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Top 6 Countries To Celebrate Christmas Around The World

Christmas is not just a celebration, it's an emotion.

Christmas is not just a celebration, it’s an emotion. We all celebrate Christmas because it’s been our tradition for years. We celebrate Christmas to spread happiness, unity in diversity, love, and brotherhood. Just like other festivals, this festival or celebration has so many ways to celebrate around the world. Every country has its own way of celebrating Christmas. Some countries do fireworks, some countries do rock concerts, some countries make special delicacies and many more. People go for a vacation to celebrate Christmas with a special one, friends, and family. So if you are also planning for a vacation at Christmas. You must go to any of these counties, about which I am going to tell you all you can send Christmas cakes online. There are many more countries, whose Christmas celebration is very popular around the world. But today, I will tell you about the six countries’ Christmas celebration. These are my favorite countries for the Christmas celebration. I assure you, you guys will thank me after coming from your Christmas holiday. Because you all will experience one of the best Christmas of your life. It will be memorable for the rest of your life. 


The first one is in London. I am sure you must have heard a lot about London Christmas. And yes, London’s Christmas cake is also very popular around the world. Here you can do so many things that will make your Christmas filled with memories. Before telling you all about anything, let me tell you first. Here you will experience the actual Christmas weather, all those snowfall. During Christmas London, it looks like Santa Claus village. Here you can see so many things at Christmas. You can see the biggest Christmas tree on Trafalgar Square. If you love to go and attend midnight mass, you can go to Westminster Abbey. There are so many things to do, which is impossible to describe in words. 


Paris is one of the most romantic cities and the capital of France. I assure you, till the last breath of you, you will not forget the lighting of Paris during Christmas. This city spreads only love and love. It’s Paris, so it’s obvious that here you can do numerous things, during Christmas. You can see the most beautiful lighting here at Christmas. You can do window shopping here. If you are in Paris during Christmas, you can’t stop yourself from window shopping. You can do ice skating, you can see one of the best Christmas fairs here. And yes, definitely join the Christmas service in Church during Christmas. There are numerous things to do here. But don’t forget one thing. Don’t forget to give a Christmas bouquet to your love. So order flowers online in Paris just like you order in India. 


So many of you who don’t know, then let me tell you, during Christmas, you feel hot weather at Christmas. Because there is summer during Christmas. For children, Christmas brings special happiness and fun packages. Because their summer vacation also starts. Here you can do a lot of fun during Christmas. Like you will experience Christmas choral singing on Christmas Eve. You will experience superb lighting, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. You will see decorated beaches, etc. 


Japan is truly rich in a culture like other countries. If you want to see the real Christmas in Japan. You should go to Christmas Eve, instead of Christmas Day, especially with your soulmate. Because here, Christmas Eve is one of the most romantic days. Here people do not celebrate any religious festival, here people celebrate Christmas for spreading happiness and love. Here Christmas Eve is like Valentine’s Day, so don’t forget to online cake delivery

New York

New York Christmas is also very popular around the world. Especially it’s, The Rockettes, The Nutcracker, Christmas market, Bryant Park, Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, and a lot of more than it.


Amsterdam is already so much popular in couples. But here Christmas more popular than anything. Here you can feel the vibes from the Christmas market to the street.  Here you will get a chance to experience the WinterParade and much more than it.

There are many more countries in the world, whose Christmas is world-famous. I have shortly described the things that you will experience here during Christmas. Because if I will describe everything here, then your fun and excitement will spoil. Nothing will be a surprise for you.  So now, choose the country among above mentioned, pack your bags, and get ready to live the one of the most beautiful Christmas.

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