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Top 5 Trending Ideas for Your Café and Co-Working Spaces

People love to spend their free time in a comfortable and cozy café, but they can also spend their work hours in your café, how? This can only become possible when you remodel your café interior design and transform it into a co-working space. Yes, a 2 in 1 co-working café will surely prove to be the best combo because it will have all the facilities that a person could ask for in a co-working space. These services mainly include coffee, refreshments, comfy armchairs, and Wi-Fi.

A co-working café will bring more business as compared to a café as it will be ideal for customers like freelancers, online workers, entrepreneurs, and new business startuppers. Students will also find a co-working cafe convenient for their group studies rather than a café or restaurant. Moreover, a co-working café will help you make more money because the co-working customers will get hungry or crave coffee while working.

Top 5 ideas for your 2 in 1 café & co-working space

Here are the top 5 trending ideas for your café and co-working spaces.

1. High-Speed Wi-Fi, Phone Booths, and Printers

If you are transforming your café into a co-working space, then you must have strong and high-speed Wi-Fi. As almost every member of your co-working café will be working online and will surely need fast internet and a bad internet connection can easily ruin the image of your co-working café.

Set up a few private phone booths so that the customers can take their phone calls in privacy without disturbing anyone else. And don’t forget to buy some high-quality printers and place them together on the corner table for common use.

2. Individual Desks

We know that long tables are usually used in co-working spaces and they are very much appropriate as well as advantageous because they save a lot of space. However, individual desks are very trendy and in fashion for co-working spaces. Go with the trend, and get some individual working desks along with the long working tables. These separate desks will be comfortable for the customers who are not in groups and need some privacy. Make sure that these personal desks are provided with charging stations.

3. Particular Field Spaces

Instead of a common co-working space for everyone, upgrade your co-working café and make separate spaces for different niches and industries. Maybe you can specify each table for a single category and separate them visually by the glass or wood shields. For example a table for entrepreneurs, one for freelancers, one for students, and so on. You can further categorize the niches or increase the number of tables as per the number of customers and requirements of a field. This particular field co-working space idea will help people with similar minds sit together, discuss their ideas, problems, and give each other new and innovative suggestions and solutions.

4. Separate Meeting Rooms

A co-working space is an office for your customers and it must have a few meeting rooms. Set up a few separate meeting rooms with tables, chairs, and a lockable door (for privacy) so that your customers can easily arrange meetings with their clients. You should also consider creating a collaboration space for your customers. Furnish and organize it with a center table, comfy couches, sofas, and suitable lighting. You can create a collaboration space in the open air for natural lights and a fresher appearance.

5. Bring in Special Offers & Self-Booking Services

In this business, you sometimes might get stuck with customers who will never order and be working there for hours. So, bring some special offers every few days like, special discounts for the customer who buys a lot or has your membership, or some free small treats for such customers. This will surely make everyone buy more and more from your café.

Make an app for your co-working café to make self-booking and self-ordering easy for your customers. They can effortlessly pre-book their favorite desk and coffee from your app to avoid any inconvenience in the future.


Upgrade your café interior design today and make easy money in the slow hours by transforming a simple cafe into a co-working café. Design your 2 in 1 café and co-working spaces by following the above-given top 5 trending ideas for creating the best co-working space for your customers.

Perhaps, you get the idea about the significance of design by now. However, now your concerns are for the next step and it is also as crucial before taking a new step. 

Yes, fixtures and lighting might help in boosting the mood, but what about the success stories?

 The success storyboard can bring the best inspiration for the employees. You can plan it as you like it. For example, add some success stories from well-known people and also include the ones from your own company. 

Additionally, the idea of standing workspaces is also circulating …

It is because sitting for the whole time is quite hectic. So, creating the spaces where people can chat, work, stand, and also create their own private space might impact hugely on work productivity. 

Ultimately, the idea is worth trying and if you have the top reputed Interior Fit Out Companies in Dubai to work for you, it can go a long way in helping you have a better environment. So, time to get up and do some homework to redesign your office and inspire your employees for better reasons and get the results of your choice from your business and employees. 


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