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Top 6 Tips To Secure Your Android Phone

Are you sure that your Android Smartphone is safe? Even if you think so, let me tell you one thing that  Android is not the most secure OS when it comes to security.

According to the report, 30% of Android Smartphone is at risk of just 20+ critical vulnerabilities. Here your Android device faces risks like network hackers, malicious apps, Virus attacks, and so on. Simply, you can say that your entire digital life- apps and confidential data, bank accounts and details, personal contacts and Photos, and many more information are in danger.

So, you see how an Android phone is vulnerable to these security threats. Hence, it is a must to take all the precautionary steps to avoid these security risks on your phone.

If you didn’t follow any security measures in order to protect your phone, then you might run into these security threats. But don’t worry, you are not too late, you still have the option to protect and secure your Android phone. Just read this blog to the end and follow the tips below.

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How To Secure Your Android Phone?

In order to secure your Android phone from hackers, viruses, malicious apps, etc., here I am going to share the best 6 ways to do it. So, go ahead and try out each of the following methods to secure your device.

#1: Lock Your Android Phone:

In order to secure your Android phone, you should always lock your device with the PIN, unique Passwords, or Pattern Lock. This will protect your Android as well as your confidential data and application from the Phone.

But it is recommended that always use a tricky password and pin so that hackers cannot hack your Android smartphone easily. However, you can use a combination of numbers, alphabet, and symbols to lock your Smartphone.

#2: Read Carefully And Accept The Permission Of The Application:

Sometimes, while installing an application ask you to allow the application to access your Smartphone’s camera, media, location, and so on. Some of the users don’t read the direction, terms, and conditions and allow the application to access their smartphone.

If you do the same, then be careful and read the description carefully then if you feel like save then allow the application to access your smartphone. But if you allow the application to access your smartphone without reading the description then you may lead to a problem. Because we store our confidential data on our smartphones, and with the help of those applications hackers hack your media files, voice recordings, and photos from the gallery.

Therefore, it is suggested that before you allow any application to access your Android smartphone you should read the description carefully and allow the permission.

#3: Avoid the links on the message

As we all know, nowadays hackers use links in a text message to hack your device. Every day we receive lots of promotional text messages on our smartphones. That message contains some links for promotion, some links are short & some are log links.

But let me clarify, short links are risky and dangerous for your Smartphones because hackers use those short links to hack the devices.

So, it is suggested that do not open the text message with fraud short links. If you click on the link, then you will lead to a hacking trap. It’s good to avoid those messages or simply delete those messages from the Android smartphone.

#4: Turn Off Your Bluetooth When Not Required

Bluetooth is also one of the sources of hackers to hack your smartphone. With the help of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, hackers can easily access or hack your smartphone with the help of intercepting the Bluetooth signal.

After sharing files from Bluetooth, it is suggested to turn off your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi network. Thus, they cannot connect to your network and you will be saved from hackers.

Note: Try to avoid connecting your cell phones to the public network, Wi-Fi, Unknown Bluetooth signals, or unreliable devices.

#5: Use virtual private networks Rather than Public Wi-Fi networks:

If you are going some ware, whether it is a local coffee shop or railway station, you get lots of open public Wi-Fi networks. And without thinking for a second, we connect our Android smartphones. Yes, we all do, but it is very risky.

Public Wi-Fi is the easiest way for hackers to access your mobile data without your permission. Opened Wi-Fi networks are not safe for your Device.

So it’s strongly suggested to try to avoid connecting your Smartphone to any random public Wi-Fi network. You can use VPN (virtual private networks) to secure your smartphone.

VPNs add an extra layer of security to your internet connection. So it is recommended to use the best VPN for Android to secure your Android phone.

#6: Use Antivirus On Phone

As I already mentioned Android phones are more prone to malicious attacks. Hence, to avoid any such risk with your device, I will highly recommend you to have an antivirus tool on your phone.

Antivirus apps will protect your device from any kind of virus/malware attacks and keep your data safe. However, you cannot rely on all antivirus apps. So, make sure to check if the app is worth trying or not.

There are some of the best Android antivirus apps for Android, such as QuickHeal, NordVPN, Bitdefender Mobile Security, Norton Mobile Security for Android, Dr.Web Security Space for Mobile, etc.

So, go ahead with any of these apps and make your mobile secure from the malware.


In this blog, I listed the Top 5 most effective Tips to Secure Your Android Phone. Android phones are the best way for hackers to access all your confidential data from the Phone without your permission.

But don’t worry after following all the tips and instructions; you will easily secure your Android phone from hacking. Above Top 5 tips not only keep your Android smartphone secure and safe but also keep your Smartphone fast and up-to-date.

Apart from that, you can use VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) which help you secure your internet connection.

If you like this blog, please share this post with your friends and help them too. Or, if you have any questions related to this issue, then do share your query in the comment section.

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