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Top 5 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic in 2022

Are you finding ways to generate traffic on a blog? Then I have found 9 amazing ways to generate traffic to your blog.

So many people start their blog and write good quality content but they don’t know how to generate traffic on their blog.

When I was a Beginner I also thought this but after researching so much I found some amazing ways to generate traffic on a blog,

So today I will share those all ways with you so you can also generate more traffic to your blog,

Let’s start without wasting any time,

Ways to generate traffic on a blog

Ways to generate traffic on a blog

1. Traffic From Social Media

Friends you listen correctly you can generate tons of traffic from social media to your blog, This is an amazing way because many of the top bloggers drive initial traffic from their social media.

How does it work?

Nowadays, driving traffic from social media is so easy.

When You write a good post and after publishing it you can create a short reel about that topic and you can promote your blog post through reels of traffic.

Because Instagram just launched their reels features so it’s easy to get thousands of traffic from reels.

Other than Instagram you can also write a short guide on platforms like Quora, medium, and LinkedIn.

Also, You can collect all traffic and store that into Facebook or telegram groups and whenever you publish a post you can share that into your groups and you can generate initial traffic.

Note: If you want to generate traffic from social media then you can provide a free consultation to get more visitors to your blog, I know calendly is too costly but there are so many alternatives like typdical which I use.

2. Write About Your Industry’s Top Bloggers

This is an amazing way to generate traffic on our blog, I usually use this when I create this blog.

Because see You are a beginner you don’t have initial traffic to drive on your blog but the top bloggers in your niche have a good amount of visitors and members in their groups.

How does it work?

You just have to write about the top bloggers in your blog and when you write on them, and share it on your social media, and tag them.

When they say they like it, they will share that article in their groups.

All the members of their groups all visit your blog and you can store them through “allow notifications” after that whenever you write a new post the members of that group visit your blog regularly through notifications.

3. Write guest posts on other blogs

This is also the best way to generate traffic on a blog. There is a third way in this you have to write a good quality blog post and send it to your similar niche blogger, when he/she uploads that and gives you a link they are all quality traffic that visits your blog.

How does it work?

This is the best way to generate initial traffic to your blog. In this way, you just have to write a good quality blog post(According to your niche) and you have to send this post to a similar blogger,

You can also ask him/her, “ Are you accepting guest posts?

And when he/she says yes then send them your high-quality written article and tell them to give you a do follow the backlink to your similar post.

When he/she Publish that post on their blog then, their visitor reads that post and they see that link, and when they click they will jump into your website.

So you can do this to generate high-quality traffic to your blog.

4. Drive Traffic from the youtube channel

Again this is also a good method to generate high-quality traffic to your blog. When you write a good post you can also create it into a video and publish it on your youtube channel and you can generate good traffic.

How does it work?

This is the simplest way to generate high-quality traffic to your blog.

You Have to play a trick here!

Let’s say you have written a good post and you have written about 10 ways to rank on google.

So now you have to create a video on it but in the video, you have to reveal only 5 or 7 ways and at the end of the video you can say “hey if you want to know more ways then you can visit my this blog post” using this trick you can generate good traffic from youtube videos.

5. Generate traffic by solving people’s problems

This is an amazing way to generate quality traffic to your blog,

In this method, you have to just answer people’s problems, which means there are so many people sticking somewhere and if their question is related to your niche you can solve that and suggest them to join your group and visit your blog post to know more.

How does it work?

This is the simplest way to generate traffic for your blog,

You can find thousands of questions on forum sites like Quora, you can pick the questions and start writing their answer.

Also, you can use Twitter for it because I have seen lots of times people ask about their problems on Twitter also so you can also use Twitter to drive traffic to your blog.

6. Conduct giveaways to drive traffic

Some so many bloggers use this way and generate a lot of audience by conducting giveaways.

In this method, you just have to invest some money or you can partner with the brands in your niche. You can give amazing gifts in a giveaway and return, you can store that audience in email or groups, or social media.

How does it work?

In this method, you have to conduct a giveaway and you can give some prizes and in return, you can say to your audience “follow my all social media handles and join my group to win the giveaway”.

In this way, you can store quality traffic in your email database or groups.

And Now you have initial traffic to drive on your blog.

7. Invest in ads

This is only a paid method and all other top 6 methods are free to generate traffic to your blog.

In this method, you have to invest some money into ads and you can generate lots of traffic from ads.

How does it work?

In this way you have some basic knowledge about Facebook ads, google ads, or bing ads or you have to know how to run paid ads.

If you know that then you can promote your blog posts through paid ads and generate a good amount of quality traffic to your blog and also you can store this traffic to your groups and email database.

8. Use Catchy Blog Post Title

The title of your blog post is the first impression of the whole post. A catchy title will always attract readers.

Catchy titles lead to more clicks, which leads to increased traffic.

Let me show you an example.

Your blog post title is the first thing people see when they visit your site. To get the most traffic from Google, it is important to make it interesting and clickable.

The title of your blog tells your audience what you covered in the whole article.

You will rank higher in SERPs with catchy blog titles that increase your organic CTR.

We all know that higher search rankings mean more traffic to your website.

Here are a few tips you should follow when writing blog titles that will attract visitors to your site:-

You should use numbers in your blog post titles. This will make them more appealing and clickable.

  • Your blog title should include your focus keyword. Search engines will see that you have written an article on that topic.
  • Use powerful words such as top, best, amazing, fast, etc. As a result of those powerful words, the reader becomes curious about clicking on that title, and you get immediate website traffic.
  • Your blog post should be readable and easy to understand so that users can easily understand what it is all about.

9. Start YouTube Channel

There’s real potential with YouTube channels if you use the correct strategy at the right time.

What are some ways to get traffic to your website quickly by creating a YouTube channel?

The elixir of digital marketing is YouTube. For building a genuine community within your niche, you should take advantage of this amazing platform. Start your own YouTube channel and share whatever you are good at.

Why you should use YouTube to promote your blog or website?

It increases your conversion rates. It increases your audience’s trust. One of the emerging platforms for becoming famous. Make yourself a brand with your YouTube channel.

You can get an audience over to your website from Youtube in two simple ways.

  • Create a video form of your text content and diversify your YouTube audience to your website and other social channels by putting your blog description in your YouTube videos.
  • Using your videos, promote your blog post content.

10. Choose the Best Social Share Plugin

To attract social media traffic to your website, you should use the best social plugin. This will encourage your visitors to share the content on social networks.

The following are the top social plugins that you should use if you want to increase your website traffic:

Social Snap is an example of such a plugin. It lets you monitor how your audience shares and views content. It provides you with full stats and lets you manage the way your visitors share and view content.

Social Snap Pro has the following benefits:

  • Compared to other Social Sharing WordPress Plugins, it offers advanced features.
  • It provides high performance and is fast
  • Counts can even be shared via Click Tracking.

11. Create a Google My Business listing for free

Google My Business allows you to manage your business’s visibility over Google Local Search. You can add your business name, location, and hours to it.

In addition to monitoring your customer reviews, you can find out where and how your audience is searching for you, and increase website traffic fast.

The following are some benefits of listing your business on Google My Business

  • You can use it to show up in Google Maps searches
  • It allows you to appear in Google’s local search results
  • Your Visitors will trust you more if you use it
  • Your trust is boosted by good ratings.


So, friends, I have used these 11 ways to generate traffic on a blog. And most of the methods are free so you don’t have to invest your money to drive traffic.

If there is any question in your mind then feel free to ask in the comment box I will surely reply and solve your query.

If You like it this way then you can share this with your friends.

Indrajeet Singh Ranawat

Hey, I’m Indrajeet Singh Ranawat, A Part Time Blogger, YouTuber, Affiliate Marketer, And Founder Of UniqeBlog.Com. A Guy From The Crowded Streets Of India Who Loves To Eat, Both Food And Digital Marketing.

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