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Top 7 Free Chrome Extensions For SEO Experts

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods are essential for ensuring that marketing is successful in the current digital age. Sixty-one percent of B2B marketers say that SEO yields more leads to their company than other kinds of marketing, such as paid search. Here in this post, you can learn about top 7 free chrome extensions for SEO experts used by the world’s top digital marketing experts.

SEO is successful because it’s organic in its approach to increasing your site’s online visibility and proving the value of your business, and showing your knowledge in the field you work in.

However, the process of implementing and keeping SEO on your site usually takes a significant amount of time and effort. To make the procedure simpler as well as more effective, many companies utilize SEO Google Chrome extensions.

These extensions are software that you can download in the Google Chrome browser to help with SEO strategies such as measuring the traffic to your website, keywords performance, and backlink information. The use of these extensions can help your site visitors, and you get the most value from your website.

Here are the best extensions for SEO to explore in Google Chrome today.

Free SEO Chrome Extensions

If you’re attempting SEO extensions in the beginning or when you’re working on a cost-conscious budget, there’s a variety of alternatives for free that you can try.

1: MozBar

MozBar is a product developed by an SEO service provider. Moz is a popular SEO tool that has over one million downloads in the form of a Chrome extension. You may have heard about MozBar due to its capability to collect SEO metrics from your competitors.

Utilizing the tool, you are able to evaluate a competitor’s domain authority or the likelihood that a site will be ranked on a search engine similar to Google. Knowing which sites are the most trusted can assist you in understanding the factors that make a competitor’s website effective. 

Once you’ve got an understanding of this, you could attempt to implement the same content strategy to your website. You can also look at the keywords used by your competitors and backlinks to determine what’s worked for them.


  • Scores for authority and domains
  • Customized searches by place
  • Highlighted ranking keywords
  • Separation of links that were followed and not followed, as well as both external and internal links
  • The ability to download a search result web page (SERP) analysis in separate files


Free with the option of upgrading to MozBar Premium, starting at $99 per month.

2: SimilarWeb

The measurement of your website’s traffic source is vital to further refine an SEO strategy. Knowing what draws visitors to your site will help you understand what’s working for your site and what methods you should avoid. This SimilarWeb Chrome extension is the most effective tool to analyze your website’s traffic, as well as the sources of your traffic and the rank of your website’s traffic in comparison to your competition.

In the case of the tool, you’ll examine the sources of your traffic coming from, including social media, search engines, as well as referrals and ads. It also gives you an idea of the strategies of competitors.


  • Statistics of traffic on websites
  • Summary of traffic in each region
  • An average session of a user on your website
  • Rankings of websites on different search engines
  • Insight into your competitors’ rankings

3: BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo concentrates on social engagement. The SEO extension displays the number of shares that a page has received on various social media platforms the website has received. These include shares on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Reddit.

Understanding the types of websites that are trending on social media can provide you with an idea of the type of content you could try to increase social interaction and followers. If you see a concept for content popular and you believe it would work for your site, re-creating the concept well can be a great way to draw new visitors to your website.

Additionally, you can check the number of backlinks to a website that will help to determine the authority and credibility of a site.


  • The number of shares of websites on social media
  • Backlink count total
  • Social media trends analysis in the past

4: UberSuggest

Created in the name of SEO professional Neil Patel, this extension is compatible together with Google, Amazon, and YouTube to display crucial keyword information. 

The data include monthly keyword search volume and cost-per-click (CPC) bidding on keywords and information about the competition, such as click-by-click comparisons for sites. This data is available for any search you conduct to see what keywords result in the most traffic to your site.

UberSuggest is especially useful when you are creating video marketing content for YouTube, and you want to learn about trends in video keywords. Once you’ve got the information, you can use keywords in your natural web content or via paid advertisements on Google.


  • Keywords that are trending that are relevant to Google, YouTube, and Amazon
  • Keyword suggestions, such as the headwords and long-tail keywords
  • The latest information on the most popular content to rank for your competition

5: Keyword Surfer

Another commonly-used SEO extension for keyword data can be Keyword Surfer. It works in conjunction with Google results for a search and gives you the keyword information for every search. The data covers factors such as traffic volume, the volume of searches as well as the popularity of keywords by location and keyword suggestions.

The tool is also notable for its editor for content that you can use to make web content using current keyword trends.


  • Search for keywords, the amount of traffic and data on the popularity
  • Keywords and suggestions to optimize your content
  • Content editor to produce web content that is focused on keywords

6: Page Analytics (by Google)

As provided by Google’s own services, Page Analytics shows you important information about your website’s pages, including the average number of users per session, percentage of bounce, the exit rate and a variety of live users at any given time. 

By using this data, you can enhance your page’s layout and enhance the user experience overall on your website. For instance, you could modify the positioning of your calls to action or buttons and banners to places where visitors will be more inclined to click.


  • Web page analytics tools for user usage
  • It is a partner together with Google Analytics to analyze site performance

7: RiteTag

Hashtags are an essential element to the success of social media marketing. The RiteTag Chrome extension is an ideal way to identify the most appropriate hashtags to incorporate into the social media campaigns you are running. It will also increase the amount of engagement from your customers.

This tool can create hashtag suggestions for photos and texts in accordance with what’s current in the market. The tool comes with an algorithm that color-codes hashtags according to their popularity by allowing you to cut and paste the most popular hashtags straight into social posts.


  • Hashtag generator for uploaded photos and text
  • Hashtag suggestions based on the popularity of
  • You can copy or paste hashtags straight into posts

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