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Top Five Reasons To Travel To Malta

Malta may be little, but she is formidable! Malta, situated in the heart of the Mediterranean, is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Europe for numerous reasons. This breathtaking island is only 17 miles long and 9 miles broad and offers a unique combination of reasons to come. If you are considering Holidays to Malta, continue reading as we list the top five reasons to visit.


1.Three Islands To Discover

Did you know that Malta comprises three stunning islands? Gozo and Comino are significantly smaller, but equally, as lovely, islands that are located near Malta. First, there is Gozo, a tranquil island about 20 minutes by boat from the mainland. This picturesque island offers a quainter experience than the mainland, as well as several attractions. If you’re considering a trip to Gozo, you should check out the world’s oldest free-standing temple, Ggantija, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Ta’ Kola Windmill, and the freshly restored historic village of Cittadella.

The following is Comino. This lovely island, home to the famed Blue Lagoon, is mainly deserted and provides for the ideal day excursion during your vacation. The Blue Lagoon, with its white sand beaches and the purest blue sea you’ve ever seen, will be the highlight of your trip to this beautiful island. The island’s shoreline is lined with twelve recognized diving locations, earning it a reputation as a diver’s paradise.


  1. Unique Swimming Spots

The Maltese Islands are renowned for having some of the world’s finest beaches, with several of them also being Blue Flag Beaches. From unusual red sand beaches to the beautiful golden sand beaches for which the Mediterranean is renowned, and even some rocky shorelines, there are innumerable unique swimming sites in Malta for you to enjoy. With its great water quality and easily accessible amenities and services, Malta’s beaches are also quite popular with families. If the idea of swimming in crystal-clear seas and basking in 300 days of sunlight seems like paradise, then must visit Malta!


  1. Endless Efforts

Malta is a unique place that provides an abundance of land and water-based sports. With moderate winters and a favorable environment, it is feasible to visit Malta throughout the year and enjoy a variety of activities. Land activities include outdoor yoga, hiking, and cycling, to mention a few. In the ocean, you may engage in different water activities, such as paddle boarding, paragliding, surfing, fishing, and many more.

With its breathtaking shoreline and verdant landscape, Malta is also a paradise for vacation walkers. Routes are well-marked and simple to follow, and you will gain a wealth of knowledge along each route thanks to the informative signage posted on the island’s walkways.


  1. Magnificent Diving Sites

Malta is routinely ranked as one of the top diving locations in the world due to its favorable temperature and tremendous variety of reefs, caverns, and shipwrecks. The island is also accessible to individuals who have never scuba-dived before, and local enterprises provide a variety of beach and boat dives at depths suited for divers of all skill levels. If you’re coming for a second visit and you’ve done everything there is to do on land, why not discover what lies beneath the islands’ breath-taking waters?


5.7,000 Years Of Background

With over 7,000 years of history, Malta is a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts. There is history around every corner, from some of the oldest freestanding temples in the world to UNESCO World Heritage sites and mighty forts.

Malta’s history extends back to prehistoric times, and the islands are home to three UNESCO World Heritage sites: Valetta, the al-Saflieni Hypogeum, and seven magnificent Megalithic Temples. Other historic must-sees are the various forts, turrets, and bastions that have earned Malta the moniker “Fortress Island.” If you’re a fan of museums, Malta offers a wide variety, ranging from art to archaeology to marine.

In addition to the aforementioned advantages, there are several other reasons to visit Malta. Whether you are a TV/movie fan who wants to see where Game of Thrones or the most recent Jurassic World was filmed, or whether you appreciate fantastic culinary experiences or attend a festival while on vacation, Malta offers it all. Combine all of these incredible experiences with 300 days of sunshine, and it’s easy to see why tourists adore Malta.

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