Top 10 proven ways to get sponsored on Instagram

Here are ten proven ways to get sponsored on Instagram

Many reasons exist for wanting to be an influencer on Instagram and Facebook in 2021. This is a lucrative profession. Each sponsored post averages $300. Some pros make as much as $25,000 per publication. Anyone can do it. You don’t have to travel the world doing exotic things.

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So why isn’t everyone doing it? It takes time. This could be a great career path for people who love social media. But patience is key! Here’s how you can get sponsored on Instagram.


First, you need to identify your business niche. This could include anything, from fashion and sports to cooking and languages. This will make those interested in the content stick with the influencer.

The topic of the account should match the brand’s marketing style.

You can create a theme by unifying the style of posts and the overall design for the business account.

Be specific. Each sponsored post should be unique and distinctive. This will encourage people to stop scrolling down their feeds if they recognize the brand or blog. provides you best instagram services at a reasonable price.

Keep it consistent. People will trust you if they see the same branding on many posts.

It is good to have a blog or website that follows the same design guidelines. This will help the user appear more trustworthy than if they have only one social media account for a business.


It is important to grow your fan base. This helps to establish one’s brand as serious and results in more sales if done correctly. The account should be consistent with the content it posts. This will ensure that most people who follow it share many common characteristics.

Engaging with your audience is a key way to do this. Even if the comment is a simple message, answer it. You can interact with them via polls on IG stories or allow them to ask questions and then answer them live in a session.

Once you have a large fan base, gather demographic information from the “Insights” and “Audience” tabs. You will find all their location, age, gender, and more information.

It is easier to convince potential sponsors that a partnership can reach its target audience when you have all of this information.



Use hashtags and geotags to reach a wider audience and show your account to the world. These tags will make your content more discoverable to a wider audience. Studies show that these tags increase engagement by 12.6% compared to posts without them.

There will be many, some with millions of posts and others with just a few. You are more likely to stand out if there is less competition.

Tagging brands is another important technique. It is smart to upload a photo or video of the product and tag it. This will allow others to view the content, and those who follow the brand can see it. If the content is truly great, the company might reshare it with its entire audience or even contact the user to discuss a partnership.

#4. Polish the Look of Your Feed

This is a must-have. A cohesive feed will demonstrate professionalism to clients. Clients will be more inclined to follow accounts if they feel connected. This is how Instagram sponsors are attracted to you. provides you best instagram services at a reasonable price.

This is the way it should be done:


Choose a topic. You can choose to focus on memes, cats, or babies.

Select a mood. You can choose from pastels, bright colours, or dark shades.

Harmonize the entire design. The brand palette should be in harmony with the chosen mood.

Good filters are essential. Some people prefer certain filters over others, such as Valencia and Hefe.

#5. Get Brands to Take Notice of You

Tag them in a post to show your interest and get you paid to post on Instagram. It should be easy to identify brands that might be a good fit once the niche has been defined. If the account is focused on training and exercising, it could be possible to reach out to gyms, fitness brands, athletic clothing companies, and other related businesses.

#6.Post often

However, account owners should experiment with what works for their audience. While some may like to see new content multiple times per day, others might find this excessive.

This will help people not forget about you. This will show potential sponsors that you are not interested in low engagement. provides you best instagram services at a reasonable price.


Add your main information in a few words to the bio. Bullet points are a popular choice because they make reading the information easy. This is an advantage of social media. Sort the data by importance. You should also include contact information, such as an email address, blog or website, so people interested in partnering with you can easily reach you.



It is possible to make a deal with brands and get paid for your Instagram posts. It is best to start small, as they are more open to collaboration to grow their business. Then, you can start to contact larger brands.



Understanding how much you are worth before pitching potential partners is important. You can avoid this by weighing in various aspects such as the number of partnerships previously formed, the size of those brands, past results, and so forth.

The number of followers is another important aspect to consider. check now For every 1,000 followers, some add $10. Engagement is also important. To avoid being too popular, influencers should consider all of these.


To avoid disputes on both sides, the details must be clear. They should also specify the number and dates of the posts and stories to go live, whether the client will review them before they go live, reviewed first, and if the company desires any captions or hashtags. This is the best way for the client to be happy, avoid misunderstandings and build a long-lasting relationship.


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