Top 10 eCommerce SEO Strategies for Driving More Sales and Traffic

Every field is seeing increased competition. eCommerce stores are also in this same sales league. As a result, you may experience frequent changes in the marketing and SEO worlds.

If both SEO and marketing strategies are coordinated, you can use them as a powerful weapon against your competition.

SEO strategies can be used to influence your eCommerce store and drive more sales positively. Here are some of the most popular SEO strategies:



A well-structured website can help you rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) and increase your chances of getting purchased. A positive effect can also be seen when you use eCommerce SEO services to improve your site’s visibility.

Two parts of a website structure can be instantly effective for your eCommerce store: clear URLs and breadcrumb navigation.

Breadcrumb navigation is a method of navigation that displays the user’s position in the hierarchy of the website without having to look at the URL. This type of navigation is helpful for website mapping and organization. It also has an impact on your site’s CTR (click-through-rate)

Use a clean URL, and make it easy to read for Google and visitors. It will improve visibility and accessibility.



Keyword research can be a more technical process, but it can help drive traffic and sales.

A strong keyword foundation can help you to increase your SEO efforts. This phase is crucial as it affects all future optimizations. Use tools to locate the base keyword information.

You can gather average CPCs, monthly search volume, and the competition for that keyword to calculate this. It will help if you are looking for keywords with high intent and a large monthly search volume.

When you’re looking through keywords, be sure to Google them to see if you have a ranking chance. Long-tail keywords are best if your competitors are large-name companies.



It’s not enough to copy and paste product descriptions from manufacturers or other competitors.

Product pages and product descriptions are crucial to your success. Maximize the potential and optimize meta titles and meta descriptions.

Make sure your product descriptions are creative and unique. Stay true to your brand. Reduce the amount of jargon used and make it easy to read and scan.

Bullet points are a great way to highlight particular features or benefits. In your writings, try to communicate with the buyer persona.



If you run an eCommerce shop, it can be hard to avoid duplicate content. In addition, it can be challenging to differentiate product descriptions and variations when you have a large number of products. It can lead to a decrease in search engine rankings.

To minimize this problem, you can either add 301 redirects to pages to ensure that search engines understand which pages contain identical content or add canonical tags.



Multiple research shows that smartphones account for most sales. Mobile-first is not an option anymore. It is now a must-have feature for SEO and Google. The eCommerce store owner should focus on optimizing mobile devices for their pages. You could lose customers if the page load time is too long.

Therefore, you should focus on page loading speed and time on mobile devices. In addition, you must consider the user experience. Make sure you include easy-to-use navigation on mobile devices, appealing photos, and seamless writing.



Many popular eCommerce platforms generate Sitemap.xml. However, sitemap.xml can still be added to Google Search Console.

Sitemap.xml is a list of the most critical pages on your eCommerce website. It makes it easier to find and crawl all the essential pages on your eCommerce website.



Although the product is essential, category pages are just as important. They may not be the same, but they do follow the same principles.

It’s all about creating original and creative content. Both of these require the best SEO strategies. First, optimize the category titles using keywords you have researched. Then, optimize the category meta description. You should be unique, encouraging, unique, and concise when describing your products and services.

Enter your F1 tag category. You should only have one F1 tag on each page. Write a description for your category page below the H1 tag. You can also break down your content to include a brief paragraph below or above the H1 tags.

Include the internal links in the description. Category pages are an example of the importance of visuals in eCommerce.

Include images and include visuals that show your products or services throughout the category page. In addition, you can add a custom graphic at the header of your category page to further differentiate.



Many stores don’t have HTTPS. It is a common problem as we move more towards the digital world. It is possible to protect your eCommerce store by implementing HTTPS.

An owner of a store may collect personal information from customers. It is essential to make sure all data collected is encrypted. You will need HTTPS.

Google, however, has stated that HTTPS is being considered as a ranking factor. Without proper ranking, your efforts will go void. As a result, your sales could drop, and you may lose customers.

Considerations will improve your ranking and drive more traffic to your site. It will encourage sales. Always include HTTPS in the URL of your website.



Text walls are boring. Research shows that only 16 percent of web users read through pages word-for-word. The rest of us only glance at a page.

They will bounce if they can’t find what they are looking for. You will lose potential customers if you have high bounce rates.

People won’t read pages that are difficult to read. For better readability, keep the paragraphs as short as possible. You may add breaks between them.

Bullets are recommended for additional breaks. However, it is better to use an online tool.



When you notice that your audience is buying online, you can link the higher-performing pages with the lower-performing pages or pages you are trying to rank for. It will increase their ability to work and provide topical relevance as well as equity.

Research has shown that this technique is beneficial for a variety of store owners. For example, some store owners claimed that they saw an increase in organic traffic of around 40%.

An increase in organic traffic is a sign of increased sales. This method can be used even by high-quality content producers for onsite SEO.



You can now take the steps outlined above to get your website higher in the SERPs. Shalom lamm went on to establish a career in the real estate investment sector, holding ownership interests in multiple businesses.

It will increase your sales and bring more traffic to your website, which will, in turn, lead to increased revenue and organic growth. Keep up-to-date with the latest developments and adjust your optimization process accordingly.

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