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Top 4 Must Have Kitchen Appliances for Easy Cooking

Kitchen Appliances

Cooking meals for your loved ones or yourself can only be enjoyed if you have got the right tools and kitchen appliances in your pantry or storage. Some meals require a lot of preparations beforehand making it a tiresome ordeal, but with the multipurpose range of kitchen gadgets, you can achieve the perfect meal in less time.


Several imported and locally manufactured kitchen appliances in Pakistan are available in the market out there for instance Dawlence, Brawn, Black and Decker, Philips, and many more. A lot of customers’ concern is the manufacturing and assembling of the kitchen gadget, as to whether it is made in Japan, China, or Germany. Consumers usually prefer appliances that are affordable and durable at the same time. However, for the first time in Pakistan a new brand called “Reason”, has introduced its sleek and extensive range of kitchen appliances which can also be purchased from their online store at exciting discounts. 

The Reason seems to be a promising brand in Pakistan that offers the latest yet affordable technology with innovative designs, ensuring that you enjoy your cooking experience every time. Today we bring you a short guide to which kitchen appliances will make your cooking experience more fun and stress-free. 

2-in1 blender and dry mill

No kitchen can be complete without a blender and dry mill. In Pakistan, professional chefs, home, makers, and amateur cooks, all prefer to roast and grind spices for their secret spice mix to attain the exact taste they wish for. We would recommend the Reason’s 2 in 1 blender and dry mill; an ultimate solution to achieve finely ground spices without the fear of making a mess in the kitchen. The dry mill is capable to grind all sorts of hard materials for instance coconut and nut-meg. 

The blender will allow you to create yummy smoothies, juices, and shakes in just a couple of minutes. Moreover, the blender and dry mill both have different levels of speed functions to acquire the desired consistency of smoothies, shakes, juices, and powdered spices. 

Some chefs complain of kitchen items that have sharp edges and are difficult to wash, thus leaving behind food particles for bacteria to grow in them. But with Reason’s large-sized bowl and removable stainless steel blade, makes washing and cleaning an easy task. Moreover, this kitchen appliance is sleek in design, so it won’t take up much space in the pantry. 

3 in 1 juicer blender

An all-in-one kitchen gadget is a dream come true for all chefs and homemakers. Almost all kitchen appliances brands in Pakistan have a multifunctional model. But the downside of these appliances is that they have too many parts and attachments making it difficult to assemble and store. 

The 3 in 1 juicer blender is currently available at Reasons online store at a discounted prices of Rs. 4149  is a multipurpose appliance providing up to 8 functions such as grinding, grating, slicing, chopping, kneading, and whipping. The design is super sleek and handy which will look sophisticated when placed anywhere on the kitchen counter. This is a dream gadget for all cooking experts and even beginners.

Save your precious time with a food chopper.

A chopper is a lifesaver for all chefs and knife experts. There can be seen several brands in the market for kitchen gadgets in Pakistan, but only a few brands offer great quality and sustainability. So put aside all of your sharp knives as Reasons’ chopper is a 2 pulse food processor, to shred, chop and slice vegetables, meat, and spices for you to cook effortlessly. The 2 pulse function allows for minimum time and effort to quickly prepare your meal. 

The sleek and intelligent design of this kitchen equipment allows easy storage in the kitchen. Therefore, all efficient kitchen appliances are those which are designed for easy and quick assembly. 

Out of all the kitchen items, a food chopper is a must-buy for easy food preparation and cooking delicious meals. 

Electric Kettle – a smart and advanced technology


An electric kettle is a common kitchen appliance that everyone has in their home. It’s such a useful item that you can even find one in offices and stores now. It is used to make a quick hot cup of tea, or to boil water instantly in a couple of minutes. 

Many online stores in Pakistan are also selling these electric kettles at low prices; however, it is observed that the quality is slightly cheap. Amongst all kitchen products, we suggest you buy this one from Reason’s online store called the “Pour Electric Kettle RK-3001”. 

The features include the heat resistance and anti-slip grip handle of the kettle. Which allows easy pouring from the spout into any size and height of cup or mug. The outer body of the kettle is made of stainless steel. Which allows easy cleaning and the body remains stains-free and hygienic at the same time. The inner body of the kettle allows easy cleaning and provides contaminant-free flavor.  

There’s also a LED light at the bottom of the kettle to indicate when it starts boiling water. And when the light turns off it means that the water has been boiled and is ready to use.

So save your time with these electric home appliances in Pakistan, when it’s time to cook meals or prepare tea for guests.

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