Top 7 Important Companies Where You Can Intern Abroad

It goes without saying that living abroad is an eye-opening and transformative experience. The knowledge you pick up, the abilities you develop and the personal development. You go through will stick with you long after you get back home. Studying abroad and finding a job can be challenging. They usually hire professional writers or they simply order their help with assignments. With top-rated assignment experts, students have found a great way to reduce their stress. The best-selling Help With Assignment is provided with a free plagiarism report and free unlimited revisions as well. A different option for travelling abroad is to take part in an international internship, which can even count toward your degree requirements.

Then why would you do a job abroad? Many of the advantages of studying abroad are also available when you intern overseas. Other benefits of an international internship include the chance to build your professional network outside of your native nation and create friends and connections around the world. Your ability to understand the world from a global perspective will improve with an international internship.

Here Are 7 Global Businesses That Provide Internship Opportunities Abroad:

J.P. Morgan is the Best for Finance

With customers in more than 100 nations, J.P. Morgan is a well-known American business and a leader in the financial services industry. J.P. Morgan currently has a “Paris-aligned financial commitment” in which they have set a goal of becoming carbon neutral and using only renewable energy.

The following internship categories are available: operations, sales & trading, asset management, finance, and human resources.

Pre-internship programmes, summer undergraduate, graduate, and PhD programmes, and full-time undergraduate, graduate, and PhD programmes.

Multiple locations can be found across the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, India, Japan, and South Africa.

An internship typically lasts 10 to 12 weeks.

Paid compensation.

Additional Details: Learn more about the programmes, criteria, application and interview process, and potential roles by visiting the J.P. Morgan employment portal.

BP is the Best For Physical Sciences

One of the top companies in the global oil and gas business is BP, a significant UK corporation. In the future, BP will also place a high priority on sustainability, to be a net-zero organisation by 2050.

Internships of several kinds are available in engineering, science, and business.

Locations: There are numerous locations throughout Asia, the Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East.

Length of internship: Varies per nation. Internships over the summer often last 12 weeks.

Additional Details: Find the ideal internship opportunity for you by looking into all of BP’s offerings. Two interviews and an online application make up the BP application process.

Length of internship: Varies per nation.

Additional details: Find the ideal internship opportunity for you by looking into all of BP’s offerings. Two interviews and an online application make up the BP application process.

Paid compensation. Pay varies depending on the nation.

Google, Best For Technology

Over a billion people worldwide utilise one of the many products that the multinational tech giant Google produces. Consequently, Google becomes one of the most significant tech corporations on the planet, and it comes as no surprise that it provides possibilities for overseas internships.

Product management and technical internships are the available types.

Undergraduate, graduate, and PhD programme categories.

Locations: Numerous places in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and the Asia Pacific.

The average internship lasts 12 to 14 weeks.

All of Google’s internships are compensated.

Additional Details: Check out Google’s internship openings first, then filter them by your favourite location. Be ready for a demanding application procedure.

BMW is the Best In Design And Engineering

One of the top producers of cars and engines, BMW is well known throughout the world. The corporation has numerous offices all around the world in addition to its headquarters in Munich, Germany. Undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students can participate in internship programmes at the BMW Group, which owns Mini and Rolls Royce.

Engineering, business, computer science, and marketing internships are available.

Summer graduate, undergraduate, and PhD programmes are available. Full-time and part-time.

Locations include China, the USA, South Africa, and Germany.

The average internship lasts six months and is full-time.

Paid compensation.

Additional Details: For additional details on all of BMW’s internships, including their programme for foreign internships, browse internship openings and locations, and find out how to apply, visit their Career Internships page.

Novartis is the Best For Health Sciences

Swiss pharmaceutical manufacturer Novartis has its main office in Basel. For everyone interested in medicine and pharmaceuticals, it is one of the most forward-thinking and prosperous pharmaceutical businesses in the world. Internships are available at the Novartis Institute for BioMedical Research (NIBR) for students and recent graduates in the US and Switzerland.

Medical, chemical, biological, business administration, and engineering internships are available.

Summer undergraduate, graduate, and PhD programmes; full-time.

States of America and Switzerland.

The average length of an internship is 10 weeks over the summer in the United States and 3–12 months in Switzerland.

Paid compensation.

Additional Details:  Find open internship possibilities on Novartis’ website, but keep in mind that the company only provides summer internships in the USA and Switzerland.

Unilever is the Best At Marketing

Anglo-Dutch multinational Unilever is a producer of food, beverages, cleaning products, and personal care products. According to the GlobeScan-SustainAbility report, Unilever takes great delight in holding the top spot for corporate sustainability leadership globally.

Marketing, finance, human resources, and information technology internships are available.

Undergraduate and graduate full-time programmes (2-3 year contracts).

Locations: Numerous locations in the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, and North and South America.

The average length of a summer internship is ten weeks.

Paid compensation.

More Details: An internship with Unilever is a serious commitment and a great method to start working in a big-scale worldwide company.

L’Oreal is Best For Management

Almost every continent in the world produces some of the most well-known and readily available personal cosmetics items. A fantastic option for aspiring young management professionals to learn about business and travel is to intern with them. L’Oreal is dedicated to a society free of animal experimentation. Through the development of testing techniques using reconstructive skin models over four decades, they have been able to create items without using animal testing.

Offerings include management, product development, and marketing internships.

Graduates of full-time programmes.

Locations: Numerous locations in the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, and North and South America.

Additional Details: Look at L’Oreal’s Global Internship & Apprenticeship Programs to learn how to secure an overseas internship with them.

Apply Right Away

These are just 7 of the many companies that provide internships to students from abroad. Even though finding an internship abroad is a daunting undertaking, you can locate a position that meets your ambitions with some research and effort.

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