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Top 6 Psychiatry EMR Software For Mental Health Practices

What do you need from Psychiatry EMR Software? 

If you manage a mental health practice, we’re sure you’ve observed several areas where you could undoubtedly enhance. From more efficiently organizing appointments to reducing some of the less time-consuming tasks on your list, such as sending appointment reminders to clients. In this article, we’ll discuss the 5 best EHRs for Psychiatry so that you can relax and focus on your patients rather than always juggling administrative tasks.

Our list includes the best EHR for small Psychiatry Practice. We will also outline the features that are needed by mental health practices so without further ado let’s get into that!

Psychiatry EMR Software

From patient scheduling and charting to billing and claim filing, psychiatry EMR software assists practitioners with the technical and administrative elements of their practice. It provides both cloud-based and on-premise EMR Systems options. Users can choose to save their information on a company database or in the cloud.

Practitioners and doctors in small or large organizations feel uncomfortable and regret choosing their EMR software for the practice as they see it as inefficient and they consider it to be a hassle to use. The problem however never lies within the EMR software but the main problem is the choice.

Practitioners choose EMR software that is not suitable for their particular practice. The choice of EMR software is an integral part of the process. Similarly, for a Psychiatry practice, doctors should choose an EMR system that has been specially designed to cater to the needs of Psychiatry heal service practitioners.

Main Features of Psychiatry EHR Software

  1. Billing tools: Psychiatrists have unique techniques that must be followed for both internal and external billing purposes. A good psychiatric EHR & PM software solution must give extensive billing capabilities, similar to what mental health EMR software does.
  2. Psychic Templates: SOAP note templates for anxiousness, substance abuse, bipolar OCD, schizophrenia, suicidal depression, delirium, mania, psychosis, eating disorders, and other conditions must be included in the best Psychiatry EHR Software.
  3. Note Management: Psychiatrists frequently want immediate accessibility to old notes to recall earlier encounters. A psychiatry EHR should be able to link performance notes to the medication regimen directly, and it should be able to retrieve notes quickly.
  4. DSM-IV Diagnosis codes: This function is required in EHR software to promote analysis of psychiatric practice trends and care quality. These codes also assist physicians in determining the right care plan for their patients

Top 6 EMR Software For Psychiatry

  1. CureMD

When it comes to psychiatry EMR SOFTWARE, CureMD is frequently mentioned. Because it includes a variety of functions to fulfill the demands of therapists, it is one of the Top EHR apps for mental health. Substance abuse, drug management, diagnostic assessments, and individualized case management are among the top characteristics of CureMD. These tools aid therapists in reaching their objectives. CureMD pricing starts at $195.00 per feature, per month. They do not have a free version. CureMD does not offer a free trial.

  1. Dr.Cloud

Dr.Cloud EHR is a nicely structured EHR Software that is popularly used in the psychiatry health industry. It’s a cloud-based EHR platform with remarkable workflow-streamlining potential as soon as it’s turned on. One of the most well-known features of DrCloud is its patient history tool. Its key features are patient scheduling, medical templates, and billing. 

  1. Kareo EMR

Kareo EMR is one program that cannot be overlooked while discussing psychiatry health software businesses. The telehealth function of Kareo EMR is one of its most well-known features. It enables you to have virtual client meetings through video conferencing. SOAP Notes, Coding, Reporting, and Billing are just a few of Kareo EMR’s great capabilities.

  1. Counsol EMR

As the name says, Counsol EMR is a very famous EMR program on the market for practices about mental health and psychiatry. This software’s features were specifically designed to cater to activity in these sectors. One element we’d like to highlight is the intake forms and models available through Counsol EMR. You have a lot of choices and can pick and choose what you want to do. pricing starts at $44.95 per user, per month. is a HIPAA-compliant solution. This allows users to easily document sessions with templates built into the system for treatment plans, progress notes, and more. It is a top-rated vendor for solo medical providers as it enables users to file insurance claims, process credit cards, and send secure messages to individual clients or groups.

Once you go live with this practice management solution. Then, you are assigned a dedicated account manager who helps your practice for the duration of your membership.

  1. TherapyNotes

Therapy notes name alone indicates that this software is focused on mental health-related services. Because it is so specialized for this particular area of specialty, it is one of the best EHRs for psychiatric health. This EHR offers it all, from billing to documentation to a patient portal. Patients appreciate the patient portal function since it offers them control over their treatment and, among other things, when to plan their next session. It also includes medical templates and billing solutions.

  1. AdvancedMD

The last software on our list of the best psychiatry health EMRs for 2021 is AdvancedMD. This program also includes a number of useful functions. The dashboard function of this software helps you to seamlessly move through the software’s many capabilities without being puzzled or frustrated owing to lag time. The title AdvancedMD is well-known in the EMR industry for a reason: the module is superb.

To know any of the software more, you can book a demo like AdvancedMD demo for each one of them on FindEMR.

Final Thoughts!

We want you to make your own choice about which software to use now that you’ve reviewed our list of the Best EHR for Psychiatry. For any software you’re interested in, we recommend studying as many reviews as possible. Another way to pick software is to look over all of the possibilities and then compare them to the characteristics you want in software so you can pick the best option for you.

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