Top Features to Evaluate During ChiroTouch software Demo!

ChiroTouch Software is an electronic medical record (EMR) and practice management software designed for small to midsize chiropractic setups. It is a unified suite that incorporates electronic health records, invoicing, patient scheduling, and much more. 

ChiroTouch software gives you the ability to handle both the administrative and medical components of chiropractic services. In addition, ChiroTouch is fully integrated with Review Wave to help you increase feedback, new patients, and average visits per patient (PVA). 

ChiroTouch has two ONC-certified EMR chiropractic software applications; one in the cloud and one on-premise. Both systems are intended to improve overall efficiency by incorporating patient self-check-in, appointments, SOAP notes, payment processing, internal communications contact, and other features. 

ChiroTouch Electronic Health Records (EHR) software is simple to install on-site and use via the internet. Chiropractic practitioners can efficiently expedite and specify their clinical outcomes by utilizing the EMR software’s revolutionary touchscreen interface. ChiroTouch reviews appreciate how providers can process insurance cards, intake forms, status notes, patient images, external data, and x-rays. With the help of ChiroTouch EMR Software, you can be confident that your digital patient records are safe and secure.  

ChiroTouch Software Demo 

A ChiroTouch demo is available for potential buyers who can avail of it to explore the software in detail. The demo lets you dig deeper into ChiroTouch features and navigate them in a real-time healthcare setting.  

According to ChiroTouch reviews, the demo is one of the best ways to decide whether the software is worth an investment or not. In addition, during the demo, you can analyze whether the software fulfills your practice requirements or not.  

Moreover, this article includes the top features of ChiroTouch software that you must analyze during the ChiroTouch demo. So, let’s dig in! 

ChiroTouch Software Features 

Documentation Forms 

ChiroTouch electronic medical record software includes electronic forms to help record and organize patient data entry. Patients can fill out and e-sign these documents using an iPad or a computer. In addition, you can create bespoke online forms and upload documents specific to your state. After then, the software combines the forms with the patient’s records to streamline the entire process. 

The following are examples of paperless forms in ChiroTouch software 

  • Intake Form for Patients 
  • Form for Personal Information 
  • Intake Signature Form 
  • Sign-in Form for Wellness 
  • Form for Patient Self-Check-In 
  • Oswestry Questionnaire  
  • Neck Bournemouth Questionnaire  

During the ChiroTouch demo, you can view these forms in detail.  

e-Prescription Feature 

ChiroTouch EMR Software’s e-Prescription tool is convenient for patients and medical providers. It allows you to save time and money by automating the entire prescription process. In addition, the e-Prescription service ensures that patients receive the prescriptions they require without any error. 

With the help of this feature, you can send prescriptions to your patient’s preferred pharmacy with a single click. Moreover, the patients can benefit by receiving prescriptions from the comfort of their homes.  

ChiroTouch’s e-prescription feature streamlines your tasks at an affordable price. This function is well-known for delivering specific drugs to patients improving patient care and clinical outcomes. You can navigate through this feature during the ChiroTouch demo.  

Patient Portal 

ChiroTouch Software, when combined with an effective practice management system, includes a patient portal to assist patients in communicating with their healthcare professionals. In addition, patients with a stable internet connection can use the patient portal while on the go. Another significant benefit is that the portal is included in the ChiroTouch pricing at no additional cost.  

Patients can use the patient portal to make appointments, review their medical condition, treatment plans, prescriptions, and much more. You can explore the various benefits of the patient portal during the ChiroTouch demo. 

Appointment Scheduling 

ChiroTouch EMR software interacts with a practice management system, making it easier for you to schedule an appointment. In addition, it provides timely messages and reminders before each visit to reduce no-shows.  

According to ChiroTouch reviews, the appointment scheduling tool seamlessly lets you book patients. Furthermore, the automatic reminder tool ensures that there are no missed appointments. During the ChiroTouch demo, you can evaluate how these features optimize your practice and help you earn more revenue.  

Billing Module 

ChiroTouch Medical Billing can assist you with your billing needs in several ways, including: 

  • Checking insurance coverage. 
  • Ensuring that you are sending the correct messages to the appropriate carriers. 
  • Providing responses to carrier questions promptly. 
  • Making contact with payers and filing appeals for erroneously paid accounts. 

You can eliminate the requirement for manual billing with the ChiroTouch billing tool. It also decreases the possibility of data input errors by providing information about pre-billing holds and denials. As a result, the ChiroTouch demo is one of the best ways to evaluate the billing module in real-time.  

ChiroTouch Pricing 

ChiroTouch provides a wide range of functions for Chiropractic practitioners, making the EMR Software worthwhile. The ChiroTouch pricing begins at $259 per month. Unfortunately, ChiroTouch does not provide a free trial. 

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ChiroTouch Reviews 


  • The program is easy to use and is continually updated and upgraded.  
  • Record customization is excellent.  
  • You may document rapidly and completely.  
  • The interaction with the Scheduling / EHR / and billing also rapidly removes mistakes that were previously present with other EHRs. 
  • You can access the cloud-based software from any location via the internet.  
  • ChiroTouch EMR Software is very customizable and productive.  
  • ChiroTouch is well-known for its excellent customer service and IT support. 


  • ChiroTouch reviews show that beginning users may find it intimidating because the system has so many capabilities. However, after you’ve engaged in a few training calls, all of your fears will go.  
  • Microsoft Windows upgrades can corrupt the reminders and cause them to stop working, resulting in a malfunction. 

What Do We Say About ChiroTouch Software? 

ChiroTouch is a popular EMR software for chiropractic offices. It is appropriate for both small and medium-sized practices. You may take advantage of all of ChiroTouch’s capabilities at a low cost. 

Make sure to schedule a demo and evaluate the software first-hand. In addition, read ChiroTouch reviews online so that you can have an idea of what existing users say about the software.  

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