Top 5 Style Tips for the Skinny Guy

Are you the guy who has narrow shoulders, a tiny chest, and thin legs? Don’t worry, you’re an ectomorph. This is just your body type. This doesn’t literally mean that you’re not eating enough protein or you’re lazy. Ectomorphs are just people who have super-fast metabolisms and lean, straggly muscles. 

An ectomorph is just a person who is having a difficult time putting on fat or muscle mass which can lead to you feeling a bit stressed out throughout the summer months when it appears like everybody else is transpiring in their physique.  


Although there are dozens of style guides out there for men who have let themselves go, you will have a hard time looking for advice for your undernourished peers. In this article, we can’t really help you grow taller or stack on the muscle. However, we can help you with some simple tricks to add to the delusion of size, particularly when it’s not there in the beginning. If you think you are one of these guys and need advice on how to dress like a big guy, then you may want to consider this guide.  

Wear Slim Fitting Tailoring 

 Don’t overthink that this will just flatter your shape but if you’re going to a formal event, you may want to maintain your tailoring slim fitting. This will provide you with a cleaner silhouette and give the appearance of a more personalized fitting. Whatever you do, just make sure your suit fits you appropriately. You don’t need any bagging in the trousers and don’t go for the suit jacket to look big. If you’re in love with skinnier fits then you can also get away with a skinny fitting suit. 

 Wear Crew Necks 


Here’s a secret: avoid V-necks at all costs, especially ones with a more dramatic scoop. Remember that you don’t have large pecs to show off and that’s fine even if you did, we can’t really suggest that you show them off.


The good news is, crewnecks can save you and give the appearance of squared shoulders and complement a narrower frame much better than scooped necks. 

 Stay Away From Baggy Clothes 

 Wearing baggy clothes can be the biggest mistake you’re making as an ectomorph. Yet, it’s one of the things that most men do. You may try all you want to cover up the lack of body mass with baggy shirts and jeans, but those will only hide your great features too.  

Baggy clothes make you look even thinner than you are already. At first glance, people can still see that you’re skinny, but they are not able to get any precise proportions beneath all that drapery. You will only look thin and insecure at the same time. 


Since you’re an ectomorph, just wear slim fit jeans with a distressed look instead of baggy jeans that only come down your hips. If you wear baggy jeans, you would need to adjust your belt so tight that it will make unpleasant chaos around your waist area. 

 Skinny distressed jeans are always in fashion, so take advantage of the trend. Don’t misinterpret us, baggy shirts have their own place. Aside from being extremely comfortable and stress-free, you can still have a lot of style options available. Don’t easily just go for the default choice. A super tight fitted T-shirt won’t give you any cool points either, but there is a joyful medium here. 

 Try considering this, most men don’t have to stick out forearms. It’s usually the upper arm and chest that receive all the pumps. You may wear a long-sleeved button-up shirt and roll the sleeves back to just underneath the elbow and look like everybody else with an average build. Also, you may leave some buttons undone at the neck. You can still show a little skin without revealing your biceps, chest, and shoulders.

 More Layering  


It may sound reasonless during the hot summer months to wear multiple layers of clothing, but you may succeed in your sense of fashion with a touch of nicety and the correct fabrics. Layers are great for day trips, lengthy stay outings, and unexpected weather conditions. You can add one or two layers of clothing that will create a little touch of padding to your body. If you do this correctly, you won’t have to look like you’re putting effort to cover up anything either. 


The technique here is to make sure that each layer is suitably fitted for your body.Menswear, in general, is also about mixing different layers that are properly tailored for your body. Although this may appear like a Jedi level style game, the rewards are worth the extra mile.

 When it comes to tops, begin trying a body-conforming vest. We are referring to a tank top shirt that fits comfy to your body. It’s cotton and lightweight. However, the material isn’t that much but it is going to cover the exact same places that you need to build up. 

 Once you find the best vest, you can put a crew neck T-shirt, polo shirt, or button-up shirt on top of it. Soccer jersey shirts are nice since they’re usually made of 100% polyester, which is a little heavier than cotton. If you’re going to the gym or to an athletic outing, you may try wearing form-fitting leggings underneath your shorts. 

 If not, just wear trousers or shorts that fit you amazingly. Don’t wear anything too loose or too tight. Try looking for heavier textiles such as polyester blends or linens but you need to be mindful always of the climate.

 Flatter Your Physique 

 The classic V-shaped upper body has been the ideal ever since–broad shoulders and chest with a reduced waist. Yet, it’s still hard to achieve this goal when you’re a skinny guy. Some of you may have already chased that ideal body type for so many years, but it might be best to embrace and accept your own physical proportions. 

Doing little changes to your wardrobe may help you find ways to complement your own special physique. Here are some things you need to take note of:  

  • V-neck collared shirts are not for small chested men 

  • Crew neck shirt is your go-to outfit (should have a medium fit that will hug your upper body in all the right places.  

  • Crew neck shirts hide the inadequate bulk in your upper chest and instead gravitate attention to your other strong physical qualities including your thin waist and charming smile. 

  • Crew neck shirts with short sleeves drop around mid-bicep and make your arms look well-shaped without revealing too much of the upper torso.  

  • Avoid old shirts that flare out at the sleeves as the fabric breaks down over time, keep them for the days when you’re just sitting around the house. 

  • Make sure that the shirts you use in public maintain their elasticity. 

  • Your lower body should complement your height and not your girth (tracksuits or jogging pants tapering at the ankle)

  • Avoid super short shorts at all costs because they’ll show off more of your thighs. 

  • Don’t draw too much attention to your upper legs if you’re skinny.  


Ectomorphs can achieve amazing muscle definition and tone in their arms, even with some light workouts. If you work out several days a week with bodyweight exercises or free weights, then you may instantly go sleeveless at the beach. If you lack in mass, you can make it up for in the definition of your muscle groups.

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