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Top Gemstones for Wedding and Engagement Rings UAE

There exist several beautiful gemstones worldwide, a few of which are most commonly used in jewelry. But before you make any significant purchases like engagement rings Abu Dhabi incorporating any of such gemstones, you should first understand your options. What type and color of stone do you need, or which one will suit you and your lifestyle the best? So, here is a list of the top 5 gemstones with their features for your understanding.

Engagement rings with precious stones


It is true that the most common and well-known engagement ring is the solitaire. A design in which the diamond is the absolute protagonist and whose meaning does not give rise to error, whoever wears this type of ring on his finger at some point in his life has committed himself (at least in 90% of the cases). ).

But we have to clarify that it is not the only type of engagement ring that exists. The diamond is the most typical gemstone in an engagement ring, but other types of gems are currently gaining ground in the bridal world.

engagement rings

We refer to colored gemstones such as sapphires, emeralds or rubies. And it is that engagement rings with precious stones are a trend. Future husbands are beginning to bet on different designs. They want a unique piece, that is out of the ordinary and that shines for its originality. That is why when you offer them engagement rings with colored gems, the crush is immediate. They don’t doubt it. For this type of boyfriend, this is a perfect option.

we are unconditional lovers of diamonds and we love creating collections in which these gems are present. That is why we have not been able to avoid introducing them in one way or another in our new collection of engagement rings with precious stones.

Next, we show you 3 perfect options that you can select without any problem as an engagement ring. 3 designs that shine for their architecture, for their colors and for their beauty. Each and every one of them has been made with 18kt white gold and natural precious stones.

Top 5 Beautiful Gemstones for Engagement and Wedding Rings

1.    Aquamarine

Another version that we love is this model in which the baby blue of the aquamarine catches. It is a beautiful ring with oval cut aquamarine and brilliant cut diamonds around the gem.

A design made of 18kt white gold that stands out for the beauty of its central gem (10mm x 8mm) and for its fine and stylized arms. It has 22 brilliant-cut diamonds of 0.01 carats each that give the piece a spectacular light (total weight of the diamonds: 0.22 carats). Ideal for romantic women, lovers of elegance and distinction. You can see it here.

It is the birthstone for people born in March. This exquisite pale blue-colored gemstone makes it an attractive choice for most engagement rings UAE and other jewelry pieces. Aquamarine itself is a unique type of beryl whose cousin gemstone is emerald.

The color of aquamarine generally ranges from a very light bluish tone to a more intense greenish-blue. Paler aquamarines are somehow in most budgets, but bright-colored aquamarines are very costly.

2.    Emerald

Another form of beryl family gemstone and a cousin of aquamarine stone, emerald, is famous worldwide because of its gorgeous green color. This beautiful green-colored stone is the birthstone for May people. Its color range starts from a bluish-green and ends at a yellow-green tone.

Moreover, having a 7.5-8.0 on Mohs hardness scale, emerald is somehow harder than other stones. Furthermore, the average per carat cost of emerald rings is $126, which is more than sapphires and diamonds, but less than a tenth of the cost of diamond engagement rings Abu Dhabi.

3.    Diamond

One of the most costly and desirable gems existing all over the world is diamonds. They are the most popular choice of jewelry, particularly for wedding and engagement rings UAE. Diamond is the birthstone for people born in April. Actually, a pure form of carbon, diamond is considered the hardest naturally occurring stone on Earth, with a rating of 10.0 on the Mohs scale.

Moreover, diamonds are colorless in their purest forms. But various colored elements in their crystalline structure and specific environmental conditions can produce a few colors in diamonds like yellow, blue, pink, green, and brown. The color grade scale of diamonds ranges from D to Z, with D being colorless the best and Z the darkest the worst.

Diamond rings styles

4.    Pearl

While not actually a stone, a pearl is considered a significant gem for most jewelry items. A great thing about pearls is that instead of being mined from Earth-like all other gemstones, they are created by oysters in the sea. That is why they come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Out of all these, large round pearls are considered the most valuable and utilized for most engagement rings Abu Dhabi.

Moreover, pearls are the birthstone for June-born people. And to some extent, they are delicate gems which a Mohs hardness of just 3.5-3.0. That indicates they are not a daily wear choice for most jewelry items.

5.    Sapphire  

Naturally made of the same material as ruby stones, the sapphire can be almost any red shade of corundum. Sapphires are the natural gemstone for people born in September. They exist in several colors like blue, yellow, pink, orange, and even white, all of which are affordable alternatives to pure diamonds.

Moreover, compared to rubies, sapphires are more durable and are ideal for daily wear, and use in engagement rings UAE. However, the highest quality sapphires are prized for jewelry items, which are the rarest on Earth.


Choosing a gemstone for your jewelry purchase is all about your personal choice and preference, but before buying, you must consider the cost and durability of each. Some gemstone rings, such as diamond engagement rings Abu Dhabi, are perfect for daily wear in terms of durability, while others with pearls need much more care and protection. So, learning about your favorite gemstone options can significantly help you select and buy the perfect gemstone for you according to your taste, budget, and lifestyle.

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