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Top 15 Android App Development Trends for 2022

Android devices have covered several noticeable milestones since their launch in 2008. It has redefined the mobile industry. Market research points out that the expected growth in volume along with shipment over a 5-year CAGR might stand at 2.4%. By 2022, the value is estimated to reach around 1.41 billion.

In this post, we shall discuss some of the top trends in smartphone apps to offer android assignment help in the following paragraphs. Let us not waste any time and move forward.

Chief App Development features for Android in 2022

  1. Android Instant Apps

Instant Apps are new as users do not need to download Apps to try them. One can access them over cloud platforms and operate seamlessly like a website. Hence, you can save memory space for your portable smartphone. Google has launched different new features for developers working on Android platforms. Now, users can tap on an app without installing them on their device – thus removing unwanted apps that take additional memory.

  1. Motion Layout

This app helps you manage widgets and motion animation within the app. Its striking features include Coordinator Layout, TransitionManager, and property animation framework. The MotionLayout app functions like a support library with backward compatibility to API level 14. The app offers hassle-free transitions within XML.

  1. APM and EMM

The goal of enterprise mobile app development is to reduce the slowness of a mobile app. Its basic elements include EMM or Enterprise Mobile Management and APM or Application Performance Management. Both these features provide android assignment help online security, safety, and efficient data flow throughout mobile devices.

  1. Kotlin Multiplatform

The built-in libraries in this platform let you reuse multiplatform logic over-familiar and platform-centric codes. Multiplatform programming reduces the time taken to write codes over antagonistic platforms. Developers using these platforms also reap the benefits of flexible native development.

  1. 5G Technology

The latest generation in online connectivity is 5G technology, which offers exceptional speed and improved performance. Its 100 GBPS speed ensures high data transmission speeds with featured apps that increase optimum business performance. You can learn more about this latest technology by fetching android programming assignment help from the experts.

  1. Google Assistant or chatbots

Chatbots are growing in demand, and it is expected to rise further in the upcoming years. Its unique potential to resolve customer queries using A.I. algorithms is priceless for any business. Hence, eCommerce sectors and other small businesses are opting for chatbots to improve their services. These chatbots also help mobile app services meet customer requests like transportation, online shopping, or food delivery services.

  1. On-demand applications

Since the pandemic in the early 2020s, people have shifted their preferences toward on-demand applications. On-demand apps can meet the requirements whatever the requests, be it healthcare, grocery, retail, travel, or hotel booking. If you are wondering – how will I do my Anthropology Assignment Help on time? You can try using on-demand apps for education for your convenience.

  1. Android Jetpack

Developers can create top-quality apps with help from tools, libraries, and directions from the Jetpack suite. The Android Jetpack lets you focus on your creativity by simplifying elaborate tasks. In addition, the system helps deal with backward compatibility and app management problems using architectures and support libraries. The android programming help expert Google offers all these features in four distinct categories – foundation, architecture, behavior, and user interface (UI).

  1. Augmented Reality

Improvements in immersive technologies like VPS or Visual Positioning Systems and AI-powered AR or VR are taking android app development to the next level. Augmented reality helps specify and identify the visual characteristics surrounding the user.

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Nowadays, developments in science and technology have opened new avenues for A.I. One can experience the contributions of artificial intelligence in the different spheres of life. A.I. has helped reduce human errors by minimizing manual labor. Thus, artificial intelligence has increased accuracy and emerged as a cost-effective solution for mobile app development. A.I. has strengthened data security and decreased cases of cybercrimes like data thefts. Smart A.I. based features like voice translators and chatbots are the cutting-edge trends in app development.

  1. Blockchain Technology

Recently, there has been a demand for blockchain technology across different industries. Estimations point that, by 2024, the mobile app development market seeking android assignment help for blockchain will rise to USD 20 billion.

  1. Touchless UI

The next level of technological advancement post-touch screens is the touchless UI. Applications with voice recognition features or gesture implementation enrich the app-user experience. Touchless UI is also accessible for the physically disabled and the aged population. Voice recognition software backed with A.I. lets users access their options and preferences.

  1. Developing apps using low codes

Earlier, app development was complex and took time to complete. In addition, it involved long and complicated codes that were tedious and often difficult to track. But technological advancements have introduced app development with fewer codes. This improvement has reduced the chances of unwanted errors and spearheaded the app development process.

  1. IoT or Internet of Things

Nowadays, most electronic and multimedia devices connect to the Internet, which has opened doors for developers and users. Statistics claim that the IoT market will reach a value of $1.6 trillion by 2025. There are already several applications of IoT-enabled technologies in different industries from healthcare, education, e-commerce, and so on.

  1. Beacon technology

The Beacon platform from Google is improving location-oriented searches and making it practical for the customers. This innovation uses BLE or Bluetooth Low Energy mediums that transmit a unique ID. It also uses a functional GPS navigation system, and using it in the app makes it affordable and increases sales.


App development is here to stay with limitless promising real-life applications. If you’re hoping to join the android app development sector, no better option is available now. Get access to multiple opportunities for a brighter tomorrow.

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John Millar is an android app developer working at He offers Management Assignment Help to students who find it challenging to learn to program. John has completed his Ph.D. from a reputable university in the US. In addition, Millar works on various topics and distributes his knowledge to his students.

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