Top-6 Most Elegant Summer Flowers In India that are Commonly Available

The beauty of the flowers can grab the attention of anyone instantly and also spread beauty and fragrance around us. But do you know guys every season comes with their signature flowers? Yes, you can find different flowers around you in all the seasons. So, it’s more important for you to choose the best seasonal flowers for your loved ones. Now spring is crossing, and the weather is slowly changing into the summer.

Are you all excited to know about which are the best summer flowers that bloom during this season? If you want to know which are the best summer flowers that you can bring home or gift to your loved ones, read this article. Here we have listed for you the top summer flowers that bring prosperity and happiness into your loved one’s life. 


Lily is large, often fragrant, and comes in a various range of colors including yellow, white, oranges, pinks and purples. This flower is flowering in late spring or early summer. Such flowers can thrive in extreme temperatures, without any effort. The plant has a smart way to avoid the loss of excess moisture by allowing its leaves to dry out while keeping the flower’s main plant intact. You can also buy flowers through online flower delivery in Chennai and delight your dear ones on their special day. 


Marigold is one of India’s most-loved summer flowers. They come in various colors, from yellow to golden. In India, it is primarily used by people for wedding floral decoration and religious ceremonies. It is not a flower you will see as part of the bouquets of flowers. This does not make it any less of an option or a secondary option, however. The flower is used as a medicinal plant, it keeps away the pests and is also used as a coloring agent for food. These flowers are also best for your loved ones that you can send them on any occasion with your best wishes. If you want to keep your plants safe from bugs and rodents and don’t seem to be able to find a good way to do so, plant a marigold near them. It’s a repellent against natural pests.


Roses also bloom in summer and are the most beautiful flowers. These flowers represent the meaning of love, reverence and gratitude, and it has a unique feature of expressing your emotions that thousands of words can’t explain. The plant can be susceptible to disease and pests and need high maintenance. If you want to breathe in the fun scent of roses in the next summer season, you need to take good care of it. These flowers come in red, yellow and white, and bring a colorful cheer to your garden. Apart from that, you can also send red roses online to your love and express your love feelings and make them feel very special.


Lotus is a popular water bloom and is India’s national flower. They are usually available in shiny pink and white shades. One of the lotus’ characteristics is that its petals open at dawn and gradually close from afternoon to evening. It is a beautiful flower that will add to any garden in a fun and colorful way.


Black-Eyed Susan is commonly called the herb, consisting of yellow to orange petals with a dark brown to black center. Gloriosa Daisy thrives well in warm climates and grows up to 3.5 feet tall. So, if you are looking for the best flower for your loved ones, then you can choose the bouquet of daisies. These flowers marked with a yellow center that means true love and best for your first love or a new relationship. So, send flowers through online flower delivery in Gurgaon to your loved ones and make their special day more memorable.


Zinnias are certainly among the most natural flowers for anyone to germinate and grow directly from seed, whether just beginning or experienced in gardening. Their simple culture, heat resistance and vibrant mid-to-late summer series, blooming hard while spending other annuals, make them worth exploring for. Zinnia can be a favorite of the butterflies, keeping a prideful place in your summer garden. Across a variety of environments, Zinnias grow well and look fantastic whether it is in a greenhouse, jar, or window box. Zinnias are also very common as cut flowers, because of their beautiful shape and vibrant colors.

These are the most stunning summer flowers that bloom in India and also the best flowers for all occasions. You can also deliver flowers online to your dear ones on their special day if you live away from them. 

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