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Top Augmented Reality App Ideas in 2021

Right from the inception, Augmented Reality development is the center of attraction among development companies

Developers love to program and experiment with this futuristic technology. From entertainment to healthcare, augmented reality app have potential in every industry due to their capability of extending 3D models and objects in the physical world. As per the study and research, the AR market size will expand to USD 76.99 billion by 2024.

On the global level, humans’ adaptability with technology is exponentially increasing, and gladly, usage of technologies like AR and VR are rising because of that. Individuals and development companies are implementing and experimenting with new ideas to bring innovation. However, the AR app’s functionality is hardware-dependent.

A device with a magnetic sensor (compass), gyroscope, and accelerometer is the requirement to make it work. For developing augmented reality games and applications on Android, Google offers its software development kit (SDK), namely ARCore, and from the Apple side, the SDK is ARKit for iOS.

Apart from platform and hardware dependency, new fresh ideas are needed to execute, and this is what the article is all about. To bring your attention to the invention, the article will share some top augmented reality app ideas to work on in 2021.

  • App to Identify Real-world Objects

Our physical live world is full of 3D objects. Some we can identify in just a gaze, and some are new to us. Of course, our world is so humongous, and everyone cannot know everything but can learn and remember many things. Here, an AR app can be a new introduction. With the blend of AI, image recognition, Augmented Reality app, and accurate data set, by hovering a phone camera on any object, the app will tell the object’s name and some of its fundamental characteristics. It can help the people who travel frequently and always encounter new things and discoveries.

  • Information Providing App

While shopping the grocery from a mart, we see several edible items that we did not know existed or do not know how to include in a meal. Calling a mart’s representative, again and again, can be difficult or not possible sometimes. But a hand-held mini assistant can guide you and make your shopping experience more delightful. How? Suppose an app that can tell you about the product by interacting with it with the camera. Meaning that whenever you see a new product on the shelf and want details of it, instead of waiting for the busy representatives, just face the phone camera on the item and get the relevant information about it in no time.

The supposition can be the new business idea to throw in the market and set great targets. With innovation and smart work, it can revamp the shopping experience at a significant level. Although it is a tedious and very long process to collect the data of every single item, hard work + dream + dedication = success is the formula to chant.

  • Know Books with AR

Reading books is a good habit, and everyone should do it. They are your best friends and help you to learn new things and expand your knowledge base. Everyone has their preference and different taste in reading. Some like fictional and many prefer cosmos dimensions theories. Before buying or begin with reading, the reader requires some idea or information behind the topic covered in the book. So, AR can provide that information. By scanning the book cover page with the AR app, the plot and the book’s genre will pop up, enabling readers to decide. They will not open the book physically at all to find the behind.

  • Eatery With Augmented Reality App

Our master chefs introduce new dishes to spice up food lovers’ taste buds. When going for a dine-in and looking in the menu, words are not enough to describe the dish. Visuals speak louder than raw text. That will be a great idea if an app presents a 3D dish to see its visual representation before placing an order. It can save you many bucks and also prevent food wastage in case you don’t like it.

Nutrition stats can be a valuable addition to a 3D dish. It will tell you that what you are consuming and what it contains. People on a diet and health-conscious can easily track down the stats to know what to eat and how much.

  • Visualizing Data

Stats are challenging to digest without visualization. That is why researchers present numbers in graphs and charts to make the analytics process more convincing and more evident to others. However, all graphs are in two-dimensional space. What if a layer of another dimension adds to the visualization process?

That will make the researchers’ work more exciting and visually strong to represent their findings. Here, AR will also help the business to show and share their data findings with others. Graphs will get generate on any location and resize automatically based on the quantitative data and distance. Interaction with numbers will come to life.

  • AR Solution for Tourism

Unfortunately, the tourism department is not privileged with the latest technology and innovations. But it also an opportunity to jump in with the creative idea in the industry. Tourists travel and take long walks to spot the best location. After all, this is the purpose of any visit to see the beauty of the particular site. Watching with eyes is not a tiring process, but walking with legs to watch is. Instead, you go to a spot to find whether it is worth seeing; AR can bring the place to you conversely.

An idea here is to point a phone’s camera on a building or any landmark and get information like place name, heritage, association with culture, and other relevant details. By watching with the camera’s eye, visitors can decide to go for a physical look straightforwardly with a clear mind and will save energy.

  • Augmented Reality App for Landscaping

Calculating measurements in mind is a complicated process to do. It is hard to imagine an accurate size of an object. And also, everyone does not carry measurement tape with them all the time, but a smartphone does. So, taking advantage of that, incorporate an AR-based measurement tape to get the accurate size in real-time of a physical object and let your brain free for other engaging imaginations and fantasies. The required action will be to move the phone’s camera steadily on the thing, and all the calculations and measurements will appear in real-time.


There are infinite possibilities. The ideas mentioned above are dwarf from a colossal. AR is comparatively a new technology and is in a primitive stage. But, the one thing is guaranteed that it has incredibly beneficial use cases in every industry. It would be a big leap if a business can identify such a gap filled with AR effectively. The new means of communication and interaction will become their road to success. People will engage more with the product and the services a business is providing to their customers.

The AR power begets endless potential, which you cannot think of. The technology form will evolve more when innovations like 5G and Blockchain become the society’s new normal.

If your mind possesses any new or creative idea to ignite the business or living trends with AR, you can share it with Cubix to bring progress.

With that said, keep innovating!

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