solutions to improve services.

And several other aspiring entrepreneurs are looking for ways to innovate the logistics industry.

With app-based solutions, the logistics industry is providing solutions like;

  • Personalized route allocation
  • Package tracking for customers
  • Warehouse management
  • Package positioning, and more.

Henceforth, supply chain app development is emerging as a game-changer in industrial growth.

Also, it is becoming a preferred approach for logistics businesses and entrepreneurs.

Logistics app development is changing the dynamic of the industry.

And it is providing new opportunities for growth, automation, and scalability.

Wrapping Up

App development is changing the dynamics of the industry over the years to offer automation and heightened performance.

Several businesses across industries are remodeling their strategies with respect to app development.

A majority of industries are experiencing massive growth and tech advancement with mobile app development.

The above mentioned are some of the leading industries heavily investing in app development.

Well, there are definitely many more.

So, stay tuned as the list will continue to update.

Author Bio:

Mehreen is an avid tech-researcher and thrives on accelerating business value by sharing her research that spans the intersection of technology to business resilience and sustainability-related topics. She’s also an advocate for ensuring that every content created at TekRevol is epic.

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