Top 10 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring Packers and Movers in India

Planning to move from one city to another in India? If yes then you need to hire professional packers and movers, who can help you to relocate from one city to another city without any hassle. Whether you are looking for professional packers and movers in Delhi, Gurgaon, or Bangalore, you need to hire a legitimate relocation service provider for smooth, safe, and hassle-free relocation in India.

You have to be very careful while choosing the best packers and moving for relocation of your home. But you do some research about packers and movers company in any online directory website then you will figure out the right one. You will never hire a company that has so many bad reviews and a bad reputation in the market. Never ever hire inexperienced persons to handle your belongings for moving. Hire those packers and movers who have licensed, insured, and experienced.

You might be aware that the complex relocation process is simplified with professional help. Thanks to Packers and Movers in India, you can make the moving and relocation process simpler with the helping hands sharing the burden of shifting from one place to another within India and sometimes different locations within the same state.

Why should you hire professional services?

The advantages of Hiring professional relocation services include

  • Saving time and money required to execute the relocation process.
  • Taking care of the documentation processes that are required to legally carry out the relocation process
  • They will have the staff required to pack, load, and unload the goods without damaging the goods. Also, the staff are trained and experienced to handle the packaging carefully and appropriately
  • They would own a fleet of trucks or would have tie-ups with truck owners to handle the moving services effectively.
  • Best Packers and Movers make use of advanced technology like GPS tracking which will help them track the progress of your belongings. Also, they will give regular updates to you.

However, all this and more is possible only if you hire the Packers and Movers carefully. How can you do it? Let us consider them

Top 10 questions that help choose the right packers and movers.

As mentioned earlier, you might have understood that hiring professional packers and Movers is indeed the right way to make the move hassle-free. But, in the same light, you must also choose the right or rather the Best Packers and Movers. However, it is not as simple as browsing the net and choosing the packers and movers near you. You may still go a step further and may consider the cost of moving or the reviews and make the choice. But this might not be quite enough. Now, you might wonder how to choose the right packers and movers? You must ask at least these 10 questions to ensure you will get services that are appropriate for the cost you pay. Let us consider the questions

  • Are you packers and movers with registration and license? – This is to ensure that they have the legal documents that are mandatory to carry out the moving business In India.
  • How many years of experience you have in the relocation industry? – A track record of at least 3 years will ensure that the Packers and Movers have handled moving services effectively and with zero damages.
  • Do you have a physical office? – This is indeed the online era. Therefore, some packers and movers may refrain from having an office. But, having a physical office will increase the reputation and trustworthiness of the service provider.
  • How many trucks do you have for shifting the goods?- This will give you a fair idea as to whether they have their own trucks or they outsource or rent them. It is better to choose the services of a company that has its own truck for transportation.
  • Can you provide some references? – A legitimate company will provide you with the reference when you request it. Contacting their customers would let you know the quality of services you can expect.
  • What are the terms and conditions of your company?- Do not assume! The terms and conditions are different for each service provider. Therefore, ensure that you go through the terms and conditions. Also, ask them to elaborate on the points that are not clear.
  • What are the documents that you will give me before the moving day? – Professional Packers and Movers will hand over the agreement, goods transit insurance, moving itinerary, and the estimate. Ensure that you have received all the documents as specified by the moving company.
  • Will you provide a written agreement?- A legitimate company will provide a written agreement. If a company hesitates to give a written agreement, it is a red flag and is indicative of relocation fraud.
  • What are the rates of the relocation services?- This has to be finalized just before signing the written agreement. Also, ensure that there would not be any other additional costs other than those specified and agreed upon.
  • How is the cost of moving services calculated by your company? The Packers and Movers Cost are determined based on different aspects such as the distance involved, the size of the move, etc. But, they should be able to give a breakup of the costs. This will ensure that the customers understand that it is fair pricing.

All in all, you will be able to access the best packers and movers offering customer-oriented services that would help you make the relocation simple and hassle-free. You will soon be writing a positive review for the packers and movers who helped you with the relocation.

I am sure this set of the above questionnaires will help when you looking to hire any packers and movers in India, you will get ideas and knowledge about dealing with movers and packers in India. These questions will help you hire professional packers and movers companies and I hope you end up by booking professional packers  and movers servicea provider in india for your relocation needs from one to another in India.

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