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Top 5 Places To Visit in Romania

Romania is a country of history, art, and culture. Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is home to many churches and castles. The country is famous because of its beautiful landscapes and breathtaking castles. Romania comes under the continent of Europe and it is the 9th largest country of Europe. The country is the most recommended place to visit by the visitors as you can visit the country with beautiful spots at an affordable price. So if you are planning your trip to Romania, you will discover various excellent value for money things. There are various shopping malls that offer many beautiful and finest quality things at really affordable prices. Keep reading to discover the top 5 places to visit in Romania.

Peles Castle

It is one of the top attraction spots for visitors in Romania. The castle is constructed with the stonework of ornate and lustrous glass windows that reflects the beauty of the lush greenery of the garden. The castle looks extremely intimidating at first glance and the inside artifacts will surely take your breath away. Peles Castle covers almost 150 rooms with a magnificent garden and has a huge and enticing collection of the most decent artwork, ancient collectibles, shiny armor, and admirable weapons. You can average 4 hours to 5 hours in the ancient beauty of Peles Castle.

Palace of Culture

In the city of Lasi, you will find the most beautiful place in the city, the Palace of Culture. The palace comprises 300 rooms having the dimensions of 400,000 square feet and constructed four different museums in the palace. The museums are distinguished into four different categories: Science, Art, History, and Ethnography museums. Palace of Culture gives an enchanting view, both inside and outside. You can spend 5 hours to 6 hours in the delightful Palace of Culture. Book your tickets to Romania on American Airlines Reservations for booking tickets at an affordable price.

Bran Castle

One of the strongest yet marvelous castles, Bran Castle, located in the Brasov Country, Romania. This is the famous castle among all the other castles in the world. Bran Castle is famously known as the Dracula Castle. As you have read the famous book about vampires, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and as there were very few castles at that time and only Bran Castle fits in the story of Dracula, Bram Stoker had marked this castle in his story. When the book rose to fame, so did the castle. So, this is the must-visit castle if you are planning your trip to Romania. 

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The Red Ravine

In the city of Sebes, there is an extremely beautiful and eye-catching geological reserve in Romania. The area is home to the red quality sand dunes that formed due to pebbles, gravels, sandstones, and quartz sands. The sharp and penetrating appearance of the mountains has been formed due to erosion runoffs. In the monsoons, the ravines form a deep and drenched look because of the flowing river alongside. You can spend almost 3 hours to 4 hours in the fascination of The Red Ravines.

Painted Monasteries

It is the most wonderful place to visit in Romania. The walls of the monastery are painted beautifully frescoes with rich ancient color. The sceneries of many religious arts are hanging on the walls such as Jesus, Angels, Demons, Saints, Hell, Heaven, Prophets, and many more. It was once built to convey the story of the Bible that would be accessible by nearby villagers. You can spend 1 hour to 2 hours in the gracefulness of Painted Monasteries. Book your flight tickets on Southwest Airlines Reservations as it offers amazing deals and discounts.


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