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Top 5 Traditional Indian Folk Art Paintings

Passed from one generation to another over successive generations


If you would like to decorate your house with Indian paintings, you should be aware of top-class Indian paintings. Traditionally, there are many types of Indian painting styles. If you hang top-class Indian paintings, you will be able to get appreciation from intelligent and artist experts. Each different type of Indian painting represents a distinct type of customs, traditions, and ideologies of different Indian regions – passed from one generation to another over successive generations. Following, we have written the top 05 famous types of Indian paintings that will attract the attention and admiration of experts:

1. Madhubani Paintings

Madhubani is one of the most famous Indian folk art paintings. The Madhubani paintings have their origins in the Mithila region. Madhubani paintings became common when British Colonial William G. Archer embarked on a journey to inspect the damage caused by the Bihar earthquake. The beauty of Madhubani relies on its evocative and simplistic portrayal of traditions and culture. 

Madhubani paintings have amazing symbolic images, geometrical patterns, and scenarios from mythology. It will increase the aesthetic beauty of any room of your house – be it the living room, dining room, or bedroom. 

Madhubani Paintings

2. Phad paintings of Rajasthan 

Phad is a distinct type of Indian painting that tells a story. It is a scroll painting from Rajasthan. Artists paint the stories of heroes and local deities on horizontal cloth scrolls in different colors. Normally, they utilize orange, yellow, and red colors. In phad, artists depict adventure stories, battlefields, romance tales, and various other richness stories of Indian princely states. Folk Art Paintings of India has a huge history.

The phad painting style is an artistic piece that you can hang in your room. It is the most beautiful form of art that will increase the beauty of your living room. 

Phad paintings of Rajasthan

3. Miniature Painting Art of Mughals

Miniature painting style arrived in India in the 16th century. Experts identify miniature painting of the Mughals area as one of the most important milestones in the Indian history of art. It grew into a distinctive style that combined Persian, Islamic, and Indian elements. The painting uses natural stone colors on a distinct paper-based canvas. Artists undertake miniature painting on the wasli. They use different mineral colors, conch shells, silver, gold as well as precious stones. 

Miniature Painting Art of Mughals

It is so much famous that there are different local schools of miniature paintings in India such as Deccan, Malwa, Pahadi, Mughal, Kangra, etc. 


4. Warli Paintings

Warli Paintings are the 2500-year old traditional paintings of India. Maharashtra is the area in which Warli paintings originated. There is a close association between social rituals of a society/tribe and nature in the Warli paintings. 

Warli Paintings

The Warli paintings communicate the daily activities of the local community and their daily activities such as praying, hunting, dancing, farming, etc. 


5.Mural Paintings

Mural Paintings

The traditional mural paintings of Kerala are a fine art of skill and creative excellence. 

The Kerala Mural has its roots in Kalamezhuthu, the tradition of drawing on the floor, using colours.

Murals are generally done on freshly laid or freshly limed walls. The main characteristic of mural painting is that it gels well with the architectural elements of its base surface. These murals are painted in a very organized and specific manner, each body part has a specific measurement. The colors used for painting them are vegetable dyes and other natural pigments.



India is a country with diverse cultures, languages, and civilizations along with distinct enchanting Indian folk art. There are multiple types of Indian paintings, which are prevalent across many regions around the world. Hang some of them in your house, and increase the aesthetic appearance of your home. Visit www.indianartzone.com to explore incredible Indian paintings online.


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