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Top 7 Best Spectrum Deals In 2021

Spectrum Charter is one of the leading services brand in the United States. It is also the second largest internet service provider in the country with regard to a coaxial cable type of internet connection. Having that quality or prestige associated with the big service provider is something that does not come without much hassle from the service providers point of view. The company, Spectrum Charter would often have to back up its already existing customers and henceforth attract new customers through eye catching deals and promotions.

However, we have learnt through extensive research of the service providers market that deals and prices fill only the one side of the coin. The other side consists of an entity that is not easily achieved and is highly subjective. The factor we are talking about here is none other than, customer service. Spectrum Charter was one of the very first service providers in the United States to realize this hidden factor that could potentially boost the reputation of the company. So through extensive work and performance evaluations, the company has nearly perfected its Spectrum Customer Service and have been widely recognized as having one of the best services during the better part of last year, 2020.

The Three Types Of Bundles From Spectrum

  1. Internet Bundles
  2. TV and Internet Bundles
  3. Internet, TV and Phone Bundles

If we are to compare all of the above mentioned bundles, then well to be fair the third option of Internet, TV and Phone looks like the biggest costs effective bundle. As we all know that the more things get added to a bundle, the greater the chance of the bundle having an overall lower price than what the total price would be if you subscribed to all the contents of the bundle separately. Get a bundle, it’s the smartest move.

However, you also need to analyze the needs of the household before subscribing to anything, note the things that the household needs i.e. an internet connection with a TV connection and without a phone service.u

Listing The Best Spectrum Deals In 2021

Spectrum Standard Internet

The standard internet plan from Spectrum Internet is the company’s basic plan. It has on offer speeds that go up to the 100 Mbps mark for internet download speed and up to 10 Mbps for internet upload speed. The type of connection in this package is coaxial cable. The promotional price of the plan is $49.99 a month for the first one year and then after $74.99 a month plus no data caps.

Spectrum Internet Ultra

This plan has internet download speeds that go as high as the 400 Mbps mark and then upload speeds that go as high as 20 Mbps. The internet connection is made through coaxial cable wires and the set up cost for the household would be $9.99, which is a one-time cost and is inclusive of self-installation activation. There also happen to be no data caps, as is the case with all Spectrum Internet plans. The promotional price will stay at $69.99 a month for the first one year and will then increase to $94.99 a month.

Spectrum Internet Gig

This is the biggest Spectrum Internet plan on offer from the company and showcases the biggest jump in download speed. With this plan you can avail download speeds of 940 Mbps and upload speeds of 35 Mbps. The type of connection here is again coaxial cable and has a set up cost of $199.99 which is inclusive of a professional installation fee whereas the Wi-Fi activation is completely free. As is with the other plans a modem is indeed included and there are no data caps. The promotional pricing for this plan is at $109.99 a month and after the time period it is $134.99 a month.

Spectrum Double Play Select

The very first bundle on our list. The Spectrum Double Play Select has an internet download speed of 100 Mbps and an upload speed of 10 Mbps. The type of connection is coaxial cable and the set up cost would be $9.99. the promotional pricing for this plan is $89.98 a month followed by an increase after the 12 months pass.

Spectrum Triple Play Select

By triple play, the company is only trying to refer to three of its products. The internet, TV and phone service. If you get this plan you will be availing 100 Mbps of download speed and 10 Mbps of upload speed. You will also be availing the Spectrum TV Select and will also be getting endless calling options. As always, the set up cost will be $9.99. the plan has no data caps in it however the promotional price is $99.97 a month.

Spectrum Triple Play Silver

The plan offers download speeds that go as high as 100 Mbps and upload speeds as high as the 10 Mbps mark followed by a Spectrum TV Silver connection that is made through a coaxial cable based wiring system. Upon that you also get to avail endless calling and no data caps. The set up cost would be $9.99 and the monthly promotional price will be $129.97.

Spectrum Triple Play Gold

This Spectrum plan would have a download speed of 100 Mbps with an upload speed of 10 Mbps. The TV connection would be the Spectrum TV Gold and the phone service would come with an endless calling perk. The wiring would be coaxial cable based and the set up cost would be $9.99 along with a promotional price of $149.97 a month with no data caps.

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