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Top 10 home leg workouts for beginners: Easy Guide

Strong and healthy-looking legs are everybody’s dream. But, not everyone can afford to buy gym equipment to grow leg muscles. However, there are no sheer results that you can get with cardio and other high-intensity workouts. So, if you are enthusiastic about home leg workouts, then this article is for you. Here we have covered all the leg exercises you can do at home without any equipment. Read below to know more.  In this article, we’ll cover 10 best home leg workouts.

Top 10 Home Leg Workouts

  • Leg raises

Firstly, to do side leg raises- get into the position of side plank with the right knee resting on a mat. Lift your left leg and repeat this for 30 seconds. Then, do the same with the left leg.

Side leg raises focus on your inner thighs, outer thighs, and core. You will feel the burn on your thighs, butts, and core. You should know that leg raises are essential exercises in leg workouts.

  • Squats

Secondly, you can do regular and side squats. In this, you need to bend your knees slightly. Make sure your knees are aligned with your toes, and push your butt slightly outwards. Hold this position and go down slowly and steadily. 

For side squats, get into the position of the regular squat, but this time with a twist. Do a squat and then kick your right leg to the side. Now, repeat this with the left leg. Doing squats strengthens your core, hips, and thighs. It is one of the most popular home leg workouts.

  • Reverse lunges

In this, you need to bend your back leg so that your back knee nearly touches the ground. Your front knee should be nearly parallel to the floor. With this, your front leg is the one that should move. Then, repeat the process with the other leg. 

  • Side lunges

Furthermore, side lunges are also known as lateral lunges. So, don’t need to get confused. Start by standing straight with hands in front of your chest. Step to your right side by bending your right leg. Do the same with the left leg for about 30 seconds. Check out 6262fitness videos to learn the proper technique.

  • Hip bridges

It is simply a unilateral bridge that directly focuses on your hip muscles. For this, lay down on your back and keep your hands by your side. Then fold your legs and keep one leg on the floor and another one straight upwards. 

Hence, gather all the strength and push your body upwards with the help of only your core. Repeat this slowly and also focus on your breathing. Remember to do this daily to grow leg muscles. It is one of the most common home leg workout.

  • Butt kicks

Moreover, butt Kicks are also one of the easiest exercises that you can do. This exercise targets your guts and hips. In this, you have to stand straight, keep your hands on your waist, and kick your butt with your legs.

In addition to this, you can increase the intensity of this exercise if you want. Increasing intensity means kicking your butt along with running at one place. It is one of the most common home leg workout.

  • High knees

Additionally, high knees are an easy yet effective exercise that you need to do in a standing position. You will need to stand straight, keep your hip apart and align your hands with the stomach. Lift your left leg first to your chest. 

You can do these high knees slowly at first and can increase the intensity according to your preference. Thus, 50-60 high-knees are essential home leg workouts to lose your leg fat and overall body fat too.

  • Step-ups

Get something like a strong bench or anything to step up. Firstly, stand about hip-width apart and both of your legs on the ground. You should make sure that the whole foot is on the bench. Now in this position, lift your leg and go up. 

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  • Bulgarian split squat 

For this squat, you need something to keep your one leg on. Take a bench or something steady, put rear leg on a bench and front foot flat on the floor.

However, after this exercise, you might feel that your legs are going to explode. But that’s just the reflection of your hard work. Bulgarian squat allows you to put more attention on your quads, to grow leg muscles

  • Jump squat

In addition to this, there are air squats (jump squats). In these squats, you need to do a squat and then jump up high. Squats work for your whole body, not just your legs. This will work as leg exercise as well as cardio.

Doing jump squats will help you burn calories fast. The jump squat is a kind of high-intensity workout, hence considered an essential home leg workout

Top 10 home leg workouts: Conclusion


There are numerous leg exercises you can do with weights. Initially, go slow with the process to get accustomed. Then you can use weights like dumbbells gradually. But, don’t get too much energetic and focus on the right posture that will help you to grow leg muscles.  


The leg exercises should focus on your inner, outer, and also the back of the thighs. These leg workouts are good for your legs as well as your core. Doing these workouts every day will get your thighs strong and in shape. It will help your lower body, quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, etc. You can try out these home leg workouts in your own space comfortably. The purpose behind listing these workout options is to let everyone know that legs are also important. Therefore, you can do these exercises without spending a single penny on gym equipment. If you want to spend a little amount on anything, you should buy a yoga mat and resistant band. Hence, the resistance bands help make the posture right, and a yoga mat is useful in doing pushups, planks, etc. Lastly, do these leg exercises every day, and you won’t need to do anything else. So, start your daily legs workout now. 


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