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Top 4 Practical Health Benefits Of Consuming Sorghum Seeds

Sorghum is currently the fifth most avidly grown grain crop globally, and there are excellent reasons for that. Firstly, sorghum is gluten-free, nutritious, and even tasty, so why would not people grow it? There are thirty different species of sorghum seed available, and this crop is native to the subtropical and tropical regions of the planet. However, most sorghum is cultivated to feed animals or for being processed into other secondary products such as syrup and alcohol. There are also a couple of variants grown and harvested for human consumption primarily because of the health benefits of sorghum. But what are these health benefits? Let’s find out.   

  • Excellent Source Of Antioxidants

Sorghum seeds are filled with numerous phytochemicals that act as different antioxidants in the body. These antioxidants include anthocyanins, tannins, policosanols, phenolic acids, and phytosterols. Even the bran layer of sorghum seeds can offer more antioxidants than other nutritious fruits such as plums, blueberries, and strawberries. Therefore, consuming sorghum seeds or even using them as an ingredient with other dishes can help lower the risk of cancer, heart diseases, neurological diseases, and even type II diabetes.

  • Gluten-Free Grain

Consuming wheat-based products regularly means consuming gluten. Gluten has often been linked to the cause of a severe allergy called celiac disease. It can be challenging to find gluten-free products as almost every food item has gluten. However, if you genuinely want to go gluten-free, then make sure to try some sorghum, as many experts recommend it for its gluten-free properties. Eating sorghum from a prominent supplier such as S&W Seed Co means choosing a grain that comes with no widespread side effects such as nausea, inflammation, gastrointestinal damage, and more.

  • Protein

Protein is vital for ensuring the healthy functioning of the human body. Sorghum seeds are known for being an excellent source of protein, with numbers suggesting that a single cup of sorghum seeds can provide about 20 grams of protein which is more than enough to suffice the daily protein requirement of any bodybuilder. Consuming an appropriate amount of sorghum seeds can be helpful for anyone looking to build muscles. Apart from that, the concentration of protein found in sorghum can simultaneously stimulate cell generation and promote weight loss.

  • Better Digestion

Conditions like constipation or gas can be a big hassle for anyone, but fiber-rich sorghum seeds can be great for tackling such issues. A single serving of sorghum seeds has about half percent of the daily fiber intake quantity recommended by the experts. Hence, consuming sorghum seeds means the digestive tract is moving, ultimately helping prevent constipation issues. Other than that, this can also help lower cholesterol, regulate the blood sugar level, avoid the formation of kidney stones, and more. 


Sorghum seeds are certainly gaining a lot of popularity because of the practical health benefits offered by this grain. As people are looking for better and healthier food, sorghum can be used to make healthy food available to all. Whenever buying sorghum seeds, make sure to purchase from a reliable dealer such as S&W Seed Co.        

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