Top 10 Online Games That Make Students Smarter

We are using our phones at least 12 hours a day and play some time online games. We are practically glued to our phones. Most people are addicted to social media, chatting, and other things. The most common thing that teenagers and students are addicted to is games. Nowadays it is the trend to try to win every game that is out recently. It is a hobby and even a passion for most students. Just like social media influencers, nowadays, video game influencers are getting public love and attention. They are earning money by streaming their playing sessions on social media platforms.

The online game is the biggest entertainment industry that is gaining millions and millions of profits every day. The reason why games are so addicting is that they produce dopamine which triggers happiness in you. This is the reason why most folks spend a large amount of money, effort, and time on their games. A study suggests that it produces the same amount of dopamine that any other drugs produce. Even though many people claim that online games are such a waste of time. There is another group that opposes this claim. There are proven results out there proving that playing online games actually release your stress and increase your brain power. Since playing games most of the time involves finding ways, clues, and hidden things, it will stimulate your brain to think creatively and effectively. Many online games are available on both phones and laptops which can make your mind sharper. So, instead of wasting time simply staring at your phone, you can try out the following 10 brain-challenging games.  


Elevate is a brain training game that is available on both iOS and Android. It is a free game where there are more than 40 challenging games you can play. Each game helps to develop your thinking, writing, and listening abilities. One of the most popular questions is grammatical problems and word puzzles. These online games actually help you with the English language and at the same time increase your thinking ability. It is based on visualization and pattern recognition. It was chosen as the best app of the year in 2014. The reason for creating this game is to increase the language skills of people by playing such simple and fun games. And If you’re a us college student looking for homework help in us, we’re the best solution for you. We offer you the original homework help that meet all your allocation requirements. We offer the best online homework help to students at their school levels, college levels, even if they are at doctoral levels. You can also customize your homework help with the help of experienced professionals at abc homework help


It is a free game that is available on both iOS and Android. There are about more than 20 brain experiments that help you to test your brain. What makes this app special is that it is designed by a group of well-specialized neuroscientists. It contains multiple levels where you can design your curriculum according to your wish. It contains simple games such as matching people’s faces to their jobs and behaviors. You can guess why it is one of the fun games now.  

100 Logic Online Games:

It is also a free game that is available on both iOS and Android. If you are a fan of sudoku and other number games then it is the perfect game. Just like any other number game, it tests your problem-solving, mathematics, and logical reasoning skills. It is a package of many games. It doesn’t only contain number games but also coloring games, solving puzzles and riddles, finding clues, and so on. Even though it can get harder in coming levels, it is a great chance to challenge yourself to move to the next level. There are many hints provided to help you to finish each level.  

Clockwork brain:

It is a simple online game that helps to improve and at the same time test your cognitive skills. It consists of multiple sessions. Each session has randomly chosen four different games. Each game has specific brain exercises and problems that you have to solve within the time limit. It is one of the popular brain games nowadays. Each session gets more difficult to solve than the previous session. Even though it is a free game, to play with the additional features you have to pay some money separately to unlock those features.  


Lumosity is a free game that is available on both android and iOS. To update it to the premium you have to pay some amount of money. It is the best brain training game that was developed in the year 2004 but it still didn’t lose its popularity. There are more than 60 million users who are currently playing this game. It focuses on cognitive skills and behaviors. It is a daily training game that even sends you a reminder if you ever forgot to play the game.  

Brain it On:

Brain it on is a physics puzzle game. It is a free game that is available on both android and iOS. It is a well-structured puzzle game that tests your excellency in the subject of physics. If you are a fan of physics then it is the game for you. It also sets the time limit for each game within which you have to complete the game. You have to think outside the box to find the clues since these problems may have more than one possibility of solving the problem.  


Peak is a fun brain game which is designed by multiple neuroscientists from Cambridge university. This game involves activities such as finding a way, matching puzzles, finding clues, and so on. It is a game that tests your cognitive and logical skills. If you are looking for assignment help then abc assignment help will help you to get good grades in school or college. The writers are dedicated and committed to providing high-quality service. They also implement various guidelines. They also help you to save a lot of time and energy. 

Angry birds:

You might be surprised to see this game in the brain games. Angry bird is the brain game. Angry birds is a game that helps you with your memory power by memorizing the power of all the birds. It also develops your physics and logical skills by predicting the pull of the sling to shoot at the pigs that are in various sites. This is basically using your brain to destroy as many pigs as possible. It is a popular game for everyone regardless of their age.  


It may sound like a simple game but requires attention, logic, and math skills. It is available on the web as an open-source game. There are many apps similar to this available on both android and iOS. In this game, you have to figure out what are the even numbers that make up the number “2048”. It may sound easy but it will be a real test for your brain. It is the best app for those who love playing number games. 


Impulse is similar to the Peak and Elevate. This is a free app that is available on both android and iOS. It also consists of games such as riddles, puzzles, sudoku, and so on. It is a great app to test your cognitive, language, thinking, and logical skills. 

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