Top 6 Technology Trends in Automotive Electronics For Smart Cars

 We have seen some major transformations in the automotive industry over the past few years. From building cars as a mode of transportation to adopting new technologies for the connected experience.  smart cars are the latest trend in automotive electronics.  that has led the industry towards building intelligent vehicles. 

So what does a smart car mean? If we talk about mobile phones.  the main reason behind building phones in the early years was to ease communication. But later, with technological advancements, experts built phones that could be connected over a network.  and today we call them smartphones. Almost everything is possible through a smartphone.  be it communication, forecasting, money transfer, shopping, tracking, name it, and they have it. 

Thus the same goes with smart cars, and they longer are just a means of transportation.  A smart car isn’t just connected to the Internet.  but it has also connected to software and applications.  that can be modified as per the customer’s needs.  And with new technologies unfolding each day and the latest trends being adopted in automotive electronics.  there has been an increase in automobile makers preferring smart and connected cars over traditional ones. 

What are the latest trends being adopted by the automotive electronics market? 

Well, you will be amazed to know that.  the global connected car market value is expected to reach 225 billion dollars by 2027.  And as the year isn’t that far away.  let’s look at this article which we have curated, listing the latest trends and technologies in smart cars.  that are driving automotive electronics towards the future. 


6 Technology Trends in Automotive Electronics

1.  Windshield with AR Displays

While this may sound a bit unrealistic but trust us when we say it’s already a reality. The modern age cars are already equipped with features like GPS Tracking and Bluetooth.  but the latest trends can give you an unmatched in-car experience. Thanks to Augmented reality.  now car dashboards and windshields can display information about your car as well as its surroundings. With the AR technology!  you’ll be able to know if you’re advancing too fast or if you need to switch lanes in order to avoid a collision time ahead. This is amazing for on-road safety as the person driving the car will always be attentive and alert. 


2. Autonomous driving is synonymous with smart cars. 

Autonomous cars, also known as self-driving.  that mean a car can monitor its surroundings and drive on its own with little to no human intervention. The human involvement in autonomous cars is marked in the form of levels, with level 5 being the topmost level.  At level 5, the car is in full automation mode and can drive independently.  without any human involvement and truly justifies the term “self-driving car”.  An autonomous technology provides the car owner complete connectivity and amenities.  that someone might have at their smart homes like automated lighting, tinted windows.  and the self-adjusting temperature as per the environment.  Not only this.  but it also offers an outstanding music experience to the car owners through satellite stations and much more. 


3.  Super Connectivity 

As smart cars become more connected.  they now come with a digital identity.  that differentiates them from other cars for a personalized user experience. With an id, it becomes easy to determine who can access what data in a connected environment. Not only this, smart car companies can easily track data and notify customers about.  car insurance, user safety, maintenance, and service delivery with the help of a unique digital identity. 


4.  Biometrics is for Smart cars too.

Earlier technologies like fingerprint and face scanning were used only by government officials. But now, every smartphone comes with biometric technology that allows smartphone users to authenticate access to their personal data and other applications with their biometrics. 

Just imagine you have a car that unlocks with your fingerprints or simply by detecting your face. Wouldn’t it be great that you no longer have to take care of your car keys? Not only this.  smart cars have come up with this trending technology.  that uses sensors to monitor your heart rate to provide a personalized driving experience and also protect you from crashing. 


5.  Communication Between Smart Cars

By communication, we don’t mean that you can contact cars in your surroundings and ask them to move aside. It simply means that the cars will be connected through technology.  that will ensure less congestion on roads and a smooth driving experience.

This is an effective means of increasing safety on the road and reducing any kind of accident. For example, your smart car can notify you about a car that’s heading towards you from a blind spot.


6.  Apps & Firmware Updates

We all have used various applications on our smartphones that have helped us in one way or another. Now imagine driving a smart car that has the ability to run powerful apps right at your dashboard. Wouldn’t it be convenient in so many ways?

For example, suppose you have traveled to a completely new city.  And your smart car uses an app.  that gives you recommendations for the best eateries, shopping malls, or popular places in town. You will have a travel buddy for life! 

Moreover, smart cars have come up with firmware update technology.  With this, the latest firmware version updated for your smart car will be automatic.  that will enhance the features of your car.


Final Thoughts 

It’s incredible seeing how automotive electronics is rapidly coming up with new technologies in the industry.  As we all are aware of the fact that cars account for maximum carbon emission.  And thus coming up with proposals that make the earth green.  at the same time enhances the on-road experience should be the prime concern of automotive engineers. 

And we know that the technological advancements in automotive electronics do come with heavy price tags. But with an increasing number of the population showing interest in smart cars, the hopes are high that there will be a time where technology will be inexpensive and efficient for users all across the globe. 

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