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Top 15 Tips To Get YouTube Video Views

All YouTube content producers are constantly thinking about how to increase their videos’ YouTube views. You might not understand the significance of earning views on YouTube if you are a YouTube beginner. According to YouTube’s Partner programme, you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of video views to start making money off of your YouTube videos.

Each day, 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube, and there are over 5 billion video views. Given that YouTube is the best medium for uploading videos, the rivalry has been growing in all genres. Let’s learn in this blog how to get YouTube video views naturally.

The Top 15 Tips To Get YouTube Video Views

If you want to increase the number of views on your YouTube videos, follow these suggestions, which are always in style:

Produce original content

This is one of the key elements in increasing YouTube views. It can be difficult to create YouTube video that no one else is creating. But doing that will enable you to increase your YouTube views. YouTube users are constantly seeking out fresh content. Therefore, start by giving your YouTube channel a distinctive name.

The process of creating material for YouTube that will provide value is among the best.

As a result, if you want people to watch your YouTube videos, you need to provide them compelling reasons to visit your channel frequently.

Make series out of your YouTube videos.

Why should your videos be compiled into series? Well, this is one of the easiest ways to increase your YouTube views. If someone is watching your video, the playlist will automatically transition to the next video after it concludes. Try producing videos in series as opposed to one at a time.

A playlist should not have videos that are unrelated to one another because your viewers will perceive this negatively. In fact, consider producing a series of videos with parts 1, 2, 3, etc. People will also watch your channel often to find out when the next segment of that playlist will be released. To increase the number of YouTube views for new videos, create buzz about them on social media.

To increase views on YouTube, publish SEO-friendly material.

One of the best search engines is YouTube, which is owned by Google as you may know. You must use keywords in your YouTube title, description, and tags if you want to improve search engine optimization.

YouTube title

When viewers click on your video, this is one of the first things they see. Your title should therefore be succinct, straightforward, and contain keywords. You will undoubtedly get more YouTube channel views if your video is ranked.

YouTube description

The video description field on YouTube allows you 5000 characters, or around 800 words, to describe the contents of your video. Study and take note of the descriptions and titles of your competitors’ videos first. Try to use the same keywords in your video description after that if you want to outperform your rivals in terms of YouTube views.

YouTube tags

Although your audience won’t see your video tags, it’s important for YouTube to know what your video is about. Additionally, if you still want to add tags that are visible to your visitors, you can do so in the description of the video. Avoid using a lot of tags as YouTube may not take them into account at all. If you do not want your video to be removed from YouTube, you should instead include pertinent tags to the description of your video. Additionally, you can utilise software like VidIQ to search relevant keywords for your YouTube account and your videos.

Collaborate with YouTube content creators

Are you trying to figure out how working with other YouTube content producers would help you get more views on YouTube? Well, you could show up as a guest on a video made by one of your rivals and discover how they create their content. You can also collaborate on content creation, publish it to your YouTube channel, and receive immediate YouTube views. Additionally, your rival or the other creator with whom you worked on the project will get more YouTube channel views. Thus, it is advantageous to both of you.

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Make use of YouTube end screens and cards.

How are you going to keep YouTube subscribers interested? Here are a few quick and easy strategies to promote your YouTube videos for nothing and get more views on your older films.


When watching a video, the YouTube card shows up in the top right corner. In order to attract viewers’ attention and boost views of your prior videos, you can add a related video title there.

Close window

When the end of your video is approaching, the end screen shows. In windows, this also displays associated videos. You may increase YouTube video views by using any of these two methods.

If your video is about to end, the end screen will show. Also displayed in windows are associated videos. YourYouTube video views will rise using one of these two methods.

Embed your videos in blogs

You can embed your videos in the blogs on your website if you keep one. This is a simple method to advertise your videos and increase traffic to your YouTube channel.

You can permit other bloggers to incorporate your films into their blogs as well. It’s a simple method for boosting YouTube video views and free video promotion.

Add a timeline to your video description.

Do you want Google search results to include your YouTube video? Are you interested in learning how adding a timeline to your YouTube description might increase views? That is doable, for sure! In the description of your video, you must include a timestamp or timeline. Not everyone searches Google while looking for information instead of YouTube. Your video will appear in Google’s search results if you include a timestamp. This is another method for increasing YouTube video views and expanding your video’s viewership.

Promote your videos on social media to get YouTube views

One of the best strategies to get more YouTube video views is by doing this. Promoting your YouTube videos on social media is a free way to increase views. One of the methods to increase views most frequently employed is this one. Now let’s discuss how to promote your videos more creatively:

Post a sneak peek to social media to engage your followers.

Many YouTube creators share excerpts of their videos or a link to their channel on social media. So the question is, why will people go to YouTube instead of Instagram or Twitter to view your video? To start, only publish the most relevant portions of your video on social media in order to attract YouTube channel subscribers.

Short videos can be shared on social media once you have a sizable YouTube subscriber base. Then, encourage your family and friends to share the link to one of your YouTube videos on their social media accounts.

Take part in dialogue

Comment on others’ remarks. A question might have been posted, for instance, on Quora or one of the social networking sites. By leaving a comment with the URL to your YouTube video, you can respond to their inquiries. It goes without saying that your YouTube video should be pertinent to the subject you’re addressing.

Contact influential people.

Make an effort to connect with influential people who are part of your specialty and have a sizable following. Your YouTube videos will undoubtedly receive more views if they are promoted. Your YouTube channel will be considered a brand if they are advertising you. All it takes is a little research to find influencers in your desired niche to increase views.

Use individualised thumbnails

The YouTube thumbnail you use serves as a visual summary of your videos. Keep in mind that not all viewers will find your video through YouTube searches. They might click on the links that you and your friends shared or those that you personally post on social media or your own website. Although YouTube lets you create your YouTube thumbnail, you can choose one of the stills from your own video. In your thumbnail, try to use keywords. You may also look at the keywords that your rivals are using to increase the number of views on their YouTube videos. You can then incorporate those keywords into your thumbnails, titles, and descriptions to remain competitive on YouTube.

The thumbnail of your film should contain pictures and the title. But keep in mind to utilise pictures that define the setting of your videos. Avoid misleading your viewers in order to get more views on your videos. For instance, if you are offering fitness advice, avoid including imagery of health and fitness in your video to increase YouTube views.

To give the YouTube thumbnail a unique touch, you can also add your own photo while customising it. Additionally, it will make your videos easier for people to recognise. Avoid using any phrases or images that might be against YouTube’s rules.

Enticing headings

The title of your YouTube video requires extensive pondering, just like your thumbnails do. Your headline should be attention-grabbing and educational so that your viewers will read it. The two main elements that will aid in your YouTube view growth are your title and thumbnail.

You want your viewers to believe that watching your video would be beneficial to them. Keep in mind that your competition includes a lot of videos. Therefore, you need truly write a title that will leave the viewer thinking that they will profit from your film if you want them to stop watching.

Appealing titles

You must perform extensive brainstorming while coming up with a title for your YouTube video, just like you did with your thumbnails. The title should be attention-grabbing and educational in order to draw readers in. The two main elements that will contribute to your ability to increase views on YouTube are your YouTube thumbnail and title.

You want your audience to believe that watching your video will be beneficial to them. Keep in mind that your competition includes many of videos. Therefore, if you want viewers to stop watching your movie, you must actually write a title that will give them the impression that they will get something from it.

In your videos, be more precise by using numbers. You might share advice on how to get better at presentations, for instance. Learn the top 6 tips to 100% increase your presentation skills, for example. Talk about numbers and try to be creative. Your YouTube views will undoubtedly increase as a result of this.

Informatively share causes and advice. Take the case of posting product reviews. Write “Top 10 reasons to purchase the brand-new iPhone.”

Search for “recommended videos.”

Are you considering how to get views from suggested videos? You just need to research your rivals, then. In the title, subtitle, and YouTube tags of your video, include keywords. Still unsure about how this will work in your favour? Since you used the same keywords as your competitors in your title, description, and tags, your video will appear in the “recommended video” while viewers are watching the video of one of your competitors. The SEO on YouTube operates in this manner. To maximise views on YouTube videos, it is crucial to research your competition.

At a certain time, upload videos to YouTube.

How can I access YouTube?

Do you know the ideal timing for YouTube video uploads? What time should you submit videos on YouTube to get views? If you are a YouTuber, you may have looked up the answer and found hundreds different timings. Unfortunately, YouTube does not specifically inform you when to submit videos that will help you acquire YouTube views on your YT channel.

Try to improve your YouTube videos’ Google ranking.

The top YouTube video does not guarantee that your video will be ranked first on Google. For instance, if you search for “advice on Minecraft” on YouTube, a video will appear in the search results, but not always the same video will appear when you search for the same terms on Google. What algorithm will Google use to rank YouTube videos?

Saying the keywords in your video is all that is required. Around 4–5 times might be used for the same keyword in your films. The title of your video can then be uploaded to YouTube as a transcript. The content of your YouTube videos will be easier for Google to grasp as a result. One of the finest ways to increase YouTube video views is through this.

Adjust your session time.

If you want to monetise your YouTube videos, we are aware of how essential watch time is to you. Therefore, you must receive YouTube video views in order to reach 4000 hours of viewing time. It’s okay to pay attention to the watch time, but you also need to be aware of the session time.

A user’s time spent on YouTube after seeing your video is referred to as their “session time.” Thus, if a user exits YouTube after viewing your video, it shortens the time that user spent on your channel.

Your session duration increases if viewers stick around on YouTube after watching your video.So that visitors will continue to watch your videos, you must be sure to upload your greatest videos to your channel page.

Get featured on the YouTube home page with your video

If your YouTube video is featured on the site’s home page, you’ll get more views on it. It’s understandable that you might believe it would be challenging to get featured on YouTube’s home page. It is not particularly tough, though.

In general, YouTube’s home page features two sorts of videos:

  • latest videos
  • Trending videos

Immediately after uploading a video to YouTube, all you need to do to increase your YouTube views is to share it on social media. Within two hours of uploading a video to YouTube, you should have views!

Thoughts for the end

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