Top 7 Fireworks Displays Around the UK

The massive explosions of incredible colours, lights, and their creative effects on the verge of the wide sky are enthralling. That is why we celebrate all big events across all countries, all cultures, and religions with a firework show. The fireworks have become so popular that they are even used to celebrate personal joys, like weddings. The United Kingdom, being home to a variety of cultures, witnesses various celebrations throughout the year. Be it New year’s eve, Chinese new year, Bonfire, Diwali, or Eid; you will experience a broad display of fireworks in the UK. If you are a fireworks lover and want to find out about the best displays around the UK, here is your guide: 

1. Manchester

Manchester is another place where you can enjoy fireworks during New Year’s eve and Diwali. Fireworks Manchester are the spotlight of Diwali in the UK. Diwali is incomplete without lit and colourful celebration in Manchester. Diwali celebrations in Manchester are extravagant. It is a five-day Hindu festival that is celebrated every year. Diwali symbolises the success of light over the night, good over the bad, and knowledge over virtue.

People celebrate Diwali with fireworks, family feasts, and gifts. Every year a Mela is organised at Albert square, where you can find lots of food stalls and events. The celebration with fireworks is another major aspect of the Diwali celebration. When in Manchester around Diwali, you will get so much Asian culture to witness. The new year’s eve celebrations in the UK are worth experiencing. You can witness some of the good firework displays on New year’s eve.

2. London 

There is nothing as beautiful as watching London sparkle in the dazzling Fireworks. Many people from the residing places flock to London to witness its remarkable avatar being draped in colours and lights. London is most famous for the fireworks during New year’s eve and the bonfire. The Fireworks on New year’s eve begin along Victoria’s embankments and south bank parts of the River Thame.

The best places to witness fireworks in London during New Year’s Eve are The Shard, Skylon, Ace hotel, Sky bar, parliament hill, and the Duck and waffle. Moreover, you can enjoy the remarkable fireworks of London during Bonfire in Battersea park, Southwark’s firework nights, Beckkenhem, and black heath fireworks. The colourful fireworks with the tower bridge as the backdrop look like a fictional image. Most of the key spots of London get easily occupied, so it is better to book in advance to witness and capture the colourful moments of new year’s eve and Bonfire in London.

3. Lewes

In short, if you want to witness the best bonfire works of your life, head over to Lewes. That is why Lewes is known the bonfire capital of the world. Every year on November 5, the bonfire is celebrated with zeal and zest. But it is celebrated on November 4 if it is Sunday on 5. On November 5, people celebrate Guy Fawkes day and commemorate the seventeen martyrs of protests during Marian’s persecution. People celebrate Guy Fawkes day with extravagant fireworks.

The fireworks display in Lewes is extraordinary, but the events in the streets add more excitement to it. And they remember the seventeen martyrs by carrying seventeen burning crosses as they were martyr due to their beliefs. In Lewes, you will experience a great show on land and in the sky during the bonfire. Therefore, you can not put Lewes out of the list if you want to enjoy a bright and colourful bonfire evening.  

4. Cardiff


Think of the remarkable explosion of lights and colours over the grand Cardiff castle. The fireworks in Cardiff have an exceptional appeal. You do not have to go to a particular place to watch the best display, as you will be able to watch a great display from anywhere. However, you can watch out for the events that organise explosive celebrations in Cardiff, like in Cardiff golf club and Sophia Gardens cricket ground. The bonfire and New year’s eve are when you will experience the grand display of fireworks in Cardiff. 

5. Cambridge

Every year, Cambridge celebrates bonfire night with extravagant explosions of fireworks in MidSummer Common. It attracts almost 20,000 people to witness one of the most colourful and dazzling nights in Cambridge. Other places to watch out to witness the amazing fireworks in Cambridge are Kimbolton Castle fireworks, Cambourne fireworks display, Linton fireworks, Skylark garden fireworks, and Wilburton recreation centre. 

6. Edinburgh

You will thank me after witnessing some of the grand fireworks displayed on a bonfire in Edinburgh. Edinburgh is the best place to enjoy fireworks if you don’t want to go to overcrowded and suffocated places. Edinburgh will give you a moment to cherish the fireworks in peace. Arthur’s seat is the best spot to watch the best fireworks. It is an extinct volcano in Holyrood Park. It is the top point in Edinburgh that will offer you the visual of ecstasy. 

7. York

If you are in York, you will be able to witness some of the most traditional bonfire celebrations. Kaboom near Castle Howard fireworks is some of the most spectacular fireworks. It is say, Kaboom is North Yorkshire’s very big firework party. You can witness the fireworks on New year’s eve, Chinese new year, Bonfire, and Diwali. So you can visit York to see the fireworks at any time of big celebrations. 

Does the UK use the most fireworks in the world? 

Though there are many places that explode fireworks to celebrate during many events in a year, it is not the country that uses fireworks the most in the world. Many countries like the US import massive amounts of fireworks from different countries, like China, the Netherlands, Brazil, Germany, Poland, and Italy. China is the largest manufacturer and exporter of fireworks. 

Bottom Line: 

Fireworks display adds more beauty to a celebration as they light the sky with colour and designed patterns.  In the UK, the most suitable locations to watch fireworks displays at big events are London, Lewes, Manchester, Cardiff, Cambridge, Edinburgh and York. 


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