Top Essentials for Selecting an ECommerce Fulfillment Provider

With the shift of a large number of bricks-and-mortar businesses to online stores, the eCommerce industry is reaching new heights. And among all, you might claim to have unique and great products, but it is of no worth if you are not able to get these products to your customers safely and on accurate time. Because of this reason, lots of eCommerce business owners prefer to take help from a fulfillment center in China

It is important to make the right selection and the fulfillment center in China is best and is also tested on several parameters. The professionals here can contribute to the success of your business and helps you to focus on other crucial aspects of your brand. Keep one thing in mind that selecting the wrong eCommerce fulfillment provider can badly ruin your customers’ experience and you might lose your potential customers because of a single mistake. Now the question is, how will you select the best one for your business? So, don’t worry, scroll down and read the complete article. We are here with some essentials for picking the perfect eCommerce fulfillment provider for you.

Things you should consider

When selecting a partner in your business, it is recommended to perform thorough research. This will ensure that you are not picking out just a service provider but the right one. Below listed are some essentials which you should consider while looking for an eCommerce order fulfillment company for your online store. 

  • Location of warehouses 

The location of a warehouse of a third party logistics plays a crucial role and it should be in proximity to the end customer. It is not only efficient but also speeds up the shipping and reduces its costs. There is a simple logic behind this, the shorter the distance between the end customer and order fulfillment center the less time it requires to ship the products. By strategically partnering with third-party logistics, you can actually minimize the final mile costs. You can also opt for a company that has warehouses situated on international and national highways and shipping hubs. If you are looking for a fulfillment center in China, the USA, India, or in any vast country, then it becomes more important to cross-check the location of warehouses. 

Knowing your service provider is right, so never be afraid to ask questions. You can ask about the number of warehouses they have. A company with multiple warehouses at different locations can serve your customers more efficiently and quickly. Also, before finalizing, you must check that the company offers a global shipping service (if you have plans for it in the near future). 

  •  Shipping Speeds

Ecommerce giants, Amazon and Flipkart have set a new norm of delivering the order within two days. With this, the modern customers are expecting quick delivery of their products. Have you ever thought of this challenge? It is nearly impossible to do so alone, you will surely need a professional order fulfillment partner like the best order fulfillment center. They can literally help you with what your customers are expecting. If you are not doing so you might probably be at risk of losing your revenue. According to research, it has been shown that 53% of customers deny shopping to an online site because of their slow and irregular delivery timings. 

Make sure to opt for a top fulfillment company that works with efficient fulfillment processes to ensure quick delivery of your orders. This is possible only when the company is working with various strategically located order fulfillment warehouses. Along with this, the professionals there must be working with the latest software. 

  • Order Fulfillment Software 

As an established eCommerce platform you have a lot of dishes on your plate. And now everything works in digital mode, it is for sure that you are working with tons of digital tools and applications. Also, for accomplishing your day-to-day tasks, you might have been working with several customized platforms. For managing the process of order fulfillment, you will need to work on one more software. You surely wish to have an easy yet organized software on which work can be done smoothly. 

Because of this reason, it is crucial to check the software that your order fulfillment company is using. Each order fulfillment center has unique software with various features and capabilities. You must be aware of your goals and needs to select a fulfillment company and its software. Ask them about the features of the software and notice whether those features are sufficient enough to align with your work. Also, it is crucial to check the implementation and integration of software with other platforms and applications that your employees are already using in your business. 

  • Transparency 

Transparency, a key component for the success of any business. Among thousands of similar products, customers need to pick one that is worth buying. So, when they finally select a brand, they feel like they can trust that particular product and wish to be a loyal customer of that brand for a long-time. And transparency is the essential factor that can build that trust among your customers. 

We have come up with some statistics that show the value of transparency in a business. There are 56% of such customers that want to stay loyal to a brand that provides them with 100% transparency. 81% of customers say that they can try the whole range of products of a brand if they are comfortable with its level of transparency. In an eCommerce order fulfillment process, transparency becomes a key component.

This is the only way where you can win your buyers’ trust. Customers want to track the shipment process in real-time so that they can check each and every update of their order. There are 70% of such customers that refuse to shop with a brand in the future because of late delivery than the promised date. You need to understand the value of the words and guarantees that your business provides to the customers. So, it is important to select an order fulfillment service that provides you complete visibility of the process.

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