Top 4 Classified Websites to Give Your Business a Boost in the UAE Market

The method of classified advertising is changed many years ago after arriving on the internet but it took many years to grab the market. Newspaper advertising is still alive and many big brands are using it to promote their business and, indeed, newspaper advertising works well for brands but if you are a small business owner or don’t have a huge marketing budget then where you will go to promote your business? Here, online classified advertising is coming.

As we all know, the UAE is one of the leading markets in the world and many people do business by targeting the country. But we don’t have the idea that free classifieds sites are the biggest market place in the UAE. People use to follow these websites more than television ads or newspaper ads. So, if you can utilize the classified websites in the UAE then you can easily give a boost to your business without investment or a very small investment.

Here are the top 4 Free UAE Classifieds


When the topic comes to free classifieds in the UAE, Dubizzle is the king. Almost every people in the UAE use Dubizzle and it has millions of traffic every month. Believe me, if you can utilize the website, you can give a big boost to your business by only investing your time. The website has started in 2006 and by the time it has the highest engagement in the UAE. Near about 90% of people has an account on Dubizzle.

Dubizzle has both, free or paid options for users. If you want to get results faster, then you can go for a premium membership or you can continue with the free option. With great user experience and a wide range of categories, it can be the best place for you to sell your services or products.


If you are a regular user of the internet and heard about classified sites then definitely you have heard the name Locanto. When the topic comes to world classifieds, Locanto is the king. It’s available in 60 countries. It has a wide range of categories, even more than Dubizzle and millions of traffic every month.

Locanto also has free or paid both options. You can select based on your needs. Here you just need to register and post an ad that’s all.


Bazinga is the most junior member in the world of UAE classifieds but still, I am keeping in on the 3rd position. Why? Because it’s the fastest-growing classified websites in the UAE. Bazinga started in 2019 but don’t go with the age. They are now the leading free classified websites in the UAE with a lot of features.

Bazinga does not provide a paid option for the users. It offers only free ad posting but if your ad is up to the mark then you will get premium ad placement for free. Also, the website focuses on the safety of the users. You need to verify your mobile number before entering the site.


Aventura is not new but not old like Dubizzle or Locanto. It’s around 5 to 6 years old and it just recently launched in 7 more countries.  Aventura is specially focused on user car selling and not so useful for business promotion. They also have free and paid promotion options for the users. As it has a free option also, so you can make a try to utilize it.

The above mentioned 4 websites are running and ruling the classified market in the UAE, so if you want to promote your business in the UAE by investing very less, then these are the ultimate solution for you.

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