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Men’s Shalwar Kameez

Pakistan’s culture is immensely diverse and rich with different cuisines. languages, weathers, landscape, sports, and clothes across the land. Saying so, our clothes speak volumes about our heritage and values. The reason why our country is doing a better job in producing and manufacturing fabrics is that we value our culture and own it proudly.

Top class fabric Shalwar Kameez for summer weather

Talking about clothes, Pakistan is a top world producer of cotton fabric. Thus, cotton suits for men are the number one choice as they are highly comfortable to wear and easily available. Everywhere in the stores and online. Other than cotton, you can find many variants of the fabric such as Egyptian cotton. Supima Cotton, wash and wear, Latha, raw silk, boski, chiffon. khaddar, and a few blends of polyester, silk, viscose and so forth. The market for unstitched and woven suits is so diverse with a range of pure and mix materials.

Fabric that is made from the long fibre is considered to be of high-quality as long fibres. Can be spun into a piece of yarn and as a result are more tightly bound, making it a stronger and more durable fabric. Mixing and blending different types of threads and fibres also alter the overall strength and durability of the fabric altogether.

Egyptian cotton

The finest of all kinds of clothing material and expensive one is Egyptian cotton. This intricately woven fabric has a high price due to its value for hand-picked raw material as opposed to mechanical picking. Thus the fibres are long and not broken as picked by hand and spun in a high-quality, durable and strong fabric. Several men clothing brands in Pakistan offer Egyptian cotton suits for men such as Alkaram, Lawrencepur, Pasha Fabrics, and many others. All such leading brands have got a great quality of cotton suits for men in their latest summer collection 2021. While some top ones are also endorsed by celebrities such as the top Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi. So if our favourite national player boom boom Afridi is sporting this elegant ensemble, it says a lot about the quality of the clothes and the vision behind it.

Wash and wear fabric

Picking the good quality stitched kurta for men that do not wear out after multiple washing, can become a little tricky at times. In this regards, many brands are there to your rescue, namely Junaid Jamshed, Sapphire, Alkaram, and many others which have got top class and latest gent’s kurta designs for you to choose from this summer season. Easy options to choose from is the wash and wear fabric. The name is self-explanatory as to being less maintenance clothing.

Crease-free shalwar kameez

Men always prefer something that is “easy-care”; hence wash n wear fabric is something you can seek after. Wash and wear is such a fabric that can be washed easily, dried, and can be worn again. With little or no ironing needed. Men’s unstitched fabrics which are synthetically manufactured such as nylon, polyester. Can also be considered as wash and wear as they are usually wrinkle-free and maintain their original shape. So all those men who want a crisp and sharp look wearing shalwar kameez, can easily opt for such synthetically produced fabric or any wash and wear fabric.

Other than this some woven fabric which is a result of a combination. Polyester and viscose or other materials, make clothes last much longer. We would suggest opting for dark yet neutral hues in this material to keep it cool during the hot summer season.

Royal Silk

Many formal kurta designs for men are usually made of synthetic materials for their longevity. Formal designs in shalwar kameez for men are not limited to embroidery but, cut works, waistcoats, tie-n-dye and many other latest modern techniques and designs.

The best material for formal events

Fabrics such as raw silk, royal silk, and pure silk are all considered. As fabrics for formal events such as weddings, Eid festivities and many more. This is so because the material gives classy shine remains lustrous and crease-free. Royal silk is an intertwining combination of silk and cotton for a pure sheen and regal look. Drape yourself this summer season is trendy colours such as off white. Beige, almond olive green, pistachio, red wine and navy blue. On the other hand, this material is a little pricey due to its lustrous property. Along with the cotton and silk combination that gives it the royal look.

Pro styling tip: get yourself a waistcoat made out of Royal silk in pastel shade and pair. It with other neutral based kurta pyjama for the perfect colour blocking look. This look will be perfect for both day and nighttime events.

Online shopping facility for men

With the amazing facility that of online dresses shopping for a variety of men’s stitched and unstitched collection across all brand’s online stores, with worthy deals and offers, you may simply order your desired fabric at home and get it stitched or custom-tailored.

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