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Top 4 Factors to Consider When Buying Door Locks

Every 26 seconds, there’s a break-in in the US. This equals 2.5 million break-ins per year! What’s even more worrying is that over half of these occur in homes, so if your home door lock isn’t fantastic, it’s about time you purchase a new one.

But not all door locks are created equal. How do you know which types of door locks are right for you?

In this article, we’ll discuss 4 factors you need to consider when buying door locks.

1. Security Level

Naturally, you’ll want the most secure door lock for your front door. For all other interior doors (such as your bathrooms and bedrooms), security isn’t as important; so long as you can lock the doors and get privacy, that’s fine. So in those cases, you don’t want to be spending an excessive amount on door locks.

It can be beneficial to ask the door lock dealer about each type of lock and what their security levels are like. Ask questions like, “what are the features that’ll keep you safe?”

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2. Your Household Needs

The needs of your family will also determine which door locks are right. For example, if your loved ones have mental health issues, anti-ligature hardware can be helpful in preventing them from harming themselves while in the bathroom.

Or maybe you use a particular door a lot more than all the others. In this case, consider getting something like a mortise lock so it’s more durable.

3. Prices

It’s important to get good-quality door locks, but you probably don’t have a limitless budget. So comparing door lock prices is a must.

However, don’t just take the prices at face value. One might be very cheap but will only last an average of 5 years, while one that costs a little more will last double that time. Make sure you look up the lifespan of each type of lock to ensure you’re getting the most value for money.

4. Get a Smart Door Lock if Possible

Every day, we’re coming out with new smart home technology that not only makes things safer, but also more efficient.

If you’ve already got smart home technology, then adding smart door locks is a good decision. You can connect it to things like your hallway lights and thermostat so you’re never cold and in the dark.

So if you’ve got the budget for it, we highly recommend installing smart door locks. At the very least, you should have one for your main door.

Keep These Things in Mind When Buying Door Locks

Admittedly, buying door locks and looking at door lock features aren’t the most exciting things to do. But by knowing what to consider, you’ll have a much easier time picking out the right door locks for your needs and budget! And once you’ve bought the right locks, hopefully, you won’t have to go shopping again for a long time.

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